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Nasi Kandar Breakfast

by Li Ann, on Tue, February 10, 2009

"Woah, love at first bite!"

Nasi kandar has this reputation of being a stewpot of leftover curries and scraps from previous meals whereby some believe the older the curry, the tastier it becomes! Of course this also raises hygiene issues and the mother of tummy upsets! In all honesty, nasi kandar is not my favourite dish. I remembered a particular ugly incident whereby a contaminated cockle left me with a severe allergic reaction, antibiotic jab and constant bowel action. Needless to say, nasi kandar is not my must-haves, until recently.

I remembered passing by this unassuming coffee shop during the late evening when someone pointed out that the best nasi kandar in town was here. I remembered looking quite cynical as the premises was deserted with nary a soul in sight. So one day, I decided to drop by at 11am only to see the helpers scrubbing the pots clean. 'Finished???' I asked with disbelief. 'Yes, come earlier tomorrow!' was his cheerful reply.

So arrived I did at 9am the next day and the shop was packed with people. Mind you, the thought of curry rice for breakfast didn't exactly sound very appealing. If the number of patrons reminded me of swarming bees, the nasi kandar stall was definitely the honeypot. Other stalls in that shop were pretty much run-of-the-mill, but this nasi kandar was buzzing! I must say it was a little chaotic as customers were trying their best to get to the head of the pack to grab the owner's attention for the best morsels. Here's how it works - queue up, swat off any potential queue jumpers, point out the stuff you want as the owner piles it onto your rice with the curry, finally pay up and adjourn to any vacant table (be prepared to share tables). Everything works like clockwork here. I managed to get the beef rendang, catfish cutlet, kacang and bendi.   More »

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Raku Zen

by Captain Cracker, on Fri, February 06, 2009

"Fancy a bit of tongue on tongue action?"

There is this Japanese restaurant that old Captain Cracker usually hang out in which is more refined than his tasty but grotty places. Thus he has no choice but to behave if he wants to eat here, because all the high class sailors park their nice yachts and dine here.

The Rakuzen chain especially my favourite one in Plaza Damas serves some of the best Japanese food in KL. The sushi is always fresh all days of the week (they must get their fish from another pirate smuggler) and the meat is good here as well. Maybe Rakuzen means fresh in Japanese who knows?

Aside from dishes like sushi, sashimi, tempura, teppanyaki which are all perfectly executed I want to tell you my personal favourites which are the the dragon roll and the beef tongue both specialties of Rakuzen.

The first time I ate both these superb dishes was after getting a headache from working too hard late at night. I decided to reward myself by going to Rakuzen alone and asked the waitress to order me two of their best dishes. I was not disappointed.

The dragon roll is a massive tiger prawn fried and wrapped in sashimi rice with mayonnaise and avocado cut up Swiss roll style served on a boat for me (see they do honour pirates here!). It is an awesome experience to bite into one of these. Your mouth goes from the soft sticky rice to crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside prawn and the lovely mayonnaise and avocado in between. A few chomps of these and you know what joy means.
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Comfort me with Stew

by Aida Azizuddin, on Thu, February 05, 2009
The other day my sister (I have three by the way that flock around my kitchen on a regular basis) brought over 2 hunks of chuck meat. “I want to make stew”, she said. I always love a good stew. It’s easy. You can dump everything in and just let it simmer usually 3 hours if you have it on low and about 2 hours on medium heat.
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Turn your Kitchen into a Chick Magnet

by Honey Ahmad, on Wed, February 04, 2009
Food & Sex
Men who fancy themselves players usually have great bedrooms but sadly neglect the kitchen. Boys, this is a powerhouse corner for seduction. Usually after one desire is sated, another one wakes up. She'll be rumaging in your fridge for a snack to replenish those calories. She might not judge you if there's nothing there (nothing kills that magical feeling…   More »

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Chynna: yee sang special

by The Foodster, on Tue, February 03, 2009

"Last chance for yee sang"

Yes, the food here is expensive and perhaps not the best choice in this climate of belt tightening. However, if someone owes you big time or your boss needs to take you out then Chynna is the place to indulge for the night. Service is excellent, food is certainly good and more importantly their creative interpretations work.

Firstly, in our opinion the yee sang here is one of the best. It’s not too sickly sweet and there is a lightness of hand in pairing all the ingredients. There are also a lot of fragrant nuts and sesame seeds mixed in it making it quite delicious. The salmon yee sang is the cheapest of the yee sang combo, the most expensive being lobster that they actually charge by weight. Certainly not for the faint hearted.

The set that comes out after is a combo of traditional dishes like salt baked chicken and nuovo Chinese fusion like tiger prawns steamed with bits of nuts and tempe. The tiger prawns are interesting. It’s uber fresh and almost crunchy. On top is this nutty confetti that almost reminds me a little of dry sambal pecal, groundnuts and tiny fried tofu with the delightful tempe mixed in.

The only real complaint is that you only get one prawn each. They bring out the dishes here so you can take in the aesthetics, then they go all European on it, portioning out the precious morsels in individual plates so you won’t fight over it at the table.
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Detox = Revitalised!

by Keeta B., on Tue, February 03, 2009
Health, Diet & Family
If you’re feeling tired, drained, stressed or just generally icky, then maybe it’s time you gave yourself a detox! We’ve still got a whole year ahead of us, so this is probably the best time to get back into shape- and revatilise your body, mind and spirit!

But don’t worry, we’re not talking about those detox diets with a “7-day…   More »

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Pigeon Never Tasted This Good

by Honey, on Fri, January 30, 2009 - 6:00:05 AM, 0 comment
Makan Musings
In glorious Aswan, the sweetest town on the Nile route lies a little piece of food epiphany. Oh there are many wonderful things to do in Aswan, languidly take a felucca and sail with no direction in mind.

This is one of the most relaxing things you can do in Aswan. I want one. Now. With a river of milk and honey flowing behind my house.

Go to a Nubian Village and take pictures with a sleepy crocodile. Take a horse carriage to the souk and haggle over the famed Aswan gold. Sit on the verandah of the Old Cataract Hotel where Agatha Christie wrote part of 'Death on the Nile' and sip mint tea.

Upper Nile is gorgeous with a contrast of colours. Here the reeds are green and lush growing just underneath the ocher sands, under the blue, blue sky. So many things to do and be wowed by.

But for me, it's the roasted pigeon.

Egyptian men say that if they come home and find that their wife made them pigeon, they know it's going to be a good night. I can imagine it's pretty hard to cook a pigeon. They are small, fiddly and they seem to be the goat equivalent of the bird world, eating anything that they can put their beaks on. But here, they clean it well. The…  Continue reading »


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