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Nasi Lemak Suri @ Medan Selera Jalan 223, Petaling Jaya

by Honey on Tue, October 29, 2013

Many remember the Medan Selera 223 as a place they went dating during school and college days, yes I’m talking to you PJ peeps. This is also a nasi lemak spot, with over 6 stalls selling the good stuff. And it’s also 24 hours.

Nasi Lemak BungkusYour anytime nasi lemak fix.

Over here we dig Suri’s. This stall is run by Mohd. Lutfi, a good natured fellow that always looks a little sleepy. We don’t blame him, he’s always here in the wee hours making sure everything is in order. In a year he’s only off for 6 days. 4 days for Hari Raya Aidilfitri and 2 for Raya Haji. “When we are close for too long our customers will call us up asking for nasi lemak! So we open most of the time, non-stop.” Now that’s dedication.

LutfiWe caught Lutfi after he had a nice long nap, such a cool dude...

Lutfi inherited the stall from his mother who in turn inherited it from her mum. When his grandmother was running it, she used to put her nasi lemak on make-shift tables. They moved here after the Medan Selera was built. At any given time, there’s always three people at the back packing the nasi lemak in snug packets. It only costs RM1.50 and you’ll get a good amount of rice, fiery sambal, nuts and half an egg.

SambalThey have one of the most fiery sambals in PJ and it's addictive!

Lauks on offerCheck out that sambal ikan yo

Suri also has over 20 lauks on offer. We like their bergedel and it’s one place that also serves fried fish to go with your rice. At the end of the day it’s the sambal that keeps us coming back. It’s hot but flavourful and with the rice is a perfect match. Even when it’s cold this nasi lemak still tastes good. So you can pop by here, buy a few packs and take it back.

Packs of Nasi LemakTake me home and eat me nasi lemak

Suri Nasi LemakGet up close and personal with this nasi lemak at our I Eat Nasi Lemak Event on 9th November.