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Coffee Franken-Cake

by Aida Azizuddin, on Mon, March 16, 2009
Here's a little confusion. In general when you talk about a Coffee Cake, it's usually not a cake made with coffee as an ingredient but rather it's a cake that you eat with a cup of coffee. This I believe is more of an American concoction. In Britain you have Teacakes (not made from tea of course) that people normally have with their cup of tea.…   More »

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6 To 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak

by Li Ann, on Fri, March 13, 2009
Mixed Cuisine

"The rib really rocks!"

So what makes lip-smacking good ribs? Actually I think it's a personal thing but I believe the general criteria are as follows - tender meat that falls off the bone, juicy meat surrounding the rib to ensure we can suck and chew the rib to our hearts content, a decent size to ensure there's enough to go around (ribs are best shared right?!) and killer marinade or sauce that enhances the flavour of the ribs. Whatever it is, ribs are a carnivore's delight and brings out the caveman in us. Think of ripping meat off the bone with our bare teeth and sucking out the meat/juices til it's bone dry! And forget cutleries, ribs are best enjoyed with your fingers so leave your table manners at home. Bring on the ribs!

Talking about ribs, there's this super packed to the brim shop in a residential flat area that serves pretty good Western food and nasi lemak. Weird combo but it works for the die-hard fans who cannot get enough of the non-halal grub that it churns out on a daily basis. It's located smack in old PJ - the humble flats of Happy Mansion. There are other cafes, kopitiams and restaurants in the vicinity but this shop remains the most popular and well known by far. The overcrowded carpark lays testimony to the shop's fame and remains a source of displeasure for the residents who prefer some peace and quiet. Their consolation is that good food is merely a lift ride to the ground floor!

Come around 7.30pm and expect to wait for a table due to limited space, with makeshift tables spilling out onto the corridor and tarmac. Our group of 4 came after 8 and we managed to grab one right in the heat of the action, fronting the cash register! We could see the busy kitchen at work, the buzzing nasi lemak counter and the listed specials on board.

Only one bowl of homemade wild mushroom soup was left so we snapped it up. It tastes great with the fresh fungi combining well with the creaminess of milk. It's definitely homemade with shrooms aplenty and the consistency is just right, not too starchy or runny. The garlic bread was mediocre, I could do better at home.
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Thinking Out Of The Cup

by Keeta B., on Thu, March 12, 2009
Edible Beauty
Everyone loves the aroma of a good ol' cup of java joe, especially early in the morning when you need that lil' kick to start your day! And now we have discovered that coffee also makes you look good, inside and out! Here are just some of the ways that coffee can help you look and feel your best!

A cup of coffee a day keeps the doctor…   More »

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The Authoritative Coffee: Part 1

by Nadge Ariffin, on Wed, March 11, 2009
Gastropology 101
“I’ll have the Mo-cha…”, I began as I scanned the beverage menu.

“Mo-ka”, corrected the bright young lady serving me, as naturally as she must have corrected a hundred or a thousand other customers.

“Oh, Mo-ka…” I sheepishly repeated. As a Spanish-speaker, I naturally tend to pronounce any ‘ch’ combination…   More »

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Sari Ratu

by Haze J., on Tue, March 10, 2009

"The Es Teler comes topped with red sago"

This week we took a peek at one of the more frequently visited Nasi Padang restaurants. With a few branches to its name and fame, Restoran Sari Ratu definitely has quite a following. Traditionally, waiters at Nasi Padang restaurants bring piles of dishes to your table for you to choose. Here, we suggest you pre-order at the counter as you enter the restaurant to ensure quick and easy service.

Though most of the items stated on the board will confuse you at first, (though we speak the same tongue, Indonesian can be a little confusing) there is always a friendly waitress here to help you order up a sumptuous feast! What they have is a wide variety of veggies, chicken, beef and appetisers like emping (bitter Melinjo nut crackers)- heavenly when dipped in their Sambal Hijau (Green Chilli Sambal).

Dig a little deeper at the menu and you will start to understand it. For instance, Balado sounds pretty much like Berlada (spicy in Malay) if you put a Minangkabau accent to it, and that is exactly what it is. The stir-fried brinjals are cooked in a spicy red chilli paste. This dish is delicious. Brinjals here have rich deep purple skins and tender cool meat that absorbs the spiciness of the chillies and helps to tone down the spiciness, giving it subtle heat. To turn the heat up again you can eat this with a dollop of Sambal Hijau.

The Sambal Hijau is not really just green chillies, there is more here than meets the eye. They are pounded green chillies with hints of garlic, onion and ikan bilis (anchovies) stir-fried lightly so all the flavours are well married and later served cold as an accompaniment. Everything here has a subtle difference from our dishes. For example the Rendang Minang (dry stew beef) at first taste present similar characteristics to ours but immediately after the saltiness of the Rendang states that it is uniquely Padang.
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Yummy Healthy Lunchboxes

by Alexa P., on Tue, March 10, 2009
Health, Diet & Family
Toss that boring old soggy tuna sandwich into the trash and pack yourself a healthy and fun lunch instead! Why settle for a greasy meal at a stall when you can have something just as flavour packed right in your own bag? I’m not bad mouthing our delicious local stalls by any means but sometimes our bodies need a bit of a health boost and lunch is…   More »

Gastro News

AFFA Update : It’s a fierce contest!

by The News Team, on Sun, March 08, 2009 - 3:26:41 PM, 1 comment
Here's some updates for AFFA! Voting has been open for a week with about 12 more days to go. Some of the favourites have some serious contenders in their category so far. In the Best Kopitiam Category, whilst local favourite Yut Kee is in the lead, the past few days have seen its position threatened into second place a few times by another much younger well known kopitiam seller. In the Nasi Lemak Category, Tanglin is behind two serious contenders (not far though). Village Park is fighting with someone who we never thought were a serious player for top spots. So all nasi lemak fans, cast your vote now. Perhaps an upset is in the progress.

The other two hotly contested categories are crabs and char koay teow. It looks like favourite Steven at Nam Chuan's top spot is also is fiercely being contested by a PJ stall that also has been around for more than 20 years. Will…  Continue reading »


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