The Best Burger Event in the Valley

by The Foodster on Fri, May 23, 2014

Jom BURGEMBIRA! On the 7th June 2014, we will be celebrating 20 of the top burger sellers in Klang Valley in one location. And at night, we will be treating everybody to an open air screening of short burger films from the New York Food Film Festival and us. If you are a burger fan, this is your event!

Why are we doing "I Eat Burgers"? Everybody loves burgers and there has never been a BIG event about burgers in Malaysia. So we thought it'd be cool to just gather Malaysians from all walk of life to one place, to just chill and try out some of the best Klang Valley treats from the FriedChillies selected list of burger Heroes.

So, event mechanics are simple.

1. Buy coupons days before event & come to the I Eat Burgers Event.
2. Burgers will be in tasting portion sizes so that you can eat more variety.
3. You pay for burgers & drinks with our event coupons. (RM20 per book i.e. RM2 x 10 coupons) Hari Kantin style.
4. After that, join activities like flea markets & contest. (This one is cash transaction)
5. Still hungry? Repeat Steps (1) - (3). Coupons finished? Buy at Event Booth (if still available)
6. Watch for FREE, from 8pm onwards, Open Air screening of short films on burgers.

Date : Saturday, 7th June 2014
Venue : Padang Timur, PJ (Opposite Amcorp Mall)
Time : 11am - 11pm

Who are the Burger Heroes who made it to the FriedChillies "I Eat Burgers" list this year? Here they are in no particular order. Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar Ampang, myBurgerLab PJ, Raja Burger Shah Alam, Yazid Burger Shah Alam, Man Lava Damansara Damai, Burger Junkyard Kota Damansara, Big Hug Subang Jaya, Steam & Grill Setiawalk Puchong, Mike Burger Grill Celup Sect14 PJ, Uchop Celop Shah Alam, Kak Ana Green Apple Burger Ampang, Burger Om Ampang, Smashies Burger, Bob Republic, Master 'Abang John' Burger Uptown, Ady Burger Subang Jaya, Abang Burn Burger Bakar Ampang, & Mustafa Jones!

Malaysians making homegrown burgers for malaysians.

Where to buy coupons? The booklets are now available at all participating I Eat Burgers' Hero locations .Booklets are sold in RM20 per book i.e. RM2 x 10 coupons. *Latest Update* Coupons will be sold at the event as well!

So bring your friends, belanja your kawan, families, clients, partners or anyone you want to make happy to I eat Burgers. We'll be honoured to have you and your guests.

Make someone happy today. Invite them to I Eat Burgers. Jom BURGEMBIRA!

More Details You Probably Want to Know.
1. What is happening during the event?
2. Who are the Top 20 Burger's selected for I Eat Burgers?
3. Where can we buy coupons?
4. Where is Padang Timur, the event location of I Eat Burgers?
5. Facebook, Google+, YouTUBE or Insta for this event.
6. What are the burger films shown from 8pm?