Quickie Review

Usop Burger Celup

by Honey on Fri, August 22, 2014

Take a moment to feast your eyes on the picture below.

The special at Usop Burger Celup

This is one of the finest examples of a 'celup'-style street burger. In this case it's an oblong patty dipped in a thick a peppery black pepper sauce, then wrapped up in egg with more sauces and vegetables. Usop plies his trade from a little food truck and on most nights, he's steady at the grill as orders come in non-stop. In one night he sells from 3 to 4 bags of buns, that's about 150 burgers- not bad for a guys who started doing it part time.

When we chatted with him, Usop can't even sit down because of orders

Although there are many burger 'celup' out there, Usop's burgers are quite addictive probably due to the fact that he fries up his burgers then dip them in his black pepper 'berhantu' while it's still hot. He leaves it in so that the sauce will soak into the patties rendering it soft and with every bite, it bursts with heat and spiciness (kind like a Prosperity burger x 10). Flavour here is top notch- thick, peppery and will make you crave it when you're peckish late at night.

That sauce is good shiznit yo

You can find Usop Burger at Jalan Singa, Jalan 20/1, Seksyen 20 in Shah Alam. Basically turn in at a Petronas Station, go straight until you find a bus stop on your left in front of a school. His truck is there overlooking KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital.

Oblong special satu!