I Eat Nasi Lemak 2016 Day Itinerary

by Honey Ahmad on Fri, November 04, 2016

So here's the lowdown on what's going down tomorrow during I Eat Nasi Lemak, 5th November 2016 at TM Convention Centre. Coupon sales begins at 8am. For those who have pre-booked, you can collect and pay for your coupons at the pre-book counter. Here are some important things to take note.

1) BE NICE. Everyone is hungry and super excited and we have worked hard to make sure there's enough nasi lemak for everybody. So do queue up, make friends and share your love for nasi lemak.
2) Some of the vendors are outside this year and we also have outside tables to ease congestion inside. However they will only START SELLING at 9AM too. This includes the Food Truck section. Please take note.
3) Our nasi lemak eating competition is BACK! This time with a wicked twist of 'sambal terpedas'. For those who are interested, you can book a place at the coupon counter or come over to the stage area at 11.30am.
4) We have a NEW COMPETITION this year called The Nasi Lemak Triathlon- jeng jeng jeng! It's a team event (2 people)- so grab a willing partner and join in the fun!

We look forward to seeing you there! #bawabertenangdanmakannasilemak