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Why would McD’s Malaysia Do a Nasi Lemak Burger?

by Adly Photography FriedChillies on Wed, April 25, 2018

*NewsFlash* Would you stick your head in a beehive teeming with killer bees? Or run into a burning house that you know is just gonna fall anytime now? So why would McDonalds Malaysia do a Nasi Lemak Burger launching this 26th April nationwide?

And How is This Different From Singapore's Version?

FriedChillies was privileged enough to be part of the team to do a taste test days before its actual launch. We had to eat at their secret location first, then only allowed to take some back in unmarked containers to our test kitchen to play with a promise of *no* photos and to keep it tight lipped until today. We will be publishing burger photos later today (after the launch), including infographics if we can so stay tuned. Update: Picts are out! But.. the sedap or not verdict.. we have. Read below.

My momma taught me to tell the truth.. and the truth is.. their McD NLB is good. So here's us sticking our heads out for McD. (2nd time only in 20 years).

Real Picts of McD

Thumbs up to the McDonald's team on the nasi lemak burger. It actually has a very nice & balanced taste. Not jelak like a few other competitors we tried so far. We can see why you guys put a lot of effort in the sambal. We heard over the grapevine... it took months to come up with the final recipe. This was the main hero carrying the burger's identity through as a Nasi Lemak Burger and it works!

Each layer's thickness was carefully thought out so that the balance is preserved. Good bun selection. Chilli semolina buns... got chilli flakes on the bun. Chicken patty seems to have a hint of coconut & turmeric. Gels well. Got sambal layer, sliced cucumbers, fried egg and grilled onions as well. It does taste like a NL bungkus. We know that it's gonna be good but kinda pleasantly surprised that it's this good. Here's a video report from our FriedChillies Makan Best Club, Tony and Tyler!

So, from our judging team who have tried both McD Malaysia and Singapore versions, the main difference is in the sambal for both countries. Singapore has a more 'tamarind-heavy taste Malaysia has a more anchovies-like taste. We like Malaysia's better. All else... is pretty much similar.

Prices will be at RM14.95 for an ala carte burger and RM16.95 for a medium set meal, that includes French Fries & a 100PLUS. Go now (on 26th April ah.. not today ah..tomorrow ok) before it runs out.. and it will!

Good timing too... ongoing now is the FriedChillies Makan Best Awards where we are highlighting over 80 Great Makan places you can try and vote on. But we have a wacky category called Malaysia's Most Loved Food Mash Up where Nasi Lemak Burger (in general) is one of the nominees. Find out more here <- and click on the "Click To Vote" button to #practiceundi in #pilihanmakanumum