The FriedChillies TOP 20 BURGERS in Klang Valley

by Adly on Sun, June 01, 2014

We love burgers at So, we listed down some of the best and unique burger experiences/places that we hope represents some of the best Malaysia has to offer. From plain simple delicious Ramly street burgers to deep fried Ramly patties, flame grilled homemade patties, patties with peanut butter sauce toppings, street Ramly with green apple toppings, Soft shell crab burgers with wasabi sauce(uh huh...), otak-otak burger sandwiched between charcoal buns and more.

We started with almost 70, narrowed it down to 40... listened to our fans and judges and then cut to the final 20. Meet these "Best of the Best" people and eat delicious burgers this 7th June during our I Eat Burgers event. Without further delay, here are the selection for the TOP 20 Burgers in Klang Valley! (in no particular order)....

Kaw Kaw Burger
Ampang Waterfront, Ampang

Kaw Kaw became a household name after they stacked up their patties into an insane tower and it went viral. Prior to that, they gained notoriety from the lines that made people curious about their burgers. Their burgers are heavily spiced, rather dense and grilled street-side. This enabled them to make gourmet burgers with affordable pricing. Check out their Permaisuri Burger as well as their Baconizer Cheezy. They call their fans Burgernizers.

Big Hug
Seksyen 15, Subang Jaya

Section 15 probably has the most burger joints in one square kilometer. Big Hug has proven itself to not only serve fantastic burgers from fresh ingredients; they have also created a really appealing venue for people to hang out. We think their Soft Shell Crab Burger with ebiko mayonnaise is the bomb. Portions are huge so you can easily share a burger, which fits right in with their philosophy of creating a haven for people to eat and catch up.

Master Burger
In front of Kopitiam Bintang, Damansara Uptown

'Abang John' fans swear by his wicked black sauce. A tangy concoction, more barbecue than black pepper, this guy has been making street burgers for 17 years. Burgers here are made with care and other than the sauce, the trademark here is a generous scattering of crispy fried onions. A superb example of a street burger done well. Try the Master Burger if you’re new to this stall or the Burger Bogel, same combo without the buns.

Burger Om
Off Jalan Kerja Air Lama, Ampang Hilir

How can we not include the burger joint that kick-started our on-line videos? This super sloppy burger pan-fried in half an inch of margarine won us best super short at the New York Food Film Festival in 2008. Burger Om here are ridiculous, the ultimate sinful midnight snack and patties are pre-grilled before thrown again on the greasy hot top for double crispiness. They also have delicious oblong burgers and hotdogs.

Raja Burger
Seksyen 19, Shah Alam

He is named Raja Burger because he won Raja Persembahan (King of Performances) during a street burger challenge. So if you’re lucky on some nights you can witness him juggling eggs and making his burgers with a natural showmanship. His trademark is his egg cracked from a height, instantly splattering the flat top and crisping up instantly. Have the Monster Burger here, which is a heftier patty and we also love the off menu Banjo Soup- best!

Kak Ana's Green Apple Burger
Taman Melawati, Ampang

Kak Ana became famous among street burger sellers from uniquely inserting slices of fresh green apples in her burger. This gives a crunchy tartness to her burgers. The rest of her burger components are made with care, patties butterflied and smeared with mustard, eggs cooked to runny softness and an assembly that balances flavour. Their signature is the I Love You burger, chicken, beef, egg and cheese stacked lovingly with sauces and apple slices.

Ady Burgershop
SS15, Subang Jaya

Ady Burger shot to fame with his delicious mushroom burger, patties, wrapped in egg with a lashing of homemade mushroom sauce. Since we began filming food, we’ve videoed this stall the most, making an appearance in Street Chows and was a major location in our flagship food drama, I Eat KL. After a slight glitch in their burgers recently, Adi is back better than ever by going back to basics and serving up seriously great burgers.

Usop Burger Celop
Seksyen 20, Shah Alam

Yusof or more affectionately known as Usop, fries up his burgers and when it’s hot dips them in his black pepper sauce hence the ‘celup’ element. He leaves it in for a while so that the sauce will soak into all the burger pores. This makes his patties, soft and burst in your mouth with each bite. The black pepper sauce here is amazing, thick and peppery homemade by his wife. Order a special and he’ll wrap up all the vegetables, sauces and patties together.

Lee Burger
Mentari Court Sunway

This fellow is the street burger seller other street burger sellers recommend. He’s been selling his brand of street burgers for over 20 years! He does a mean breakfast burger with sausages, patties, baked beans and peas grilled together then wrapped in an egg and served in toasted buns. Come on! You know you want one.

