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by The Foodster, on Mon, October 06, 2008
Middle East

"Make sure you have the thicker than sin qahwah"

Meandering around to the back roads behind Jalan Ampang, I was astonished to find that it’s now a little bit Arab. No less than three Arabic restaurants have sprung up in different degrees of deco and brightness.

One, that is quite full of people is flooded with fluorescent light. The other though slightly dimmer, is still a little too bright for me. I confess I do like my Middle-Eastern restaurants smoky, dark and a little mysterious. Andalus has the most ambience of all three. It is also apparently where some of our Arab friends come in order to have affordable and half decent Arabic food. So this is where my friends and I decided to grab a seat and start the night by ordering a mint shesha (rather cheap at RM13.00 with limitless coal).

Happily when the homous tahina came, we found it to be delicious. It was creamy and fragrant with good olive oil. Pita bread came in plastic bags to keep the moistness. Even before we ordered anything else, the homous was all gone. We washed this all down with a tall glass of limejuice with mint. Have it without the sugar syrup as the sourness is more refreshing. Perusing through the menu we decided on a Chicken Briyani and the Atlas Lamb, which is a tagine of lamb cooked with preserved lemons, prunes, almonds and sesame seeds for the next phase of the meal.

Expecting the conical shaped claypot tagine I was amused to find the lamb served in a flat dish. Apparently, this is how they emulate tagine-like quality by using a flat claypot dish (not unlike the ones we put under our plant pots to collect water) and then a glass lid cover to keep the flavour in. This they bake in the oven and wallah! Tagine- Arab Malaysian style. I suppose tagine pots are hard and expensive to come by in Malaysia.
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The New FriedChillies Website

by The Foodster, on Thu, October 02, 2008 - 3:07:41 AM, 1 comment
Hello there! Come on in! If you've not already noticed, FriedChillies has a spanking new website. We hope that you like it. Its about time anyway. We have added a few more features to the new site.

Firstly, the kopitiam forum is way better than what we used to have. Its now wayyyy better and more intuitive.

Secondly, the search button works! *really* There's one for Reviews and one for Kopitiam (bottom left corner). FYI, we've juiced up the Kopitiam search.

Thirdly, we have integrated FriedChillies.TV into FriedChillies.Com so that you don't have to open up a new browser just to view our videos.

Fourth, We got much bigger pictures of food to make you hungrier

Fifth, FriedChillies now looks more like an online food magazine instead of a blog. For those whom've been with us for 10 years know that we were never a food blog, but we were not a magazine either. Now we are. That also means that ...

Sixth, We will now have food articles on a regular basis instead of just food reviews. Watch out for exciting articles under our new categories Food & Sex, Gastropology 101, Chef In Residence, Health Diet & Family and many many more to come soon.

Lastly, we will be launching a few more new channels on FriedChillies.TV . Watch out for out talk show (Chillin' With FriedChillies),…  Continue reading »

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Hello World!

by The Foodster, on Wed, October 01, 2008 - 3:52:46 AM, 0 comment
Welcome to the foodsters' blog. This is the first entry.  Continue reading »

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The Simplest Bread in the World

by Aida Azizuddin, on Tue, September 09, 2008
People don’t really make bread because they don’t want to knead and punch, knead and punch. It takes a lot of energy and time. By that time, your family is starving and you might as well go out and eat char kuey teow.

Another issue on bread-making is that many people do not know whether they are doing it right. Books can give you recipes…   More »

Where To Eat

Sao Nam

by The Foodster, on Sun, September 07, 2008

"Dig into the bamboo depths for all sorts of goodies"

It was one of those rainy Sunday nights where most of the usual hawkers were closed. Hankering for something different, we arrived at Sao Nam with images of sour, sweet dishes in our heads. Nothing like rain to awaken hunger in the tummy. The Sao Nam at Plaza Damas is a nice place for a rainy night. You can sit outdoors under the covered sidewalk and enjoy cool breezes in an otherwise very hot city.

