by Foodster X on Tue, June 10, 2014

After weeks of feverish anticipation, I EAT BURGERS kicked off last Saturday, 7/6/2014 to a huge turnout. We thought you were burger fans, but as it turned out, you guys are actually burger fanatics! Despite the searing hot weather, all of the burger fanatics bravely endured lines just to get a taste of the Top 20 Burgers from our I EAT BURGER Heroes. We're sharing some of our favourite fan photos from Instagram!

The myBurgerLab boys had fun!

The lines were long for many stalls including for myBurgerLab (prompting a burger fan to say, "Doesn't matter where they open, stall or restaurant, I still have to queue!"), Burger Bakar Abang Burn, Mustafa Jones Burger. Man of Man Burger Kukus Lava didn't stop grilling from the moment they set up until the very end of the night.

The sun finally went down after a searing hot day..

It was great to see the proprietors on the ground with their crew to ensure the best burgers were served. Burger Junkyard's James was sweating like mad but he always managed to smile as he grilled his burgers. Kak Ana of Ana Burger Green Apple were sweating it out, too. About halfway through the event, Abang Lee of Lee Burger actually said "I actually didn't expect this turnout! I'm running out of burgers!". Mr. Zakir of Ayers Rock couldn't believe it, either. "We've run out of our in-house buns. I had to ask my runner to get Ramly buns because people are still lining up for burgers," he said, as people couldn't get enough of his Steak Burger.

The Mr. Krabs JR. from Man Burger Kukus Lava had a huge following last Saturday.

The burger competitions were a hit as well. So much so people still tried to register for the limited spots that were available. Smashies Burger sponsored the 2-minute-burger-challenge, while Yazid Burger gave his huge 1kg burgers for the 5-Minute-Supersize-Challenge. People went wild, cheering for the contestants.

People were shouting and going wild at the burger eating competition!

It was a fantastic day of great burgers, family, friends and fun
. It goes to show that Malaysians love food, and our love of food brings us together. Even under a hot, Saturday sun in Petaling Jaya. We can't wait for next year. Until then, see you next at I EAT NASI LEMAK 2014.

- Team Friedchillies was founded in 1998 when a group of friends wanted to share their favourite makan spots with the rest of the country. Friedchillies is Malaysia's first food website, way back in the late 90s. Fast forward a few years, we started making videos. Eventually a super short film featuring Om Burger (another I EAT BURGER hero!) won best super short film at the New York Food Film Festival. Nowadays, we're an omnimedia platform that specializes in anything related to food. Especially Malaysian food. I EAT BURGERS is one of our tent-pole events, so look forward for more!

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