Your Top 10 Favourite Makan Spots 2017

by Arslan Z. Photography FriedChillies on Sun, January 14, 2018

Our Top 10 Makan Spots in 2017, you can't stop munching on. Are your favourites in this list?

Favourite Makan Spots that you shared out in 2017!

Happy New Year folks! We’ve had a pretty interesting journey through 2017 from making everything based on the beloved nasi lemak to smothering every piece of morsels with cheese.

To pay our respects to 2017 food craze, let’s recap the top 10 Makan Spots that made your foodie sense tingled from our website.

1. We started off 2017 with a BANG or should I say BEKKK. For kambing lovers out there ‘’Unlimited Kambing” is the word at Ngences Giga. Free-flowing lamb, steamboat and other popular buffet items at this joint.

Ngences Giga

2. When we thought all of the street burger joints were a dime a dozen then came along Sixty Bites to save the day by bringing back the classics. They make succulent patties with homemade onion jam on top. When we work late, this is the place the FC crew go for our burger fix.

Sixty Bites

3. You can’t think of K-POP without thinking of Korean Fried Chicken and Sweetree makes one of the best. Plus, its HALAL!


4. If you’re tired of the same old school fried chicken, head to Nomms and get your paws on their take of the classics.


5. Sometimes all you need is just some good and hearty biriyani and it’s difficult to find a legitimately good one in Klang Valley but Liza’s Biriyani Subang Jaya have got us covered.

Liza’s Biriyani Subang Jaya

6. The answer to all local hipsters' problems of finding a good burger, myBurgerLab. They are still going strong thrilling us with the Nasi Lemak Burger last year. THAT'S how you marry nasi lemak with a burger folks.


7. Cor Blimey had us hooked on fish and chips! How can you refuse some deep fried fish, mushy peas and heaps of chips on the side?

Cor Blimey

8. Sticking true to the Malaysia’s nasi lemak craze, we’ve discovered Nasi Lemak Khora-Khora down south. Excellent sambal and a wicked fried chicken to go with it.

Nasi Lemak Khora-Khora

9. Yup, you folks sure love your burgers. KGB is still up there as among your favourites with their mouth watering burgers, plus their buffalo wings are awesome too. Their signature Golden Wings (salted egg yo!) caught us by surprise.


10. Last but certainly not least, your top pick is one of our all time favorites as well. Gerai Ah Kow Sesame Chicken Rice. Now the secret is out, this under the radar place gets sold out in no time for lunch, so come early if you don't want to be disappointed.

Gerai Ah Kow Sesame Chicken Rice

Okay Geng! That is your Top 10 Makan Spots for 2017 on It's been pretty great and we're looking forward to a delicious 2018. We hope you keep on reading and trying out all the super tasty makan spots coming up this year!