Top 5 Makan Spots Damansara Perdana Edition

by Arslan Z. Photography FriedChillies on Thu, February 15, 2018

You’d be surprised with what you can stumble upon in Damansara Perdana, almost at every corner and nook and cranny there’s a place to Makan. Be it old or new, everyone has a makan spot of their own here.

Makan places at every nook and cranny.

Ding Ding Ding! Saving your Monday Blues Lunch Dilemma again, this week we’re playing in our own backyard Damansara Perdana. Every Foodster at FriedChillies picked out their favourite place here and it should get you sorted.

1. Meriah Nasi Lemak

Let's start out with nasi lemak! This is a FriedChillies favourite, Nasi Lemak Meriah. Made famous for their juicy ayam goreng and stuffed squid, Meriah Nasi Lemak is one of Damansara Perdana’s staple makan spot! It's open from 8am onwards.

2. D'Tomyam Masakan Melayu dan Thai

Everyone knows D'Tomyam in this area. As places come and go, this eatery has endured. Through the years, there have been some hits and some misses but for lunch, D'Tomyam turns into a Nasi Campur joint during and a pretty decent one as well. From Ikan Keli Goreng to Ayam Goreng and with a bountiful amount of Gulai and Curry. A plate of rice, lauk and side of sayur will set you back for less than RM10. At night, we are pretty down with their Nasi Air and Thai food too.

3. TK Chong Ipoh Hor Fun

Just around the corner, there’s an Ipoh Hor Fun stall tucked in TK Chong Restaurant. They dish out one of the best Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun you can find in KL and Prawn Wantan Hor Fun. The soup's savoury and hor fun, nice and soft. They also use the same steamed chicken for chicken rice and serves up a decent plate of beansprouts too.

4. Ayang Caterer Food Truck

For a good, no fuss Nasi Campur, hunt down Ayang Caterer Food Truck. You can find this humble and grizzled white truck just parked at the corner opposite of Ayam Kampung Publika (also a great lunch spot). They have been feeding people in Damansara Perdana for the past 13 years and the best part is, a plate of rice with a side of sayur and lauk will set you back around RM6-RM7. Cheap and cheerful!

5. Warisan Bonda

Now you can’t go to Damansara Perdana without having a bite at Warisan Bonda. With a miniscule selection of lauk that changes from time to time and their unreal ayam goreng, you gotta be fast because they usually sold out by 2pm. In the mornings too sometimes they have a good nasi lemak bungkus with a sweet-is sambal. This little place is at the side of The Tropics Mall.

BONUS PLACE! Sugar and Butter by 126 Kitchen

If you want dessert for lunch, then pop by this hidden cafe right up the road opposite Armanee Terrace. They make cakes to order but also has a little cafe that opens from 11am to 6pm. Check out the cake display for their cakes of the week, they have a selection of scrummy cakes like Salted Caramel, Chocolate Raspberry and lots more.

That is our TOP 5 Makan Spots, If you have more suggestions, please comment below so we can do some reviews at YOUR favourite places soon! Lookout for more ''Top 5 Makan Spots'' GIF on our Facebook page, soon as we uncover more makan spots near your work place. Happy EATING!

You’d be surprised with what you can stumble upon in Damansara Perdana, almost at every corner and nook and cranny there’s a place to Makan. There are plenty more places but these ones above should get you started for a good and satisfying lunch.