See You at Ayam Lejen 2017!

Directed by FriedChillies, Hosted by The Ayam Lejen 2017 on 03/Nov/2017

What Are You Gonna Get at Ayam Lejen 2017?

​Ayam Lejen is this coming 18-19th Nov 2017 at Ara Damansara LRT station. Check out who the Lejen’s are and what they serving!

Baba Ee a cencalok and belacan expert gives us a few pointers on what to look out for when picking good quality cencalok.

Alex shows how to get rid of oil stains using a simple method.

Does using a stone to sharpen your knife seem primitive? Well Chef Raz shows us how sophisticated and effective the Finishing Stone Pro actually is. 

In this episode of the HOW TO series, host Hanim Ariffin shows us a few simple tips on how to choose meat in a supermarket to make that perfect steak at home.

In the first HOW TO series, Hanim Ariffin lays down some simple tips on how to choose fresh fish from a supermarket.

Alex shares a tip on how to get rid of cockroaches from your home without using harmful insecticides.

Have a craving for teh tarik? Alex shows you how to make this frothy drink at home.

Durian overload? Alia shares her tip on how to cool down after a durian binge.

Opening the thorny durian can be quite a task. Alia shows you how to do it the right way.

Do you have smelly durian fingers after your durian feast? Learn how to get rid of the stink from Alia.

Tis’ the season to get smelly. It’s durian season and Alia shows you how to transport durian without stinking up your car.

In this episode, Alex demonstrates how to tell the difference between a raw egg and a hard boiled egg in case you’ve mixed the two.

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​Ayam Lejen is this coming 18-19th Nov 2017 at Ara Damansara LRT station. Check out who the Lejen’s are and what they serving!

​Ayam Lejen is coming this 18-19th November at Ara Damansara LRT. Buy tickets now with code CHICKEN!

Discover KLIA’s hidden gem hidden gem for only RM30. Tender, succulent lamb rack with a side of fluffy mash.

Searching for Dim Sums in KLIA? We discovered that Eden makes them fresh daily. More than 30 kinds of dim sums for you to try. 

Top 5 klia2 Eats


Stumped and don’t know where to eat at the airport? Our list will solve that problem for you. Read on and make your selection from the 5 eateries we love at klia2.

Top 5 KLIA Eats

1:00 min

We know catching a plane or stepping out of a long flight can be arduous and sometimes, airplane food just doesn’t cut it. Worry not, we have listed out 5 spots in KLIA that would help to ease your stress and fill your tummy at the same time.

This 5th November (Saturday), FriedChillies will be bringing 40 of the best nasi lemak sellers from Klang Valley, Ipoh, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Johor to TM Convention Centre, Bangsar to the best food event in town…. I Eat Nasi Lemak 2016!

The 1st ASEAN Young Food Entrepreneurs Conference will be held between 18 - 19th Nov 2015 at the 1AES Hall 1, Jalan Kia Peng. Calling all future entrepreneurs. Registration ends Monday 14th Nov 2015.

FriedChillies collaborated with some of the top food trucks in Klang Valley to bring NINE special dishes created just for you for the Let’s “EAT-lah” with Hong Leong Bank campaign. They’re really a bunch of fun people with colourful backgrounds… and all with a passion for serving great food from a truck!

​FriedChillies is bringing 20 of the TOP nasi lemak vendors in Klang Valley to TM Convention Centre this 2nd November. There are 5 categories this year from Institutions, Outstation, Unique, “Ayam Goreng Best” & “Lauk Power”. Let’s see who they are…

​FriedChillies is curating some of the local foodpreneurs with interesting products from local cheese, gourmet coffee on wheels, soft shelled crab burgers and even taco’s with kuah kacang sauce. Meet them at GREAT 2014 this week (17th-20th Sept 2014) at MAGIC, CyberJaya. 

You guys were AWESOME! True Blue Burger Fans! 18K people, 28K burger portions in 12 hours all hosted the I Eat Burgers event on 7th June 2014 at Padang Timur, PJ