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Fish and Noodle House

by Honey, on Tue, July 28, 2009

"Start with the tasty fried salmon"

This place came highly recommended from my cousin. So finally during a spare lunchtime I drove down to try it out. "Your cousin sometimes come on his own and sit slurping noodles quietly over there," beams Mr. Low, the owner. Mr. Low is my kind of restaurateur. He's chatty, clearly loves his food and nudges us to try his noodles without being too pushy. The shop that has been opened for 10 months is nicely full and everyone that comes here seems to be seriously eating, faces deep in bowls full of the signature milky fish head noodle broth and crunching down crispy heads.

While waiting for my party to arrive, I tried some of the fried salmon fillets. The fillets come marinated with spices and fried just until the sides turn opaque. This means that the insides are just barely cooked... lovely. I am rubbing my hands now waiting for the noodles. You can order fried or poached fish head or fillets. Mr. Low has a theory that people below 35 don't really eat fish bones, preferring fillets. "Us, older folks like the bones but younger people nowadays don't even like to look at a whole fish." Really? It is a well-known fact, that the bonier the fish, the sweeter the flesh. Think ikan parang or ikan terubuk, top of my hallowed list of fish to eat before you die. Order an extra fried head on a plate because it's really crunchy and superb hot from the wok. The ones in the noodle broth is great too and definitely adds to the flavour but it does get a little soggy.

Don't worry though because you get a nice side of fried fish skins to sprinkle on top of your noodles. The fish skins are addictive. I can imagine eating a whole bowl of it like popcorn while watching the latest blockbuster. The soup is very good, nice and subtle. Some fish head noodle places make it a tad too rich for me hence it gets a little too cloying after a few sips.   More »

Gastro News

Splashing Sundays @ Skybar, Traders

by The News Team, on Sun, July 26, 2009 - 6:31:09 AM, 0 comment
Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur is offering a special brunch promotion every Sunday at the super trendy Skybar.

Come here on Sunday and you can enjoy a selection of food and free-flow draft beer and cocktails. Best of all the brunch also includes swimming facilities and a complimentary 5-minute shoulder massage. So you can have some grub, splash in the pool, have a drink, go for another dip, have a shoulder massage and more food... There'll also be cool tunes spun by the resident DJ as you chill and while the Sunday away.

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Frontera Bar and Grill

by Alexa P., on Fri, July 24, 2009
Quickie Review

"Ay caramba! It was love at first bite!"

A thick juicy burger patty topped with melted cheddar, spicy savoury chilli con carne, onion slices, and finished off with a thin spread of mustard on the top bun. Now this…this is a burger! Each bite is filled with pure meat on meat action plus a pleasing tongue tingling spiciness and the raw onion gives it a nice sweet crunch to balance it off.

What makes this burger sky rocket to the top of my burger list is the chilli con carne. This isn’t always done right and I’ve found that many places in KL tend to make it more like spaghetti bolognaise sauce…sweetish with beans and sometimes if they remember to get it right there’ll be a slight hint of heat. Here it is done right…rich, meaty, packed with flavour and with the right amount of spiciness that gets you just as you swallow.

If you love scorching your tongue with a fiery blast I suggest you order the hot wings and ask for extra spicy. These burn in an eye watering, huffing and puffing, adrenalin pumping way that can only lead to you saying…”Whoo boy! Gimme summore o’ that!” To put the fire out dip the wings in the accompanying blue cheese dip. These taste just like the wings I used to eat in the States while nursing an ice cold beer…nothing beats that combo…well actually I lied…the chilli cheeseburger beer combo is on par.
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Il Padrino

by Sachy, on Wed, July 22, 2009

"Eat at the Godfather's table"

“Let's check out Il Padrino tonight,” says a friend to me over Twitter one day. In my head, I honestly thought she was referring to another viewing of “The Godfather”. What else could it be? I must have been out of the foodie loop because apparently, Il Padrino is the new Italian restaurant on everyone's lips; it is owned by the same people who run Deutsches Haus, Gaucho Grill, Bavarian Bierhaus and Maredo's Steakhouse.

And guess what – it's not located in Changkat Bukit Bintang. Thank God, I was beginning to think that all of the Klang Valley's best Italian joints resided in that one neighbourhood. Yet another hurrah – no crazy traffic to deal with, and no rounding the area several times for a parking spot. On a Friday night, it's a blessing worth writing home (or in these days, blogging/tweeting) about.

As mentioned earlier, this restaurant is obviously inspired by the legendary '70s film. Their paper placemats bear the infamous quote, “We will make you an offer you can't refuse” and adorning their walls are black and white posters of Marlon Brando. Thankfully, the influences end there for service was not intimidating but rather, the waiters were attentive and really eager to help. My company liked the ambience too. It was classy and contemporary but we didn't feel the need to whisper our conversation or stifle a loud guffaw. We were comfortable immediately, and that definitely made our dining experience a lot more memorable!