Yazid Burger
Seksyen 7, Shah Alam

Yazid created his homemade burgers a few years before the burger bakar revolution hit. He takes his burgers seriously, going all over the world trying out street burgers and is even doing a thesis on it! This passion he puts into his patties and fluffy buns. Come here for his ginormous burgers, created so that his customers can order one to share. He can even make you a three tier wedding burger! Yazid also offer burger eating challenges to those who aspire to be in their fame list.

Man Burger Kukus Lava
Tok Yem Street Mall, Damansara Damai

Why lava? Because all burgers come with an eruption of sauces with extra on the side. Their spacious shop is totally geared towards family and fun, with multi-coloured mayonnaises and burger incarnations of much loved cartoon characters like Spongebob and Mr. Krabs. They also steam their burgers first before flaming it on a grill for a juicy-cripsy factor. Try a Mr. Krabs or go for the Chicken Lava, crunchy and addictive.

Burger Bakar Abang Burn
Taman Dagang Ampang

Abang Burn is serious about spreading the love of 'burger bakar' to everyone. They not only serve up one of the fastest street flamed burgers in town, they are also in the business of creating entrepreneurs. This is obvious from the fact that they have opened 22 franchises in just a mere 2 years. Over here you got to start with the Supremo with your choice of meats. And yes, there is an Abang Burn but they are remaining coy about him.

Mike Burger Grill Celop
Seksyen 14, Petaling Jaya

Mike started out as a sous chef and then 2 years ago took the plunge and started up his own burger stand. His homemade patties are grilled first then he ‘celups’ it in his homemade sauces. Customers can choose from black pepper, mushroom, cheese or kung pow (this is a fan favourite). Once dipped in the sauce he lays it back on the grill and tops it up with other delicious things. Try the McKangkung. A burger served with slices of kangkung and then covered in a special sambal belacan sauce.

Bob Republic
USJ 9, Subang Jaya

Bob was one of the first people to fire up a street grill and make homemade patties in Subang Jaya. Bob Republic uses natural ingredients in his patties and also makes his own sauces such as the ever-popular black pepper sauce. He also has a bit of a tex mex twist to his menu offerings inserting nachos in some of his burgers and also as a side with his ribs (one of the cheapest in Klang Valley). If you're especially hungry try The Republic Tower, a triple threat patty stack barely contained in buns.

Burger Junkyard
Kota Damansara, PJ

4 mates got together a decided to open up a burger joint in the then up-coming area of Kota Damansara. Their philosophy was simple. Make burgers from great ingredients, steam the cheese and keep it simple. Their background in culinary college also meant refined burgers with good balance of flavours. Try their Texas Hold ‘Em drizzled with a great barbecue sauce and garlic lovers won't be disappointed with the Vampire Slayer. And yeah, their onion rings are pretty spot-on.

Seapark, Petaling Jaya

Myburgerlab is one of those eateries that challenged the status quo and came out trumps. They were one of the first to open a specialty burger shop, they tested out their burgers making full use of social networks and they were also the first to introduce charcoal buns. Their burger combos are also terrific, playful and a little bizarre at times but that’s what dining here is all about- an experience. Start with their standard A+ burger and work your way to Jamming with Elvis and their Seattle burger, yes it's served in a donut.

Steam n Grill Burgers
Setiawalk, Puchong

Steam and Grill made their mark in the burger scene by making very localized burgers. A lot of the ingredients here are organic and their rather stylish shop with white furnishings reflect this. Top of our list is the Serunding and Otak-otak burgers and they balance out the strong local flavours with fresh buns (you can choose from 4 kinds including a spinach bun). And of course as advertised, their patties are steamed and grilled.

Setapak, KL

This is the home of the smashed burger patty, a sort of love child between a traditional burger and a Sloppy Joes. Smashies have the most coloured buns and cute movie and song inspired names like One More Night by Marron 5 and Hobbit's Delight. They frequently come up with gimmicks to keep things interesting like inviting the Indonesian Obama for their launch and hosting burger eating competitions.

Ayer’s Rock
Avenue K, KLCC
This is a meat lovers burger. Freshly ground beef lightly packed into a burger and grilled over fire. This is sandwiched between lightly toasted sesame buns, fresh salads lightly drizzled with olive oil and a slice of cheddar cheese. See what I mean? Don't need fancy toppings to distract people from what they do best. Fine gourmet beef patties.

Mustafa Jones
Taman Melawati, Ampang

Mustafa Jones who hails from New York has become a fixture in the Melawati late night street-dining scene. He brings 'soul food' via his charcoal grill and his burgers have that 'meat taste' which he rather not embellishes with over saucing. The patties are marinated with his special blend of spices from Mexico and The States. He does make a terrific BBQ sauce and is also known for his steaks and ribs. But yeah, when you first come here, try his burgers first.

Thank you for reading. We hope that our TOP 20 Burgers list gets your stamp of approval. If you like this list, do spread some happiness around and share this blog with your friends. JOM BURGEMBIRA!