Quickie Review

Top 3 @ PaRam Taman Tun

by Honey Ahmad on Wed, July 24, 2013

We have to say that this year, Taman Tun has really pulled up their socks. Last two years this PaRam seemed a shadow of it's delicious self and we like to think that they listened to what people have to say and enticed some good sellers this year. Parking is not so horrendous with a car park next door. A good time to go is about 5.15 to 6pm, the early punters have left and late comers not quite there yet.

For our top 3, we decided to go where the queue is longest and see if the hype of these sellers live up to it.

1. Popia Line Panjang

The seller
Busiest man in the market!

You can't miss this stall. There's a perpetual queue here, at least 12 people long. And people do, waiting patiently for this dude in a kopiah to roll them up. We lucked out and got the last 5 right at the end of the day. So is this popia worth the queue? We think it is. It's succulent even after bringing it home and eating it for supper.

Moist fillings

He uses the bigger yellow taugeh so has a different crunch to it and doesn't skimp on nuts. Moist and retains a 'fresh' taste even after several hours. One popia is 70 cents so we think the price point is also worth it.

2. Murtabak Raja


People swarm this stall and they have certainly expanded in the last few years. Now they have plenty of helpers and plenty of murtabaks all stacked up. So at any given time there are three queues going on. Lines move fast but you still have a bit of a wait during peak hours. What's interesting about this place is that they have murtabak cheese. We tried the ayam cheese and found it really tasty.

Murtabak DudeScattering in the good stuff

What's good about the murtabak is that it's not just dough and a bit of filling. It's meaty enough and they use quality meat so you're not biting into tendons all the time. Even when cold it still retains shape and flavour. A murtabak either daging or ayam sets you back about RM4 but you can get the jumbo for twice the price. We dubbed it Murtabak King Kong, it should be able to feed a small family for sahur.

3. Kuih stall at the end

Kuih 1
All kinds of colours

This stall is in front of the burger bakar stall and always has a queue, at least 5-7 people but it moves fast. Here are all the tray kuihs you can think of. There are a few kinds of serimukas from green and brown tops to yam tops and ones that have pulut hitam as the base.

Kole kacang
Super popular kole kacang

There's kuih lapis and kesui but what's popular here is the kole kacang. They always have a few trays of that so their customers won't be disappointed. Pretty much everything here is good, serimuka is firm with the pulut a little salty and the tops soft and sweet. Delish!


We also found jongkong which is a Perak kuih, a sort of tepung beras with pandan wrapped up like tapai with thin santan and sugar on top, the kuey teow kerang is decent and there is a dude frying whole puyuhs here. So there are good things to be found when you walk around.

Today (Wednesday 24th) we'll be at Kelana Jaya, another very popular PaRam so see you guys there!