Top 6: Where’s The Beef?

by Edwan S. Photography Friedchillies on Thu, January 14, 2016

Beef is one of our favourite meats. So here's our list of favourite things to do with beef.

Get your beef on!

We acknowledge the chicken as the most popular meat in the world, but in a perfect world, maybe beef could easily topple it. Beef is delicious, relatively affordable (if you know what cuts to use!) and just like with chicken, there are millions of ways to prepare it. Here are our favourite things to do with beef...

Beef Curry

You can't go wrong with a beef curry. The spices in a well made curry can really make the natural meatiness and well, beefiness of the beef shine. There are plenty of variations, but our version is an easy and tasty way to start. Try it today.

Kimchi Fried Rice with Seared Beef & Egg

Sometimes the beef is just one component to an amazing dish. In this recipe, the rice is fried with kimchi and served with seared steak. The meaty, umami-rich beef is a wonderful balance to the tart and spicy kimchi and creamy, fatty egg. This recipe is darn cheap to make too. Perfect for the thrifty.

Spicy Soy Sauced Beef Short Rib

Beef short rib is fatty, rich and utterly delicious. Try this recipe, where the beef is seared then slow-roasted before being glazed in a spicy soy sauce. Perfect with a bed of mashed potatoes, and a really impressive dish to make for your significant other, too.

Dendeng Balado

In this classic Padang dish, thin slivers of beef are fried to a crisp, then doused in a rich, tart and spicy sambal. This dish is a mainstay for many Indonesian restaurants, and with good reason. It's simple to prepare, yet packs a full punch in terms of flavour. Incredible, and definitely one you should try.

Serunding Daging

A great serunding is a literal chore to make, but all that effort will pay off with a wonderful spicy beef floss that is divine in just about anything. Try it with rice, in sandwiches, over noodles. The world is your oyster. Just be sure to stock up on some elbow grease when you make it.

Simple, Classic Beef Rendang

What would a list of favourite beef recipes be without a classic rendang? You can argue about the seemingly many 'right' way to make it, but our version is simple enough to make and packs the full on flavour and textural assault of any rendang. Spicy, rich and a definite must have in any cooks' repertoire.


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