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Ramadhan Food Market 2009 - Kampung Baru

by Adly, on Sat, August 29, 2009 - 6:41:38 PM, 0 comment
Makan Musings
When it comes to food, Malaysian's have always been 1Malaysia (forgive the pun). Come Ramadhan, it's no different. People from all walks of life, from different races, colour, religion, political beliefs will flock to their favourite ramadhan food market to find their favourite kuihs and Malay fare. Some only appear during these times. Polite jostling and patient queing are essential skills needed when visiting these markets. If you've read my tweets, you'd realised that I was really dissappointed with Kampung Baru this year. It seems that the selections are more 'commercialised' rather than homemade. That's not to say that it's not good anymore ... well it does actually. There are still some good finds in Kampung Baru although this year. But my next few blogs will cover somewhere else out of KL if I can. So, here's some food encounters from Kampung Baru. Next blogs will be on to Sri Serdang, Taman Dato Harun/Taman Medan and then a little place in Melaka called Taman Cempaka. Great food...

Kampung Baru
This is a famous food market come every ramadhan. 500meters worth of stalls packed with sellers selling supposedly a wide selection of Malay fare. But not this year.

Of course, people come here for the famous ramadhan bubur lambuk given free to the public after Asar Prayers. It's just a simple porridge made…  Continue reading »

Where To Eat

Sin Seng Nam

by Honey, on Sat, August 29, 2009

"The half-boiled egg and toasted roti kahwin never lets me down"

Sin Seng Nam sits in the busy area of Masjid Jamek a hop, skip and jump from the LRT en route to Central Market. It's a reliable sort of place and has been since before Merdaka. Many of the people serving here, like eateries which has stood the test of time (Coliseum, Bismillah etc) have been knocking food back and forth from kitchen to table since pre-Merdeka days. I like it here because it has high ceilings with shuttered doors that lets lots of light in.

The teh si and kopi is satisfying and creamy and the half-boiled egg and toasted roti kahwin never lets me down. How to differentiate yourself from the novices is to order the bread with butter at the side. This is the old school way. Your toast will then come with kaya and a large slab of butter at the side. If not, they might slip you marge between the toast.

Other things good here are the simple fried noodles. Hokkien mee, meehoon goreng- I like to combine them both and it comes slightly wet with soy sauce with prawns and chicken slivers on top. It's just comfort food for anyone who grew up in a small town and remembers fondly their own neighbourhood kopitiams. They also serve good chops and excellent white chicken rice.   More »

Food Articles

Favourite Dishes of Malaysia’s Five Former Prime Ministers

by Adly, on Fri, August 28, 2009
On 31st August 2009, Malaysia will celebrate its 52nd Independence Day. Since Malaysia has 5 former Prime Ministers who helmed the country since 1957, we couldn't resist releasing this short article about the Favourite Dishes of Malaysia's Five Former Prime Ministers. To all Malaysians around the world... MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! and have a great…   More »

Gastro News

3 Restaurants to choose from @ Le Meridien

by The News Team, on Thu, August 27, 2009 - 8:54:58 PM, 0 comment
This Ramadhan, Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur has opened the doors of three of its in house restaurants to give you a wider selection of breaking fast buffets. If you are feeling a little meat deprived, there's dishes like whole roast lamb with Arabic spices and roast beef with Malay spices and oxtail soup to wrap your tastebuds around. There are also other specials like spicy crab curry, grilled assorted seafood, char grilled stuffed giant squid (yum!) and roast chicken  Continue reading »

Gastro News

Shortest durian season ever!

by The News Team, on Thu, August 27, 2009 - 1:11:25 AM, 0 comment
This Merdeka weekend why not putter over to historical Federal Hotel for some durian goodies? An array of durian pastries will be on sale at the frontage island from 10am to 5pm from 28th August to 31st August 2009.

Get a load of the durian cheesecake

Or you can lick your lips around a durian puff

Proceeds from the sales of these durian delectables will go towards helping the children from the Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram Rumah Kebajikan.
…  Continue reading »

Gastro News

Ramadhan Rendezvous

by The News Team, on Mon, August 24, 2009 - 8:52:44 PM, 0 comment
So it's the time of year where you can rub your hands in glee and think of all the fabulous feasts you can have. Here are some places for you to consider.

The team of chefs at The Verandah in The Federal Kuala Lumpur and Chef Abdul Khuttus from the legendary Haja Naideen restaurant in Chowrasta, Penang, will be cooking up a Berbuka Puasa buffet storm featuring nasi kandar from the 24th August till 17th September. Featured foods are Ayam Ros, Gulai Ikan 10, Daging Masak Kicap and the famous Lai Lai Mee Goreng Mamak. Prices range from RM68++ for adults while children and senior citizens eat for RM40++. Contact details: 03- 2148 9166.

The Buka Puasa buffet menu at The Apartment from 21st August to 18th September that features traditional Nyonya to kampong styled local Malay delights is making my mouth water. Prices for adults are RM49++ and RM19++ for those…  Continue reading »

Where To Eat

Nasi Kandar Hj. Ibramsha

by Ash Luques, on Fri, August 21, 2009

"Need an excuse not to work after lunch?"

At first glance, this restaurant doesn't give much of an impression, a small typical 'mamak' eatery tucked away in the corner of a street. Looking a little closer, I was surprised to see that it was chock full of people. It was as if everyone in KL had chosen to have lunch there. The queue of people waiting to 'bungkus' their food stretched till the street! I guess the food here must really be all that!

I noticed that most people were ordering the soy sauce chicken, mutton ribs curry and the spicy beef, so I followed suit. The food arrived almost immediately in separate little dishes, leaving room for me to mix and match my food. Don't worry; I did my fellow nasi kandar foodies proud by placing all the meat and veggies on the plate, and drowning my rice with the curry mixture. They also gave me a plate of cucumbers and sambal to go with my food. 'Ini sambal pedas, timun untuk sejuk mulut', explains the waiter. In other words, the sambal is meant for those who love it spicy, while the cucumber is meant to cool the mouth after.

I piled my spoon high with my curry soaked rice, bits of meat and the vegetable, cabbage cooked with dried chilies and turmeric. First mouthful and bam! I was in heaven! No wonder nasi kandar is so popular. The mixture of curries and rice that bursts in your mouth, the soft texture of chicken, mutton and beef bits, wow! This is the first place that I've eaten where the cabbage wasn't over cooked. It was crunchy and sweet, with a tinge of heat.   More »


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