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Croatian Month at Dubrovnik

by The News Team, on Mon, July 06, 2009 - 5:03:47 AM, 0 comment
Dubrovnik is a year old and to celebrate this, they will be hosting a special Croatian gastro-showcase at their restaurant during the month of July. There's plenty to taste and savour at Dubrovnik from food to Croatian Grappa Coffee all created by Chef Zoran Djumic. This also heralds their new menu and wine list.

The chic interior of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is at Solaris Mont Kiara. Call 03 6203 6780 for more information on all things Croatian.

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Austin Chase Returns!

by The News Team, on Thu, July 02, 2009 - 8:52:35 PM, 0 comment
I was one of those coffeeshop-laptop junkies who bemoaned the closure of Austin Chase in BSC. It was a great place to sit and listen in to conversations plus the food and service was always good. So I was pretty chuffed to find out that they were reopening under Chase Coffee Holdings (CCH) in Pavillion.

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Kedai Mak Ngah

by Honey, on Wed, July 01, 2009

"The best laksam in the world"

The best laksam in the world is on a languid road leading up to Northern Terengganu. It faces the South China Sea and lives in a modest open-aired shop. This shop is situated in the village of Rhu Sepuluh in Penarik. Apparently original settlers here think that this beachfront land is so attractive they named it 'Penarik'. Very apt. It's not pretty in a showy manner, just quietly alluring. One can understand why the best laksam in the world decided to set up shop here.

Is the best laksam in the world a bit too much of a boast? For sure there are many places serving delicious laksam in the East Coast and many would say Kelantan has the best. But here are my reasons. Penarik is near enough to Kelantan to have the right set of skills to make the tantalising white gravy but because Mak Ngah is 'orang Ganu' she has a lighter hand. Hence the gravy is not too insanely rich (a common thread in Kelantanese cuisine) having the right balance of savoury-sweetness and fishiness. The white rice noodles itself is handmade and as soft as any hor fun. It's cut into thick ribbons before drenched in the laksam gravy.

Now this is where a litte magic happens. First taste I could swear that Mak Ngah squeezed some lime into the gravy since there is a fresh zesty zing to it. But here's the thing, there's no lime in the gravy. It's just that the fish is so fresh that it's naturally zesty. It's hard for me to describe it. On top of all this delectable whiteness are fresh scallions and local parsley for a burst of colour. Then freshly pounded chilli with a hint of tamarind completes it.   More »

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SouLed Out

by Honey, on Sun, June 28, 2009
Mixed Cuisine

"Slick and tasty with kick-ass sambal belacan"

Right... over 95 dishes? Okay as a rule when a place has too many dishes on the menu chances are some will fall short. Although having something for everyone makes up for this. Most places I know that gets too ambitious with menu offerings (except perhaps overseas Chinese restaurants that chuck everything including chips on their menus) usually do not survive long and yet here's SouLed Out- 13 years and still going strong. The secret? "Separate kitchens with their own head chefs", smiles Fanny Foo, the Propaganda Pixie.

Today SouLed Out has yet another fresh look, lime green and deep turquoise awnings which I like better than their previous orange incarnation. It's still a great place to have a drink (mojitos yeah!) and service is attentive and professional. But to the food we must. Noodle dishes here pretty much rock. Other than the prawn noodles, I recommend the Hokkien Mee, nice and black with a suitably pungent sambal belacan. Also their beef kuey teow is always a good prelude to a night of chilling out.

If you are going the Western way, the pan fried garoupa on top of a spaghetti olio is quite tasty and like I said the nachos here are always good. They can even do smaller portions if you ask them nicely in case you just want a snack before the main meal. Indian dishes like the butter chicken is still good hours later if you take away and their reinsertion of spicy lamb cutlets slathered with spices and yogurt then barbecued is finger-licking delish.   More »

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Lighting Bag by Wonsik Chae

by Ebee, on Thu, June 25, 2009 - 10:37:32 PM, 0 comment
Food & Technology
It's amazing to see how technology is inspired by small details in our daily life. Just like this cool idea by Korean designer Wonsik Chae, who designed this light in the the form of a tea bag to create a lighting concept that is chemically friendly.

This drop-in 'lighting bag' works exactly like a real tea bag in your cup. As a tea bag seeps tea into a tea cup, this lighting bag creates light in any fluid-holding container. Consisting of a cup filled with a chemical intermediate (like water) and a bag containing fluorescent molecules, the light works through a catalyst of this chemical reaction.

If you don't want the light to be too bright, you can try a non-transparent cup. And of course, it should come with a disclaimer that you can't drink this 'tea'.

This is a great design, especially as a conversation piece for an outdoor dinner party, but most importantly, you have to be really careful when you put this lighting bag into a cup, because it could burst into flames. You don't want these tea bags 'lighting up' the whole house, do you?

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Nippy Noodles

by Alexa P., on Tue, June 23, 2009

"Noodles here are sublime"

Upon hearing the term bamboo noodles I was instantly intrigued. I always thought noodles were made by mixing ingredients by hand and then running them through a machine to press and cut. After all, these days everything is done with some kind of machine. So when I saw on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations (it was fun seeing him attempt it!) that the traditional Chinese way of making noodles involved a large bamboo, and that there was a place that did this not too far from my home, I just had to try it out!

Nippy's noodles have perfect bouncy consistency with a fresh egg aroma. The bamboo is used to flatten the noodles and work the dough. This is done by physically sitting on the bamboo and bouncing the dough along with it. After this process the noodles are cut by hand and then prepared (either dry or with a soup). The noodles here are made fresh daily and there are no leftovers by the end of the day.

We tried out the wantan noodles with mushrooms as well as with stewed chicken. On the side we went crazy with a bunch of porky dishes…a combination platter with barbecue pork slices and crispy deep fried pork slices…stewed pork ribs…and to balance out the porkiness a fish paste and prawn dumplings.

The highlight in this store is the noodle and let me tell you right now that it is absolutely sublime. There is a bounce when you bite down and the noodles don’t clump together. They are thin and light and have a good overall texture. Honestly, you could just order a bowl of these noodles, pour in a few spoonfuls of soup, mix it up with the light soy sauce that is already in the bowl, add some chillies, and you would have a very nice meatless meal.
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Food Articles

Cool Food Gadgets

by Ebee, on Mon, June 22, 2009
Just like any creative muse, food is an inspiring aspect for many people, leading them to create useful and efficient gadgets that are beautifully designed as well! Let’s see what food has done to inspire designers in making the eating (and drinking) experience even cooler!

#1: Pizza Scissors
We know that cutting the 'perfect'…   More »


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