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Tony Roma’s 13-Inch Bountiful Beef Ribs Platter Challenge!

by The News Team, on Fri, June 05, 2009 - 8:26:30 PM, 0 comment
A mouthful isn't it? Well try out the Tony Roma Challenge. For all you beef ribs lovers out there who always wanted something to sink your teeth into, this is your time to shine... or eat till you drop! For a limited time only Tony Roma will heap 10 of their 13-incher (yes size does matter) beef ribs on one plate.

They are big, meaty and succulent. So if you want to take up the challenge you will have to finish all 10 ribs in 10 minutes. There will be four prelim rounds in these Tony Roma branches:

Sunway Pyramid- 6th June @ 3pm
Cineleisure Damansara- 13th June @ 3pm
Pavilion- 20th June @ 3pm
The Gardens- 27th June @ 3pm

2 winners will be selected from each prelim round and will compete at the finals…  Continue reading »

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Soong Kee

by The Foodster, on Fri, June 05, 2009

"The fresher the meat, the bouncier the balls"

Chan has worked since he was thirteen years old. Now he is about sixty. What makes a person work almost half a decade century for the same employer? That's getting extremely rare these days. Curious to meet the owner, I met Siew Wei Hann the owner of Soong Kee. He recalls that the business was first started by his grandfather way way back and then his father took over in 1945. the owner of Yang Kee happens to be his uncle's son.

I remember about ten years ago when I was a college student I used to pass by this little store every time I go to town. Before the current air conditioned restaurant setup, this place used to have a very small store with just a place to cook and about three tables, now they have two storeys of them. This place is famous for its beef ball noodles and also its beef parts (tongue, stomach and etc) with noodles. Wei Hann says that how the beef ball tastes has a lot to do with how fresh the meat is. He admits that he can now tell the freshness of the meat by looking and listening to the sound as he cuts it up. Uh..oh.. amazing stuff! He recalls that just after Kuen Cheng school along Federal Highway there used to be an abattoir and the fresh meat used to be sold in Central Market. Back then, Central Market was a wet market and they did their fresh beef shopping in the morning. The meat was so fresh, it was still moving he exclaimed!.... to my amusement.

Since the abattoir has now moved to Shah Alam, his supply of fresh meat is not as fresh as in those days.... but still pretty good. To make beef balls they would initially remove all the tendons from the meat. The meat gets whacked with a squarish shaped rod about 2 feet to tenderize and mince the meat. The fresher the meat the firmer the beef ball would be.
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Street Chows makes the New York Food Film Festival Screening!

by The News Team, on Tue, June 02, 2009 - 3:14:09 PM, 0 comment
In the third week of June 2009, the FriedChillies.Com Online TV Channel Street Chows about the street foods in Malaysia will join food films such as Beef is Bueno, Come Have an Omellette with Me, In The Kitchen With Marcus Samuelsson and Big Night(starring Stanley Tucci and Isabella Rossellini) as films selected for screening at the 3rd Annual New York County Food Film Festival.

The film festival with associations to the James Beard Foundation will be attended not only by enthuastic New Yorkers but also by food film buffs, foodies', media and a line of sponsors from e Buitoni, Sugar In The Raw, Zagat, Bloomberg, R.U.B. Barbeque, The Astor Center, Pat LaFrieda, Woolwich Dairy, Jarlsberg Cheese,…  Continue reading »

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Om Shakti Chelo

by Honey, on Tue, June 02, 2009

"Go on... treat yourself with a sweet appam"

Some evenings after work has slowed down and pre-dusk peckishness settles in, sweet appams are that perfect nibble you can get between tea and dinner, an aperitif of sorts. Om Shakti run by Auntie Chelo is purely vegetarian and is famous for their sweet appams. Made out of rice flour batter poured quickly onto mini curved pans, the 'sweet' comes from coconut milk poured on the appam while it's still cooking. This results in a milky-rich texture. Since the middle of the appams are porous, the milk just gets soaked in so its nice and moist.

Hence you have to eat sweet appams HOT or else its a little soggy when cold. Best thing about appams is the contrast between the soft, melting center and the crispy edges. A friend of ours who never had it before, licked his fingers happily and exclaimed, "it tastes like sake!" Well without the hangover the next morning. You can also get the coconut milk separate which is a plain appam and you can also opt for brown sugar sprinkled in the middle resulting in a wonderful caramelly taste.   More »

Food Articles

Fancy a Cup of Tea?

by Keeta B., on Thu, May 28, 2009
This tradition seems to bear its beginnings from a woman named Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, who used to get hungry in between breakfast and dinner, and would get her servants to smuggle in biscuits, cake and sandwiches for her to enjoy with a pot of tea. Scared of being ridiculed at first due to her 'unconventional eating habits' (remember, this…   More »

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Nasi Dagang Chendering

by Honey, on Mon, May 25, 2009

"Fragrant and riddled with fish chunks"

Going through my Terengganu pictures the other day, I came across some nasi dagang snapshots. Mmm... lovely white glutinous rice with a splash of light curry usually made with tongkol (a local tuna) and some acar. I always preferred the Terengganu kind rice white instead of speckled brown like the Kelantanese version and not as rich. Plus the curry is sligtly spicier. In Chendering there's this famous nasi dagang run by the infamous 'Mak Ngah'.

This place achieved a bit of notoreity a few years back when someone complained that the old lady charged almost RM50 for her nasi dagang. She countered back saying that the punter wanted the expensive fish head and that he 'tapau' a large amount. Seems that a bit of a reputation is good for business. This nasi dagang place is always full. Come rubbing sleep from your eyes after 11am and there's nothing left.

Although a lot of locals say that the nasi dagang here is 'richer' than the simpler version you get at the market, I find Mak Ngah's very satisfying. Here you get rice on a banana leaf soaked with curry containing plenty of fish chunks and a whole boiled egg. This boiled egg is delicious because the curry has plenty of time to seep deep into it. Best thing about this place is that on the table are containers full of cili padi in vinegar. So this is how I like to eat my nasi dagang. Take a generous spoonful of chillies and mix it in with the rice. Inhale the wonderful fragrance of the rice, curry and vinegar. Then eat with abandon.   More »

Food Articles

Getting a Good Ribbing

by Aida Azizuddin, on Fri, May 22, 2009
Ribs is not something people serve at home mainly because not many people know how to cook it well. The comments I always get is that, it's too tough or there's not enough meat to merit all the work put in. However encountering it on the home table always feels a little more special than the usual steak or roast. Another thing about ribs is that it…   More »


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