The Top 3 Strategy & Brands Experts You Don’t Want to Miss at #AFYE2015

by Honey Ahmad on Mon, November 16, 2015

The first thing about running restaurants or food trucks is not necessarily about good food. Listen to 3 experts speak and giving their insights on branding, financing and franchising/licensing to complete your food business knowledge, 18th November at AYFE, PCMC Hall One.

Silmyi M. Sadek, Founder of Brand Geeks Inc

A champion of creating legendary brands from small businesses, Silmyi founded Brand Geeks Inc in 2011. Since then he has focused all his energy and knowledge gathered over 17 years of corporate (Shell, Cirque du Soleil, Starbucks) and consulting experience (Temporal Brand Consulting, Rosie & Partners) into helping start-ups and small businesses power-up their branding and marketing. Brand Geek Inc’s signature programme TurbochargeMyBrand has helped the likes of MyTeksi, Action Tintoy (of Peperangan Bintang fame), Evenesis, Qwork, Suncrox Solar and many more at the start of their respective journeys to fame and fortune. His session will make you think about creating the right image for your business and how to stand out amongst the rest.

"Top 5 Reasons Why Your Food Trucks Need a Strong Brand" - 11:00am : Wednesday, 18th November 2015, AYFE Conference Hall

Coach Hasril, Malaysian Franchise Association

Coach Hasril is a renowned business coach, advisor and trainer and has mentored many aspiring businessmen and women. He is the Executive Chairman of Murni Allianze Consult Sdn Bhd, a prominent business advisory company. Coach Hasril is also an EXCO member of The Malaysian Franchise Association and a trainer with companies such as MITI and SME Corp. Coach Hasril is passionate about entrepreneurship and is an expert on how brands can begin franchising and growing their businesses.

"What's Next After Food Trucks" - 3:30pm : Thursday, 19th November 2015, AYFE Conference Hall

Dr. Sheikh Ghazali Abod, COO Centre for Entrepreneur Development and Research (CEDAR)

Dr. Sheikh will take you through the challenges of funding a food business and how to succeed where others fail. He will also talk about food truck funding within CEDAR and SME Bank. Currently the COO of CEDAR, he used to be the Director of Human Capital & Corporation Services, SME Bank. He is very experienced in the industry and has published a few books on Islamic Finance and papers on Corporate Finance and Business Management disciplines.

"Financing Your Food Truck Dreams" - 11:45am : Wednesday, 18th November 2015, AYFE Conference Hall