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Worthy Ramadhan Bazaar Finds

by Farah D. Photography FriedChillies on Thu, August 18, 2011

Having a tough time figuring out what to eat and which bazaar to stop by? Well each bazaar has its gems so we went to a few and laid out the dishes you won't want to miss out on! Hurry... it's less than 2 weeks to Raya!

Rumbling tummies might want to look away!

With Ramadhan bazaars across town it can be a bit difficult to separate the good from the bad, not to mention figuring out the stalls worth checking out. So we've done your homework for you and scoured a few popular Pasar Ramadhan markets to let you know what's worthy. We've broken it down to dishes you simply must have this season and where you can get the tastiest of the lot.Make some time to try them all, you won't be disappointed!

Satar, Section 17, Petaling Jaya


Sanctioned by those from Terengganu and Terangganu-philes alike, this satar stall in Section 17 is a pretty awesome find in this quiet little bazaar. Still warm two hours later, this unwraps into a delicious fat nugget of flaky, spicy fish with just enough grated coconut to give it a lovely fatty, milky tinge. They also serve pretty decent otak-otak if that’s more your speed, but you’d be missing out if you don’t give the satar a try.

Koey Teow, Section 14, Petaling Jaya


Kokopelli Travellers Bistro have set up shop at this bazaar for a few years now, and have been doing a roaring trade. Serving their Signature Koey Teow at an absolute steal of RM4.50, it’s prepared to order and served in a cute Chinese-style take-away box. Ask for extra cockles and sambal while you’re at it - the box magically manages to keep the food warm for a good while. Why aren’t more restaurants doing this? (Food Foundry, we’re looking at you and your Mille Crepe cake).

Nasi Kerabu, Section 6, Kota Damansara


One of our favourite Ramadhan bazaar stall for years now, it serves probably the best nasi kerabu we’ve found this side of Kak Som. The ulam is fresh and crunchy, plus the budu and sambal add a great spicy tang. Complete the basic nasi kerabu set with a compact solok lada, batter-fried fish and telur masin. They also have ready-packed laksam and lompat tikam, along with pickled garlic and nasi dagang with a variety of gulai. Our Kelantanese friends flock to this joint for a taste of home during fasting month and are never disappointed - neither will you!

Akok, Taman Melawati, Ampang


The Akok Tradisional stall sells akok that's eggy, soft and creamy. It's so moist that it practically melts in your mouth. We were hooked at the first bite. This is the place we go to whenever we have a craving for akok. The stall owner, Wan got the recipe from his wife's Kelantanese grandmother and has been selling at Melawati's Ramadan Bazaar for the past 5 years. We like the plain akok but the pandan ones seem to be more popular as it always is the first to finish. Moulds placed on hot burning coals sizzle as Wan pours the batter in. Wan makes the akok onsite but he also sells other traditional kuehs at the stall. Among the kuehs sold are bingka ubi, tepung pelita, puding pandan and puding coklat.

Ikan Patin Gulai Tempoyak, Taman Melawati, Ampang


Look for a banner with Yop Catering written across it and you'll find a table adorned with containers filled with fishes in yellow liquid. The fleshy ikan patin is cooked with cucumber slices in a pungent tempoyak (fermented durian) broth. This is best eaten with a piping hot plate of rice. The rich gulai soaks into the creamy flesh resulting in a sweet, salty and slightly sour burst of flavours. Don't stop at the fish, the broth is alos slurp-worthy. This dish grows on you, the first sip might be challenging for non-tempoyak lovers but please continue because as you get to the bottom of the bowl, it thickens and the last few mouthfuls are an intense experience. Badrul, the owner told me that this was the Perak's style of cooking gulai tempoyak, using mostly daun kunyit. This differs from the Pahang-style, which uses daun kesum and sweet potatoes.

Kueh Kasui and Kueh Kacang, Taman Putra, Ampang


This is one of the lesser known Ramadhan bazaars in Ampang, frequented usually by residents of the nearby Taman Melur and Taman Seraya. It does have its hidden gems and one of it is the Ila Kueh Tasek stall where they specialise in traditional Malay kuehs. Our favourite is their kueh kasui. It has a strong gula melaka taste with some shredded coconut sprinkled on top. We like the fact that they put in just enough sugar into their kuehs without making it too sweet. They also have the green kasui which have the added pandan flavouring. If you like a more liquid type of dessert, you can try their puteri berendam and sira pisang.

Din Murtabak, Taman Putra, Ampang


This stall is not to be confused with Pak Din murtabak stall, which is also located at the same bazaar. Din's murtabak is spicier with dominant fennel and onion tones. They're not stingy with their meat so this is a very filling murtabak. It's greasy and indulgent, the meaty stuffing and soft skin dissolves in your mouth like a creamy savoury cake. Many take home for freezing and then reheat for sahur. Piles of murtabak line their table and their supply usually run out by 6.30 pm. Call them in advance so they can reserve some for you.


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