Ayam Lejen 2017 Itinerary This Weekend

by Ali on Wed, November 15, 2017

It is almost time for Malaysia's 1st Fried Chicken Fest in town. We've got loads of activities ready for you guys and most important of all some of the best fried chicken in Malaysia! So here is a few tips and the lowdown on what going to happen at Ayam Lejen 2017 this 18th and 19th November. Don't know what is #AyamLejen2017? or who the Lejens are? or how to buy tickets where? ---> click here.

Its this weekend

Here are some friendly DO's and Don't at the event

1) Each Chick Pass is entitled to all 8 tasting portions so don't worry of the vendors running out of fried chicken, if there is a long queue, redeem your chicken from another vendor first.
2) Come for the session you have purchased, you can't change or enter a different session.

3) Check out some interesting games at our sponsors booth, such as #MukaLejen contest at ALIF Booth, Wheel of Fortune at RapidKL Booth, and the crowd favorite Fried Chicken Eating Contest! brought to you by Boost and Friedchillies. Redeem FREE Food T-Shirts, Do stuff to get free drinks, win exclusive merchandise and more!
4) Do Not Lose your Chick Pass, should you want to re-enter the event or redeem your chicken

So what is going to happen there?

Here a simple way on how to get to Ayam Lejen 2017

Once you're there, here is how you can claim your fried chicken.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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