Don’t Miss Out The 7th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2015!

by Edwan S. on Mon, March 09, 2015

On 12 – 15 March 2015, get ready for a cool event coming your way. In conjunction with the 7th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2015, FriedChillies is curating… a food truck fest! That’s right folk, the hottest thing in the local F&B thing since the burger bakar craze will be present and strong at Putrajaya next weekend. It'll be an awesome fun weekend with loads of activities.

Up, up and away!

In addition to those cute balloons taking off into the sky, make your way over there and be ready for fun family activities like concerts and performances and also a helicopter ride. You could also camp out and have a picnic there as well.

Of course, FriedChillies is bringing great food trucks over as well. The local favourites will be around such as La Famiglia and Cowboys Food Truck, and they'll be joined by more than 20+ food trucks including the grand debut of food trucks from ThymeOut and Babarittos! The variety will be great too. You want fried chicken? Burgers? Pizza? You name it, you got it. There'll be something for everyone at the fiesta.

This was last year. Expect more fun this year!

Just in case you're curious on what it takes to run a food truck, there'll be several presentations and displays on food truck enterpreneurship too. Find out how a food truck gets fabricated and what are the tips and tricks from masters in the field. In the mean time check out their map of the event below for an idea of what's gonna get down during those 4 days.

So keep posted here guys, and check out the fiesta's official website as well. We'll keep you updated with information. Don't forget to clear your calendars this 12-15 March 2015.

Information is correct at time of publication.

Pics courtesy of 7th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.