Top 5 Instant Noodle Goreng in Subang and Shah Alam

by Acacia Daud Photography FriedChillies on Tue, May 14, 2013

We’ve all gone through a moment of weakness and craved for the delicious gratification of a bowl of instant noodle. They’re easy, delicious and cheap to boot. Here are our favourite 5 in Shah Alam and Subang...


First popularised by the infamous Maggi Goreng, now the other instants are catching up quick. They now come in all sorts of flavours and style of cooking instead of your usual throw some in a wok, tear flavouring and chuck veggies in. But really, what better satisfaction than a plate of really good fried noodles? From Maggie, to Indomie, to Mee Sedap, we’ve covered the top 5 instant noodles to TRY in Shah Alam and Subang.

For the super hungry
The Maggie Goreng in Cili Merah, Shah Alam, offers a plate bursting with taste to satisfy. The Maggie Goreng is soft and well cooked in a blend of spices. The tang of garlic mixes with a punch of spicy chilli, together with tossed vegetables like sweet carrots and spinach. It’s served with chunks of juicy chicken and sprinkled with crispy onion garnish, a great meal to please hungry stomachs.

The style of cooking is very Malay, in that the Maggie is moist with hints of soy sauce like the general Mee Goreng. Portions served are for one, and they come in at RM5.50 per plate. Available from 5pm-10pm, at JalanTengku Ampuan Zabedah H9/H, Shah Alam, 40100.

For a delicious snack
Looking to fulfill a late night craving for something light and yummy? Lorong’s Indomee with Fried Chicken in Subang is just the thing. Cooked with the original Indomie seasoning that tastes lightly of chicken, garlic and peppers, the noodles come glistening deliciously and steaming hot. The choice of serving can be either single or double. For the best taste, try having it with both egg and chicken. The chicken meat is thick and salty, providing a heavy edge to the otherwise light dish. The egg is fluffy and gives a nice, easy taste to slurp along with the noodles.

Lorong is located in an alleyway across Taylor’s College at Jalan SS15/8, Subang Jaya, 47500. It’s opened from 5pm-5am, and is a place to go for a chilled out supper session, hidden from the bustles of the city. Each plate of Indomie costs from RM6 onwards, depending on the serving size and sides.

For the quiet, relaxed meal
Great, easy Maggie Goreng comes no better than this dish in Hidangan Glenmarie, Shah Alam. It’s well cooked and fried in spicy seasonings with a spongy noodle texture that gives chewy mouthfuls. The dash of sweet soy sauce in the fry mixes well with the spring onions and green chilies to give a well rounded taste of sweet, tangy and hot. Served with chunks of succulent chicken and a slice of refreshing cucumber, the dish is a safe bet to go on when a noodle craving kicks in.

A plate will cost RM5 and is served from 930am-930pm at Hidangan Glenmarie, Jalan Pegawai U1/33, Shah Alam, 45000.

For a hot and spicy dish
Calling big fans of the hot and fiery! For an Indomie dish with a whopping kick, try the Indomie SuperHOT in Indo Deli, Subang. The name stands for itself as the plate of Indomie is infused with chili, a fair physical warning at best. Each bite is a sharp, spicy mouthful but will leave you hungry for more. Mix with a sunny side egg to indulge in a gooey noodle dish. The Indomie seasoning is complimented well with the extra spice.

Indo Deli is a stall located in the vicinity of Rock Café, Jalan PJS 11/20 (Bandar Sunway), Petaling Jaya, 46150. The serving can either be single or double, and starts from RM4.50 from 11am to 11pm.

For the curry mamak style
For a fulfilling noodle meal that’s infused with curry and taste, try the Maggie Goreng in Khalifah, Shah Alam. It’s a plate of good curry mix with cabbages, carrots and fried tofu. The vegetables add a crunchy texture to the otherwise moist noodles. Squirt a little lemon juice for that sour flavour, and together with the spicy curry, it’s sure to give a scrumptious dish.

Mamak Style Maggie Goreng are different in the sense that there’s a lot of curry involved and less soy sauce in the mix. Khalifah is located at 24, Jalan Cendana 3/13B Seksyen 3, 40000, Shah Alam and offers them at RM5 per plate and is available from 12pm-12am.