Nasi Lemak Heroes Timetable

by Honey on Thu, November 03, 2016

Are you READY? 5th of NOVEMBER is just around the corner and we hope you have your tummies prepared for the WORLD'S BIGGEST NASI LEMAK event. This year to make sure that there's enough nasi lemak to go around, even for those who come late in the afternoon we have devised morning and afternoon vendor shifts.

So take note that there are FULL DAY vendors who will be serving out nasi lemak from 9am to 5pm. MORNING SHIFT vendors will be from 9am-1pm, while AFTERNOON SHIFT vendors will be from 1pm-5pm. Also to ease up some of the congestions in the queue we have 1) taller buntings this year so you know exactly who you are queueing for and 2) we have really great nasi lemak bungkus this year which will be faster than the lauk ones, so you can grab one of these and enjoy it while waiting in queue for those who are serving.

Take note of the schedule below so that you won't miss out on your favourite vendors or those you want to try.

More information on #ieatnasilemak here. See you on Saturday, 5th of November nasi lemak lovers and remember #bawabertenangdanmakannasilemak