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Save Money : Transform Leftover Ayam Golek into 3 Great Meals

by Lisa K. Photography FriedChillies on Sun, May 27, 2018

What if you can stretch your ringgits and use leftovers to whip up 3 delicious meals for later on apart from the usual fried rice? Go on.. we know you want to buy that Ayam Golek that's making your eyes roll too..

Delicious Leftover Recipes to Try

It is Ramadhan and food is everywhere. Ayam percik and ayam golek is one of the few popular items we look forward to. These days, ayam golek costs from RM16 and up. Sakit your wallet! We know. We'll show you how to work that Ayam Golek for 2 more days.

First thing... shred out all the chicken meat but don't throw away the bones. *Tip*, Use the bones for soups. For the skin, it is up to you if you want to eat it. I just chop it all up and mix it. See, you are saving money already, and we've not even started.

Recipe 1: Cucur Ayam
Cucur is a hot commodity during Ramadhan. Here we use bits of chicken meat and some veggies to make a quick buka snack. Save you a few bucks from buying it!

100g flour
⅛ tsp. turmeric powder
⅛ tsp. baking powder
½ tsp. salt
50g chicken meat (or more if you prefer)
6 shallots, sliced
40g spring onions, chopped (1 small bunch)
1 egg
150ml water

1. Combine flour, turmeric powder, baking powder and salt, mix well.

2. Add chicken meat, shallots, spring onions, egg and cold water into the flour and stir to combine.

3. Heat up oil and carefully drop in 1 heaped tablepoon of batter at a time.

4. Turn the heat down to medium low and flip halfway through. Fry until both sides are golden brown.

5. Drain on paper towels and serve with a dip of your choice.

Recipe 2 : Steamed Tofu with Taucu Chicken
If you want something different from the usual bazaar fare and have something light for a change, try this steamed tofu recipe just like the ones they serve in halal Chinese restaurants.

1 block soft tofu
100g chicken meat (or more if you prefer)
1 tbsp. oil
5 shallots, sliced
3 cloves garlic, sliced
1 inch ginger, finely chopped
2 tsp. salted taucu
1 tsp. soy sauce
1 tsp. oyster sauce
1 tsp. dark soy sauce
½ cup water
½ tsp. sugar
Chopped chillies
Corn flour slurry
Chopped spring onions

1. Steam tofu on a wide plate for 10 minutes just to heat through.

2. Heat oil and sauté shallots, garlic and ginger until fragrant.

3. Add in salted taucu, all 3 sauces, water, sugar and chopped chillies. Simmer for a couple of minutes and add in chicken meat.

4. Add in corn flour slurry to make the sauce thicker and glossy. Add a little more water if you put in too much.

5. Stir in spring onion and dish out onto steamed tofu.

Recipe 3 : Potato and Chicken ‘Masala’
For some, it is hard to have a full meal for sahur, even more so for kids. So with the leftover chicken, you can cook this simple potato masala good enough to eat on its own or stuff it in a pita for a light meal.

1 tbsp. oil
½ red onion, chopped
1 clove garlic, chopped
¼ tsp. mustard seeds
⅛ tsp. turmeric powder
½ tsp. Babas meat curry powder
1 large potato, small diced
1 green chilli, sliced
100g chopped chicken meat
Pinch of salt
Chopped spring onions for garnishing

1. Heat oil and sauté mustard seeds, onions and garlic until golden brown.

2. Add in turmeric powder and meat curry powder, cook for a few seconds.

3. Pour in diced potato and lightly fry until they are golden brown. This will take about 10 minutes on medium low heat.

4. Once the potatoes are soft, add in chillies, chicken meat and season with salt.

5. Stir in chopped spring onions at the very end and take it off from the heat.

6. Eat with hot rice, or stuff it in pita bread with some salad and yoghurt.

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