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You dah makan the McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger? Meet some of the nasi lemak sellers who inspired it!

by Honey Ahmad Photography FriedChillies on Wed, April 25, 2018

McDonald's Malaysia honoured these 6 senpai's for their Nasi Lemak Burger Ayam

If you haven’t heard that McDonalds has launched their Nasi Lemak Burger well which rock have you been living under? Did you know it was us Malaysian’s love of nasi lemak that inspired McDonald’s to launch the Nasi Lemak Burger? 6 awesome nasi lemak vendors were invited for the launch as homage to Malaysia’s favourite breakfast… and lunch… and dinner… and supper…

Meet the vendors that were part of the launch.

BK4: The Classic Nasi Lemak

Clockwise from left: Kak Hajar wrapping up nasi lemak, the nasi lemak assembly line, the classic BK4 nasi lemak

Nasi lemak BK4 serves up the classic nasi lemak bungkus and if you live somewhere in Puchong or Kinrara chances are you have eaten their nasi lemak from mamak tabletops. Kak Hajar figured out how to upscale 50 packs of nasi lemak to 5,000 packs and she doesn’t shirk on quality. Rice is cooked properly and sambal simmered for hours so that even if you eat it in the evening, it’s still good. A business born out of necessity, it started out as school lunch for her kids to save money. Soon, orders came in, the rest they say is history...

BK4 does a classic nasi lemak. Rice, sambal, ikan bilis, nuts, egg and cucumber

WARUNG RINDU PAK YA: RM1 Nasi Lemak with fried puyuh on the side

Clockwise from left: Warung Rindu nasi lemak waiting to be wrapped, Pak Ya and his lovely wife Kak Ju, freshly fried chooks

Pak Ya has been around since the 90s before Pantai Dalam became all gentrified and is now known as Bangsar South. A night-time nasi lemak, their little RM1 packs have stood the test of time with aromatic rice and rich sambal. They then expanded the menu to include burung puyuh goreng and ayam goreng. Due to various construction of flyovers and buildings, Pak Ya lost his location a few times but carries on opening in different places within Pantai Dalam to not disappoint his many fans. A family run business, now his son takes care of the daily running of their latest stall.

Take a look at that lovely dark red sambal!

SINARNOR: 3 generations of nasi lemak sellers that still cooks over firewood

Wati and her brother runs the Kampung Pandan branch of Sinarnor

Sinarnor is the longest running nasi lemak vendor in our list. They started out in 1970, when Wati’s enterprising grandmother (Samsinar) spread a mat on the ground and peddled her wares to factory workers. She cooked all the rice and dishes on firewood lending their nasi lemak a gorgeous, smokey flavour. Today, they have a popular warung on Jalan Dua and two branches. Wati her granddaughter still cooks on firewood to keep the signature taste of Sinarnor. Their wide range of dishes are all scrumptious, particularly the ayam masak merah and rendang.

Two awesome plates of Sinarnor’s nasi lemak and their main stall on Jalan Dua off Jalan Chan Sow Lin

NASI LEMAK ANGAH: Husband and wife team makes authentic nasi lemak

Nasi lemak Angah's sweet and spicy sambal and the merry couple at work

Happy-go-lucky Angah actually started his F & B life working in McDonalds! And so did his lovely wife Rasida. After several jobs in the service industry and a few roadside stalls, he found his true calling in nasi lemak. In the wee hours of the morning, this energetic couple will make everything from scratch, from the pandan infused rice to the sultry red sambal. Everyday too, he delivers packs of nasi lemak all over KL. Their hands-on approach and passion is what makes their nasi lemak so good. That, and some of their wicked dishes like sambal kerang and paru.

Each pack of Nasi Lemak Angah comes with half a boiled egg and wrapped in banana leaves.

MOK TEH: Terengganu-style nasi lemak with sambal ikan!

Clockwise from left: Mok Teh and her son Ameer run their business together, a slice of ikan tongkol is put on top then a dollop of sambal, sambal at Mok Teh is cooked down until it’s a little dry

Mok Teh makes her nasi lemak, east coast-style. This means instead of your usual sambal ikan bilis, Mok Teh’s nasi lemak is served with sambal ikan tongkol. Yes! It’s a nasi lemak sambal ikan. She runs the eatery with her exuberant son Ameer. At first they started out doing catering with a Terengganu menu. Needing a central kitchen they rented a spot in Wangsa Maju and put a couple of tables and chairs for people to wait. People started coming, lo and behold, they were running a kedai makan. Business was so good they renovated the shop and now you can come and enjoy good east coast fare in a traditional-hipster ambience. Even their rice is a little different, fragrant with the use of different spices so it will match perfectly with a dry sambal and the meaty tongkol fish.

Looks like your average nasi lemak right? However the rice really has a different aroma to it and of course the delicious sambal tongkol that goes perfectly with it.

BARBA BROS: Nasi lemak from a Food Truck with grilled lamb

Clockwise from left: Rodzman preparing his nasi lemak, cutting up his special fried chicken which is marinated in tandoori spices, a nice plate of Barba Bros nasi lemak

Barba Bros is well known for their food truck fare and a very fiery nasi lemak sambal. When Rodzman took over from the original owners, he decided to tweak the recipes. Formerly a banker, he left the corporate line to pursue his passion in food. His version of the Barba Bros nasi lemak has a slightly sweeter sambal due to the addition of more shallots and he doesn’t use any asam jawa at all. He then collaborated with another vendor to come up with a Nasi Lemak Kambing Bakar, nasi lemak served with a side of spice-grilled lamb.

Sambal here is still plenty spicy but goes well with the kambing bakar

Now you’ve met some of the great nasi lemak vendors in Klang Valley, try McDonald’s take on nasi lemak with their new Nasi Lemak Burger!

Available for a limited time only from 26 April while stocks last, don’t miss the chance to try out The Nasi Lemak Burger inspired by Malaysian’s love for nasi lemak. McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger is available at RM14.95 for an ala carte and RM16.95 for a medium set meal, that includes French Fries & a 100PLUS.