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Getting a Good Ribbing

by Aida Azizuddin, on Fri, May 22, 2009
Ribs is not something people serve at home mainly because not many people know how to cook it well. The comments I always get is that, it's too tough or there's not enough meat to merit all the work put in. However encountering it on the home table always feels a little more special than the usual steak or roast. Another thing about ribs is that it…   More »

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Stuff Your Face Cafe

by Keeta B., on Wed, May 20, 2009

"An Elvis sandwich with banana split, cosmic fantastic!"

On the third floor of Bangsar Shopping Complex, tucked away between Jungle gym, Kiddie art class and a roller-skating rink, is a pretty little café called ‘Stuff Your Face’. I call it pretty because this is exactly what Stuff Your Face is, white washed walls and wooden counter top with an assortment of cookies and cakes on display, big glass doors leading out to a large patio area with white-washed wooden chairs and tables, adorned with pretty little white daisies.

The café is cosy and unpretentious and because it is situated on the newly renovated “Kid’s Floor”, it is one of the few café’s left that is kid friendly, with children’s books and toys strewn merrily on the floor and coloured-in pictures tacked below the counter, a testament to the creativity of little children that often goes beyond the colouring lines.

The menu here is fun and cheeky, with suggestions to ‘stuff your face’ with or to ‘munch on’, simple fare with a little bit of fusion thrown in for good measure. We chose the recommended Hainanese Chicken Chop, the Japanese-Italian inspired Soba Aglio Olio with Prawns and the Cheddar Fish. Other items on the menu include the interestingly named ‘Not Fried Rice’ and their own mini slider burgers. They also have a breakfast menu and special tea-time menu after 3pm.

The Chicken chop was authentic coffee-shop flavor, doused in delicious gravy with fried potatoes, grilled tomatoes and peas. The chicken chop was big enough but we would have liked a bit more potatoes to go along with it. The Soba Aglio Olio was surprisingly satisfying, with a nice flavor which made it quite different from its spaghetti counter-part. The Cheddar Fish was pieces of Dory fillet fried with cheddar till crispy, served with a dollop of mash potato and a scoop of mushy peas. The fish was nicely crisp and the mash was delicious. Overall the portions are quite small, but tasty.   More »

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An Afternoon in Tanjung Piandang

by Honey Ahmad, on Mon, May 18, 2009
“Are we there yet?” Right. The idea of stuffing my family into a van and driving all the way to Tg. Piandang for some kampung cooking seemed to be a good idea… in theory but after the 60th paddy field and gazillionth pot-hole humours were running thin.

“Where on earth is she taking us?”

“I need to pee.”
…   More »

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Las Vacas

by Adly, on Sat, May 16, 2009

"Cut, Grill, Serve. No Frills Steak. "

Las Vacas is one of those places that you never thought we'd have in KL. It's a professional butcher shop that cuts your meats correctly and according to the cuts that you like. The beef is sourced from Australian bred cattles, comes chillied in one big piece to Las Vacas, then professionally cut and apportioned to the kind of premium cuts that I'm sure you are most familiar with. Striploin, Rib-Eye, Sirloin, Tenderloin, Ribs, Cube Roll, Brisket.. they have it all here. Last I checked, they even have wagyu with marbling that almost looks too good to eat and at a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

The cute & cozy butchery is run by two business partner friends Yusof and Freddy. Interestingly enough, about 2 months ago they decided to open a small cafe ala steakhouse in the butchery itself. They cleaned up a small area towards the back of the shop, got a couple of table and chairs, sourced for a coffee machine, got someone to wait tables and walla! they were in business. A nice cozy place to catch up with some friends or to lazy the day away.

Uh wait, Yusof the butcher is also Yusof the chef. So why would I want to go to a place like this then? Well I dunno.. it just feels nice. I don't know of another place that has this kind of atmosphere. It's like going to a seafood restaurant with its rows of tanks for live fishes, selecting your seafood, order up how it should be cooked and wait for it to arrive on the table. But in this case, it's beef instead of seafood. You get to stare at their two counter chillers, oogling over which steak cut will be your dinner for tonite and the best thing is that they can cut your steak according to how thick you want it to be.

So there you go, one inch tenderloin.. sure. Two inch rib eye.. ok. Three inch striploin.. crazy but what the heck.. it's your steak. You pay about 20-30% above the normal price which covers 'cooking & preparation'. So for about RM40, you can get away with a good piece of steak and a coffee. Whatever is on display at the chilled counter, you can have it for dinner on the table. Do also try their beef pie going for RM2. They say that its an Australian recipe and its good.   More »

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Mango Beauty Madness

by Nana, on Thu, May 14, 2009
Edible Beauty
Remember a time when our skin used to be soft & supple? We didn’t have to worry about which skincare products to use, as a matter of fact, we didn’t even use them at all! Ah, but that was back when we were little toddlers, with baby-smooth skin, and play-doh was all we thought about.

Now, things have changed. Our skin is dry, oily and…   More »

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Dish Deli

by Alexa P., on Wed, May 13, 2009

"A thick slab of roasted beef with hot gravy"

With everyone’s lives getting more hectic each day it can often be difficult and almost impossible to have a healthy and tasty home cooked meal. Dishes such as a tender roast beef with caramelised roast veggies, simple tasty pastas, and wholesome salads are almost never seen at the dinner table as it’s much easier to tarpau something from the neighbourhood mamak.

So you can imagine my excitement when I happened across Dish Deli, a cosy little restaurant located in Solaris dedicated to bringing healthy and yummy dishes to the table. Their menu is filled to the brim with wholesome home-cooked food and not only can you dine in and enjoy these favourites on site but they’ve also made it convenient for customers to buy frozen items which can be easily reheated at home. Owners Heidi Shamsuddin and Annette Isaac have invested in a blast freezer which makes freezing food a blast (pardon the play on words it was just too easy!). This machine can take food from hot temperatures right down to freezing in a matter of minutes and this helps the dish to retain its flavour and have that just cooked feel to it once it has been reheated.

The frozen food menu is aptly named Dish 'n’ Dash and consists of almost everything they serve at the restaurant. Some of these meals include roast chicken, casseroles, beef stew, cottage pie, pasta sauces, and some local favourites such as beef rendang, soto ayam Johor and masak lodeh. They also have a great kids menu so that parents don’t have to worry about their kids getting a healthy balanced meal.   More »

Gastro News

Electrolux and Asian Food Channel Partnership

by The News Team, on Wed, May 13, 2009 - 4:25:43 AM, 0 comment
Recently Electrolux, a global leader in home and professional kitchen appliances announced an exclusive partnership with Asian Food Channel (AFC). This means that the AFC kitchen studio will be outfitted with kitchen appliances from Electrolux. The current theme for Electrolux is "We Love Food As Much As You Do", making them an apt fit for a channel dedicated to food.

The spiffy new Electrolux kitchen at AFC

Viewers can catch special special AFC-produced vignettes on AFC and can look forward to Electrolux-sponsored contests later in the year. According to Hian Goh, Managing Director (AFC),  Continue reading »


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