Pokemon Cafe at MidValley

by Ali on Sat, December 10, 2016

Just in time for the school holidays and recent Pokemon new movie, a new pop-up Pokemon Cafe just popped up in Mid Valley recently. It features themes from the Pokemon universe, mostly from the critically acclaimed Pokemon Sun & Moon game, with beautiful designs of the Alola region.

Themes and Pokemons from the latest Pokemon Universe

We love the Pokemon recipes developed just for this pop-up. A Japanese toy retailer operating in Malaysia founded the Pokemon Cafe in collaboration with Pokemon and because the recipes were developed in Japan, the taste has a more Japanese slant. We like.

Limited Time Only!

Dishes have Pokemon elements embedded into the dish. Every detail is meticulously crafted from edible printed eyes on Pikachu to the drinks.

Look at the details

For instance, the "Wanna get tingling!? "Volt Tackle" Soda" is a passionfruit soda with mango sherbet. Pokemon fans will notice that 'Volt Tackle" is one of Pikachu's move in the game, and not only the name of the drink is attributed to the game, but they also made an effort to mould the mango sherbet to look like Pikachu.

The "Battle on Pikachu! Level-up with a Rare Candy" is a Hamburg Steak, which involves intricate designs with an edible printed face, pokeballs made from quail's egg and Pikachu's ears made from cookies. The Hamburg steak with mash potatoes is wrapped inside Pikachu's body which is made out of an egg. We were very surprised that meals tasted good too. (The pop-up is OEM'ed by O'Briens actually. Yes.. the sandwich O'Briens.)

Looks and tastes good

As you would imagine, prices are not cheap for meals here. Drinks are about RM20+ and meals cost upwards of RM30+. But you do get to bring back a limited edition Pokemon drink coaster. The cafe pops out on the 28th February 2017. Now located at 1st Floor, North Court, AEON Mid Valley, KL

Freebie Pokemon drink coaster