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Register Customers With FriedChillies Hello for FREE

by The Foodster on Mon, May 04, 2020

What is FriedChillies Hello? Looking for a simple mobile app that you can register your customers during this PKP Bersyarat? Don't want to be bogged down complex software you don't understand? Want something just nice yet free? Register for the FriedChillies Hello App to track your customers. All you need is a valid email, mobile number & internet connection on your mobile phone. p/s: Can also be used to register your staff/delivery service in the same app. Suitable for small F&B outlets, food trucks, street stalls and others.

Apa Itu FriedChillies Hello? Mencari solusi app sempoi untuk mendaftarkan pelanggan anda dimasa PKP bersyarat ini? Tak nak dipeningkan dengan perisan yang kompleks? Nak sesuatu yang sempoi dan percuma? Daftarlah untuk aplikasi FriedChillies Hello untuk mendaftarkan pelanggan anda. Anda cuba perlu email yang sah, nombor handphone dan internet data pada handphone anda. p/s: Boleh digunakan untuk mendaftarkan staff/servis delivery dalam app yang sama. Sesuai untuk peniaga F&B kecil, food trucks, gerai dan lain lain.

Hello App Simple Interface
Three Easy Step How to Use | Tiga Langkah Mudah Cara Menggunakan App Hello

Step 1. Customer or Merchant scan QR Code or enter web address | Pelanggan atau staff imbas QR Code di handphone atau masukkan alamat web.

Step 2. Fill in the form | Isi Borang
Name, IC Number, Mobile Number, Body Temperature
Press Submit | Tekan Submit

Step 3. Merchant can access the excel file online with their authenticated email address. Can download too | Owner boleh akses excel file menggunakan emel address yang telah disahkan. Boleh download file juga.

Register Here | Daftar Disini
Don't forget to share this with your fellow entrepreneurs | Jangan lupa share apps ini kepada rakan seperniagaan anda.