Self Heating Can of Coffee!

by Adly, on Fri, May 08, 2009 - 5:13:30 PM, 4 comment
Product Review

You heard it right. Someone has invented coffee-in-a-can that is guaranteed to come out hot on demand! We stumbled upon this interesting can which was being exhibited at the World Halal Forum earlier this week. The can contains a heating catalyst at the bottom compartment containing a mixture of quicklime and water. What you need to do is to push the actuator button at the bottom of the can which crushes the seal separating the catalyst ingredients. Once mixed, the chemical reaction produces a non toxic reaction containing chalk, water and HEAT... which then heats up the aluminium can. And since aluminium is an excellent heat conductor, the heat is efficiently transferred to your cuppa as well. There's our chemistry lesson for today.

Obviously, the can comes with a heat warning at every nook or cranny of the can that they can fit one. The can is wrapped with heat resistant packaging and it takes about 3 minutes to heat up to 50 degrees C above the temperature they were actuated on. There is an 'indicator' on the can which turns green when the temperature is ideal for drinking. The cans will be in the Malaysian markets by next month, distributed by Hot-Can Australia (http://www.hot-can.com). Retail is between RM4- RM5 per can for 210ml (about a cup of coffee).

There's more. Hot-Can also comes in a Hot Chocolate flavour as well. From comments around the booth, this tasted more like 'semi-melted' chocolate. The coffee flavour whilst not brewed coffee is a definite pass. Well, coffee-in-a-can is still coffee in a can.

From the price, you can see that they are probably targeting a special segment of the markets. Since we don't have snow in Malaysia, perhaps this Hot-Can appeals to people who wants convenience, have a picnic, special functions or something like that. So there you go... instant on-demand hot coffee or hot chocolate anywhere you want. I bet some people would buy it just to see whether it really works.... it does, trust me.

Ok they do have hot teas. My bad.

by TehBeng July 19, 2009 9:26AM

Dammit... these people are so smart! I'm serious. How come no one else thought about making these?
How come they don't make hot teas la?

by TehBeng July 19, 2009 9:25AM

Hi! Hot-Can is proudly a Malaysian product! Check out our website http://www.hot-can.com.my
Thanks FriedChillies! We will improve on the coffee taste, but just so you know, Hot-Can is a premium product and so is our coffee. Good job on your website, it's awesomely impressive! And friendly!

by Lilyhot-can May 14, 2009 2:27PM

If they had a sugarless version I'd definitely buy a few to keep around just in case I'm gonna be on the go without any access to a quick jolt.

by Marcky May 12, 2009 12:32PM

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