Top 7 Instagram Accounts with Great Food Photos

by Edwan S. Photography FriedChillies on Mon, August 03, 2015

Social media is a great connector, and that includes for us foodies. With so many food-related accounts to follow, we thought we'd let you know some of our favourites. Check this out!

Photos you want to eat!

At FriedChillies, when we're not stuffing our faces with food or cooking, we're looking at pictures of food. One of the best places to check out gorgeous food photos is of course Instagram. So here are some of our favourite Instagram accounts to check out yummy-looking food photography. Caveat emptor: you'll go hungry after going through these accounts...

Symettry Breakfast (@symmetrybreakfast)

A photo posted by SymmetryBreakfast (@symmetrybreakfast) on

Symmetry Breakfast is an account where this guy posts pictures of his and his partners' breakfasts in perfect symmetry. Seriously, if you look at, it's like the plates of food are put in front of a mirror. But look closely and you'll realize some subtle differences in the plates. It's probably painstaking to stage and set up, but when the results are this good looking, we're not complaining.

Little Miss Bento (@littlemissbento)

A photo posted by Shirley シャリー (@littlemissbento) on

This one is especially for you folk that love cutesy style plates. The titular Little Miss Bento designs adorable lunch-boxes to look like teddy bears and cartoons. Again, the effort that went into the food and the photos are astounding. And despite looking cute and targeting kids, dammit if we adults don't feel like eating the food there too. Now I want a nasi lemak that looks like Hello Kitty. Anyone? As a bonus, even her non-bento food shots are great.

The Real Food Lab (@therealfoodlab)

A photo posted by J. Kenji López-Alt (@therealfoodlab) on

Cook-book author, journalist, trained chef and a bit of mad scientist thrown in: that's J. Kenji Lopez-Alt's description. He writes for and his specialty is breaking down all sorts of recipes into easy to understand, fun and funny articles that not only explains how to cook, but why foods cook in a certain way. Sounds complicated? No! Checkout his articles on the website and in the meantime, enjoy his excellent food photography. This guy knows his stuff!

Foodhunt.MY (

A photo posted by #foodhuntmalaysia ( on

Foodhunt.My compiles all things yummy from lots of Malaysian foodies on Instagram. You can even mention them and they might regram your photo. It's a great account to follow especially when looking for ideas on where to eat.

Chef Jacques La Merde (@chefjacqueslamerde)

A photo posted by @chefjacqueslamerde on

This one of the most beautiful Instagram accounts around. The photos look like something from a 3 Star Michelin restaurant that costs an arm and a leg per plate.... until you realize that the ingredients used in each plate are everyday run of the mill foods like chips, cookies, and various junk food... yet they still look tasty! Seriously, it's like the greatest chef in the world went crazy at the snacks section of a supermarket. At the moment no one knows who 'Chef Jacques La Merde' really is (though it's obvious he/she/they are trained culinary professionals), which adds to the charm. And read the captions too: they're hilarious!

Chefs Talk (@chefstalk)

A photo posted by ChefsTalk (@chefstalk) on

This is one for the aspiring chef. Chefs Talk collects beautiful photos from some of the best fine dining chefs around the world. We love it because it really gives you ideas on food presentation and styling. It's a collective of some real works of art. Spend some time browsing through their extensive posts and we're sure you'll get ideas on how to pretty up even the most humdrum of dishes. And the foods look incredibly delicious too.

Friedchillies (@friedchillies)

A photo posted by FriedChillies (@friedchillies) on

Of course! Joking aside, do follow us as we bring you the best and tastiest of Malaysian food.. smile


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