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Turn your Kitchen into a Chick Magnet

by Honey Ahmad Photography istockphoto on Wed, February 04, 2009

It's the middle of the night after something wonderful has happened between you and the girl you fancy. Her stomach growls. You're hungry too. Don't you wish you've stocked up your kitchen with goodies?

Us girls get hungry in the middle of the night

Men who fancy themselves players usually have great bedrooms but sadly neglect the kitchen. Boys, this is a powerhouse corner for seduction. Usually after one desire is sated, another one wakes up. She'll be rumaging in your fridge for a snack to replenish those calories. She might not judge you if there's nothing there (nothing kills that magical feeling of intimacy more than having to trudge out in the dead of night in search of grub) but a well stocked larder can well mean an encore for the night and a repeat visitation.

Let's digress a little. It is a well-known fact that more men now watch cooking channels. Okay perhaps it’s not concrete but most of the men I talk to are addicted to cooking shows, food programmes and cuisine-based topics (though it still doesn't mean they can cook). Why this sudden jolt? Well because today men realise that it’s a sexy thing to be in a kitchen. Perhaps it starts out as survival in a foreign country, then it morphs into something that can seduce gorgeous women into their arms. Before they knew it, men are spending more time in kitchenware shops than us girls. I once spent an entire coffee-break with my fellow guy foodies and all we did was debate the finer points of Kenwood and Kitchenaid Mixers. My, my how times have changed.

The world of yesterday belongs to guys who can play the guitar and croon to girls. The world of today belongs to guys who can cook and feed their girls. Am I right or am I right? As a female who finds food as one of the most wondrous things in this world, if you can cook me a dinner- I’m practically yours. Yes, you may call me a cheap date.

For those guys who are still thinking that the kitchen is their mother’s and sister’s domain, no worries. We know how spoilt Asian men are afterall. But with a few simple steps you can turn your kitchen into a chick magnet. They want to eat off your table and then some. You just have to know which oven buttons to push.

Have something more in your fridge than a pack of beer and week old KFC

This is so fundamental yet a common sin amongst guys. We know bachelors just don’t have that much inclination to stock up a fridge but please make some effort. Us girls get hungry in the middle of the night and we like no I mean love to take a look at the contents of your fridge. Heck even MTV goes through fridges in Cribs. So clean that gooey, liquefied fruits in the corner up and stock it up with cold water and juices. And basic things you should have are eggs, butter, milk and jam. After a fab night you can whip up some scrambled eggs on toast. Hell, she might even want to do it for you. Point is there should be something there for her to eat and drink without putting her panties back on.

Go go Gadget Guy
Think only guys like gadgets? Even girls not Martha Stewart inclined appreciates the fine lines of a mixer or really sharp knives. The kind that makes that unsheathing sound when you take it out of the knife block. There are plenty of cool designer kitchenware out there. You don’t have to break the bank. Just get a few cool stuff and she’ll be happy to fondle it.

Cook Her Something
This is seriously basic. Again no need to get all flustered. Learn a few dishes and learn it well. Figure out how to roast a chicken or cook a really good pasta dish. Then perfect a dessert. There are plenty of cooking classes out there. Then invite her over to watch you chop onions and taste your bubbling sauce. At the very least, you can buy a good cut of meat and toss it on the grill. Who needs a fine restaurant when you can feed her well at the fraction of the price? We spend so much of our time in public that privacy is a luxury. Plus she’ll love the fact you made the effort.

Get rid of your utensils so you have to use hands
Self-explanatory. The one drawer you don’t need to stock is your cutlery drawer. Make finger food or tapas. Feed each other.

Offer to clean up

If she wants to cook in your kitchen, allow her. Then when you’re all fuzzy from the drinks and food, insist on cleaning up. Hear that boys, washing the dishes is the simplest and sometimes the most gorgeous thing you can do for us girls. Try this, when she’s cooking come up to her from the back and nuzzle her neck. Well do it when she’s not lathering knives. One guy I know did that once and almost got stabbed in the gut.

Make it cosy

Most of us living in condos don’t have the luxury of a big kitchen. But if you have the space and budget, make your kitchen nice. Combine it with your in-house bar. Put a counter-top where you can pull up a nice barstool to. You find that the kitchen houses the most intimate corner of your house. Have you ever noticed that when you throw a house party, everyone just congregates in the kitchen? It’s a safe place to get to know a girl. And she can watch your sexy hands cook. So make it a nice place to hang-out.

Sure-fire Roast Chicken
You’d be surprised how many people love a good, crisp roast chicken. Here’s an easy recipe for it.

1 whole chicken
Salt and Pepper
Olive oil
1 Lemon

1/ Run water over the chicken and pat it dry. Put in on a baking dish.
2/ Prick the lemon and stuff it in the cavity of the chicken.
3/ Rub olive oil over the chicken and season well with salt and pepper.
4/ Stuff some sage leaves with some butter under the skin of the chicken.
5/ Preheat oven at 170 celcius. Cover chicken with foil and pop it in the oven. You need about one and a half hours for about a 2kg chicken.
6/ Uncover the foil for the last half hour, baste more butter on top and at the last 15 minutes crank up the heat and turn your oven to grill mode.
7/ Pierce the thigh with a knife and if the juices run clear it's cooked.

Serve with a salad and mashed potatoes.