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Top 5 Eats klia2 2017

by Ali Photography FriedChillies on Fri, November 17, 2017

We've found out that klia2 actually has a lot to offer. Check out these culinary gems we uncovered, you'll be surprised at the options available right under your nose.

Good Eats at klia2

Having a meal at the airport can be just an afterthought. Whenever hunger strikes and you find yourself at one of our terminals, the easiest thing to do is go to the nearest convenience store or fast food outlet to grab a snack. While it might keep the pangs at bay, it usually won't leave you satisfied.

Well, hopefully that will change after you've browsed through our list. We've found out that klia2 actually has more to offer. Check out these culinary gems we uncovered, you'll be surprised at the options available right under your nose.

LAND-SIDE (before immigration)

The Loaf

The Loaf offers freshly baked goods daily, so it's an ideal place for a coffee break or a quick bite. Take a pick from buttery croissants, nut filled pastries or slices of chicken and spinach quiche. There's a wide selection of sweet and savoury buns and pastries that you can purchase and bring with you as snacks while you wait for boarding.

Pastries at The Loaf
If you still have time to spare and want to take a breather before navigating your way through the check-in counters, you can grab a seat and have a cuppa or a sandwich at their café. Caffeine addicts will relish the novelty of the 60C Cube. Consisting of cubes of frozen espresso served with warm milk, the cubes dissolve in the milk, imparting coffee flavour to it. You can adjust it according to your liking. Add more milk if you want it creamier and add less if you prefer it strong. Pair your coffee with the Brisket Sandwich for a simple yet yummy meal.

Pastas are also available here. Go for the creamy carbonara, a crowd pleaser due to its rich and decadent quality.

We like: Carbonara, Chicken and Spinach Quiche & 60C Cube
Arrival Lane, Main Terminal Building, klia2
Open 24 hours

Bumbu Desa

This Sundanese eatery is known for their spicy sambals. Chilli fiends will love the dishes served at Bumbu Desa. We have our favourites, of course. One of it is the tongue-tingling Nasi Ayam Cabe Ijo. This dish is not for the faint-hearted; the green chilli sambal has serious heat. It infuses the chicken with its fiery flavour, super spicy but so addictive as well. Not sure if you can handle the heat? Nasi Ikan Taliwang, plain rice paired with grilled fish topped with a mild red chilli sambal is another dish we recommend.

Bumbu Desa Best Eats
To cool down after putting your tongue through a beating, we suggest you order the Es Doger, a shaved ice dessert originating from Bandung. It has an interesting combination of tastes and textures, the first few mouthfuls start off as sweet but eventually you will taste a slight tang. This is due to the presence of cassava tapai in the dessert. Although the dishes are predominantly Indonesian, the flavours are comforting and familiar. Staff is attentive and service is brisk so if you don't know where to have that send-off meal with the family, we suggest you give Bumbu Desa a try.

We like: Nasi Ayam Cabe Ijo, Nasi Ikan Taliwang & Es Doger.
Departure Hall, Main Terminal Building, klia2
Opens 24 hours

The Green Market

Green Market Best Eats
Specializing in Japanese and Korean cuisine, The Green Market's extensive menu features Far East classics like Gyoza, half-moon shaped dumplings with a tasty filling of meat and vegetables. This wholesome treat is a great dish to have before you embark on a long trip. Agedashi Tofu is another must-try item on the menu. It consists of deep-fried silken tofu in a hot broth, sprinkled with spring onions and dried bonito flakes. A superb choice if you have the hankering for a warm and nourishing dish.

Sushi fans can opt for the Ebi Tempura Maki, a scrumptious rice roll filled with golden fried tempura shrimp. For a healthy start to your day, go for the Tan Tan Noodles, it's hearty and will keep you energised throughout the day. The friendly staff and excellent service makes this an awesome place to chill while you wait for someone or if you fancy a nutritious meal on arrival or before departure.

We like: Gyoza, Agedashi Tofu, Ebi Tempura Maki & Tan Tan Noodles
Lot S2-3-L38, Departure Level (Level 3), Main Terminal Building, klia2
Opens: 4am to 12am

Bibik Heritage

Sate your appetite at this popular Nyonya eatery. Their kopitiam décor is quaint and inviting, a wonderful venue for a quiet meal before you brave the queue at the check-in counters. A simple dish with clean flavours is the Ipoh Noodles, flat rice noodles in a clear broth garnished with shredded chicken and fried shallots. Warm and nourishing, this is ideal for those cold mornings before an early flight.

Bibiks Best Eats
Craving for a rice dish? Try the Nasi Rendang made up of aromatic chicken rendang served alongside rice, prawn sambal and fried egg, a filling and satisfying dish that keeps you full as you go about your business.For desserts, the Sago Gula Melaka is a refreshing treat. Sago pearls in a combo of coconut milk and thick gula Melaka is definitely a marvellous way to end your meal. Spacious with tons of tables set up, Bibik Heritage can cater to big groups or families. If you are sending off a relative or picking someone up, this makes the ideal location for a send-off or welcome meal.

We like: Nasi Rendang, Ipoh Noodles & Sago Gula Melaka
Lot S2-3-L40, Departure Level (Level 3), Main Terminal Building, klia2
Open 24 hours daily

AIR-SIDE (after immigration)

Sama-sama Express

Sama-Sama Express is located at a quiet corner of klia2. Trying to shake off some of that jetlag or need a place to crash during a layover? You can book a room or just enjoy their lounge facilities to recuperate for a couple of hours. One section of the lounge faces the tarmac where you can appreciate the view of planes taxing or taking off. The welcoming and cosy surroundings might just be what you need before jostling in a plane with other passengers.

The menu is limited but they do have some worthy dishes that you can sample. One of our recommendations is the Big Cheese pizza- toppings include three types of cheese – feta, mozzarella and parmesan with fresh basil and tomatoes.The lasagne is also a top dish. Ample layers of cheese, minced beef and tomato sauce make this a substantial choice for a meal.

Sama-Sama Express is especially suited for business travellers as it's tucked away from the crowded areas in the terminal. There are also an abundance of plug points, available workstations and complimentary WIFI so you can keep abreast of your work while you're waiting for the next flight to catch.

We like: Lasagne & Big Cheese Pizza
Level 3, International Departure, Satellite Building, klia2
Open 24 hours daily