We've heard that the salmon bruschetta is a pretty good appetizer but since they serve complimentary breads (with the obligatory olive oil + vinegar dip), we decided to pair it instead with their affettato misto. Not a decision we regret at all. Come on … a platter of cold cuts like parma ham, mortadella, salamI, coppa and speck? This is classic comfort food and not much can go wrong. The hams were sliced so delicately that they were almost translucent. I read on a blog that the bread they were served with was stale, but it was the complete opposite for us. They were fresh, warm and toasty. Mind you, it was close to 10pm when we dined.
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Restoran Tasik Indah

by Honey, on Wed, July 15, 2009

"Relaxing seafood by the lake"

For a while now, everytime I come over to my sister's there's always some 'tapau' container in the fridge with Restoran Tasik Indah on it. This restaurant in Shah Alam near the lake has become one of her favourite haunts. Admit it, if you don't actually live in Shah Alam, there's small likelihood of you eating there. But after listening for the 1,000th time how good it is I finally bundled her in my car and drove to the boonies. First thing I noticed is that this place is full. Packed with Malay families stuffing their faces with all manner of sea creatures.

The very bossy waiter hustled us to a table by the lake and proceeded to whip up all sorts of things we have to eat. Hence we ordered crabs, sweet and sour prawns (everyone had been having an overload of butter prawns recently), steamed cod, sotong goreng tepung, beancurd with minced chicken and asparagus belacan. Food was a little slow due to the amount of people but not too slow that you might want to stomp out.

Let me cut the chase. The best dishes of the night were the sweet and sour prawns, beancurd and the steamed cod. The steamed cod is incredible. So fresh that it has a buttery complexion- a real joy for a fish lover such as I. It's steamed just lightly in soy sauce with slivers of ginger and scallions. It's not too expensive either. Five, fat fillets cost about RM100 which is cheaper than buying the fillet yourself and cooking it at home. If you ever come here this is the dish to order.   More »

Foodsters' Blog

Let Me Just Get That For You

by Adly, on Mon, July 13, 2009 - 4:14:11 PM, 3 comment
Food Media
This picture was on a dining brochure for an Italian restaurant in Bali called Fabio's. Don't know whether they are still around. I wonder what event could have unfolded for this to have happened? Perhaps the spaghetti was so good that she lapped it all up so fast that one strand flew up, completely missed her dress but landed beside it. Then a helpful waiter walked by, noticed the lone strand of spaghetti akwardly sprawled across her and offered to remove it. Since this is such a delicate operation, he had to lean over, whilst at the same time intently concentrating and staring at the strand in order to remove it. Was he successful? I don't know. There's only this one lone picture. Certainly caught more than one person's attention....

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Senjyu Sushi

by Adly, on Sat, July 11, 2009

"Affordable Japanese with a modern twist"

Senjyu don't just serve the stereotypical Japanese food. Thanks to executive chef Ueda Toshihiro, their trademark dishes are more modern with the use of more 'prime' ingredients such as foie gras and wagyu beef. Throw in these two ingredients, you would certainly get the attention of Malaysian diners. So, here's my take on Senjyu Sushi after being here a few times. Modus operandi - 1. go for the sashimi to check the freshness (Tues & Fridays are fresh as that's when the fresh ones comes in. Not only for them but for nearly all Japanese Restaurants in KL) and 2. Check out the 'weird' items on the menu as that's where they have placed their effort on.

Lets start with the Iso Moriawase. A beautiful dish of five types of sashimi - salmon, tuna, yellowtail, cuttlefish and prawns. A definite pass for the price you pay. The sashimi has a fresh taste and the cut is not paper thin. The spring bite is there, taste is sweet and it's not watery so you know that they bother to serve you the sashimi fresh (chillied) and not thawed from a frozen block. I am not much of a cuttlefish or prawn sashimi guy and my wish list is if they could have an 'all fish' option as well. Just for kicks, I tried the salmon belly which is also fresh. I loved the way Senjyu slices the belly. Lengthwise, haven't seen this anywhere else.

They have several cool & fresh creations. One of my favourites is the Foie Gras & Oyster Mentai Maki. This consists of four pieces of sushi deep fried. Two of them are topped with a slice of fried foie gras and the other two with fried oysters. The best way to enjoy them is to dip in some wasabi laden soy sauce and to take the sushi in whole. Yup, that's the best way to enjoy oysters. If you've ever tried to eat an oyster half, you'll know what I mean.   More »


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