There’s a whole special menu at the back, some you need to pre-order but I’m here for the Goi Mang Cut or the prawn and mangosteen salad. It never ceases to amaze me how delicious Indochinese salads are. Vietnamese uses familiar ingredients like Thai but with it’s own twist. Chewing through the food it's easy to imagine the joined borders and love of fresh greens and fruits coupled with essentials like fish sauce and tender meats. This is a signature salad and marries the juicy, tongue tingling mangosteen and fresh, briny prawns to perfection. It is then mixed with a Vietnamese vinaigrette, a combination of vinegar and squeezed citrusy-sour fruits. For texture they mix in some dried coconut and strips of salted squid. So delicious…

I tried the beef in a bamboo tube next. This one is oily with tender beef, a little bit like the Cambodian Luc Lac except it has more gravy and finely chopped herbs like mint and kafir lime interred thoroughly within it. Best thing about this dish is that it’s full of sliced onions adding mellow sweetness to the gravy. You eat this with a combination of starfruit slices, lettuce and more Vietnamese ulam in rice paper.

The rice paper is as fragile as paper so the trick here is to layer it with the lettuce and starfruit, dollop on the beef and try to roll and eat it before the beef gravy soaks past the paper and lands in a mush on your plate. I find that eating this with a small bowl of rice a better option. It’s got a salty edge that goes great with sticky rice and though the bamboo casing looks small, dig into its depth and you’ll get all sorts of gravied goodies like caramelised onions and bits of beef that’s dropped off and grounded down into the herbs at the bottom.   More »

Where To Eat

Lagoon Seafood Restaurant

by The Foodster, on Sun, September 07, 2008

"Make sure you bring some good company..."

Mmm, crabs … when you crave them, you really crave them. Your fingers twitch and tentacles sprout out of your head. Well, the next time you have a crab craving, try out the Lagoon Seafood Restaurant. There’s nothing like plain-grilled crabs to really enjoy their sweet taste without the distractions of gravy and condiments. Another simple way is to boil them with a little bit of salt, but that means you’ll have water-logged flesh and your fingers wrinkle like prunes.

We recommend grilled crabs at this restaurant.

The minimum order is two crabs, served halved or quartered – probably not enough unless you’re eating alone. Prices depend on the season but they’re definitely cheaper than in the city or suburbs. Regulars testify to some seriously pumped-up crab claws, so look forward to sinking your teeth in some thick, white flesh. Grilled plain, the flesh is firmer and sticks to the bone. Some chilli paste on the side will add a little zing.

Another favourite is the sweet-and-sour crab. Crab-wise, it’s not all that fantastic, but the sauce goes beautifully with man tao (a plain bun), which are pretty d*mn good here. You can have them steamed or fried, though the latter are more delicious. The outer part of the bread is crispy and brown, and the inner is sweet, white and fluffy. Dip it in the sauce and mmm … go straight to heaven.

Like most seafood restaurants, there’s fish here and it’s quite decent. They also have bamboo lala (clams), which is not always available in other seafood joints. But they’re somewhat ‘fishy’ tasting here, so unless you’re really crazy about them, you might want to give this a miss.

The squid is decent, especially cooked in soy sauce, and so are the prawns. The all-time favourite buttered prawns are a safe bet for a yummy dining experience. But nothing beats mantis prawns cooked with dried chilli.   More »

Where To Eat

Ikan Bakar behind Estana

by Alexa P., on Sun, September 07, 2008

"Oh that sambal"

“It’s located where?!?” I exclaimed.

“In the car park…and make sure you go during lunchtime and not a minute later because the food disappears fast…oh that sambal…I could just drink it on it’s own, ” my colleague replied with a distant look in her eyes.

My curiosity was peaked from this conversation and I just knew that I had to try the mysterious ikan bakar place located in the car park behind the Estana Curry House on Sultan Ismail. It was still two hours till lunch and I was eagerly counting down the minutes, after all places that usually taste best are in the most obscure locations.

To find this gem you have to walk through the hot dusty car park meandering past the vehicles parked in any which way. It’s situated in the little section in the corner of the lot by the trees. A tattered tin roof along with barebones tables and chairs scattered around is the scene you’ll find once you arrive, along with a crowd lining up for food and waiting for available tables. The area that is most crowded is where the food is laid out and this is where you have to use some elbow action to be able to grab at the best dishes and pieces of fish. This shack serves typical nasi campur with a huge array of Malay dishes freshly prepared each day.

From fried chicken to beef rendang, kangkung belacan to spicy tofu just about any dish can be found here during lunch but it gets snapped up pretty fast. By 1:45pm you’ll be lucky to get a little sauce leftover from the dishes with your rice.

The piece de resistance here though is the ikan bakar which is grilled right on the spot just before the lunch crowd trolls in. Different types of fish are marinated overnight and then grilled to charred perfection.   More »


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