Quickie Review

The myBurgerlab Nasi Lemak Burger

by Adly on Mon, August 07, 2017

We Malaysians are proud of our Nasi Lemak. And whenever there is some rivalary between Malaysia and Singapore about which nation does the best dishes.. it has always been somewhat legendary. So when McDonalds Singapore pushed out their version of nasi lemak burger which according to some Singaporean blogs is a coconut flavoured chicken patty (from the McChicken kind maybe?), one fried egg, cucmber slices and sambal sauce in between semolina buns... and some reported to like it.. deep in the hearts of all true nasi lemak lovers in Malaysia... worries.

We saw a video by the famous local food blog Vitdaily trying the McD Nasi Lemak Burger. Where were the intrepretations of the crispy ikan bilis? How about the kacang goreng? Riiiiiccceee.. you know.. the lemak kind? It's not in their version. And maybe something snapped in myBurgerLab HQ..and they threw down the gauntlet and posted the above... just for fun.. to the relief of Malaysian foodies and perhaps to the fury of Singaporean McDonalds nasi lemak burger lovers.

So it's on! Not that McDonalds Singaporean picked a fight because they clearly state on their box "Just For You, Singapore" but just probably myBurgerLab saying "If you need to do a proper nasi lemak burger, perhaps it should be like this... just sayin'... you know"

This is our take on it.

We love it.

Battered Chicken Patty, lathered with bits of ikan bilis (anchovies), peanut butter in place of kacang goreng, ayam rendang and sambal sauce.. all sandwiched between their signature black buns. It has a good balanced taste which is the signature of MBL's burgers, not too spicy, has a great bite.... can taste a bit of the rendang and what we loved was the anchovies were crushed and served as a topping giving an extra crunch to their NL burger.

All the elements and ingredients were taken from experiences in their past burger innovations and the hard part was to get the sambal right and rendang cooked well. But they have been innovating since Day 1 with other burgers such as satay burger and others, it didn't take them long to get this right. But minus the rice element. We don't think that they couldn't innovate the rice part, but it'll throw their entire burger line out of whack. FYI, years ago.. our chef in residence created FriedChillies' very own nasi lemak burger.. and with rice as the buns... it ain't easy.

We need to just say that we did not try McD's version of this nasi lemak because after two weeks, they suddenly pulled out their NL burger citing that it was out of stock after selling 750,000 of them.. and the very next day introduced another burger featuring spicy chicken thigh patty and fried egg. So there...

Anyway, we know that this rivalary is all in good fun.. It's great that our lives and our neighbours can be so coloured by food too. So from last Friday till 31st August.. myBurgerLab will be selling their nasi lemak ayam rendang burger for everyone to try. Come early. Sells out fast, Have a great Merdeka day everyone!