Top 5: Sambals

by Edwan S. Photography Friedchillies on Tue, December 08, 2015

Heat is something we love in our food. What better condiment to pack some heat other than the sambal, right? Here are our favourites...

We like it hot hot hot.

What is life without sambal? Seriously, we cannot imagine a day that goes by without this spicy, funky chilli based condiment being some part of our meals. So here's our Top 5: try any of these once, and you're bound to make them again.. and again.... and again...

Sambal Belachan

Of course we'll start with the glorious sambal belachan. We have several versions of this favoured condiment including a super duper hot version and even a list of places to enjoy it! You just can't go wrong with sambal belachan!

Sambal Goreng

This recipe is a favourite of one of our writers, The Charlie. The crisp glass noodles, chewy tempe and smooth chicken livers give great texture and flavour. Absolutely a treat and easy to make. Try it right here!

Sambal Ketuk

Sambal Ketuk. It is probably one of the simplest of all sambals but boy does it pack a wallop of flavour and spice. Mix this into your rice, congee and noodles, or however way you see fit. Super sedap, so try the recipe today.

Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis KAW

A good sambal tumis should be in the repertoire of every cook. This one takes a solid foundation recipe and adds nuclear strength chillies. The heat level of this sambal is insane, but at the same time it's addictive and oh so very delicious. Perfect with white rice or nasi lemak...

Vegetarian Sambal Tumis with Mushrooms

We made a sambal with erynggi mushrooms and found it’s texture to be almost squid-like. So if you have vegetarians over make this sambal, and you'll soon discovers non-vegetarians eating it too, it's that good!


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