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FC + TM partnership = The e-Dining Guide

by The News Team, on Sun, August 16, 2009 - 1:49:44 AM, 0 comment
Last Friday bright and early, the FC Team was in PJ Hilton to celebrate the birth of the e-Dining Guide. This on-line Foodzine is a collaboration with TM Info Media, the people behind Yellow Pages. The e-Dining that was launched with two more TM Info Media products which is e-Halal and e-Holiday, will contain all kinds of articles circling around eating from hawker reviews and recipes to dining deals and a listing of eateries in the Klang Valley.

Yeah, I think we should all hook up for a buka puasa

Our CEO, Adly even donned on a baju Melayu complete with sampin and songkok for the event! Looking all spiffy in a shinny blue number, Adly signed an MOU on behalf of FriedChillies with TM Info Media. As well as FriedChillies, TM…  Continue reading »

Where To Eat

Saba Restaurant

by Adly, on Sat, August 15, 2009
Middle East

"Come for the Kabsa, Hanith and Kebab dishes. Nuthin' else."

Great food & CyberJaya doesn't rhyme. Not even close. If you've ever been to this part of the world, you know what I mean. But I am about to let out a secret. Judging by the amount of people visiting this Arabic restaurant, I don't think it's much of a secret anymore. Head up to Saba Restaurant and join the thankful CyberJaya citizens relieved that they are able to get some good food at great prices. And the food is pretty darn good.

Actually the place looks like a typical mamak shop. Plastic tables, indifferent service, no aircon, busy and waiters of various nationalities serving you. If it's not for the kebab machines in front and sishas grouped on one side you'll never know that this is an Arabic place. But this is where the similarities stop. The food is excellent here and that really sets Saba apart from other 'Middle Eastern-like' restaurants, expensive or otherwise. You will never get this kind of taste in Malaysia except here. Eating the basmathi rice here reminds me of eating along Edgware Street in London with their rows after rows of Arabic shops and cafe selling various kebabs and biriyani.

At Saba, start with a small plate of hummus. That will nicely set the tone for what's to come. If you come after 5pm, highly recommended is the roti arab which is Saba's version of Naan bread. Roti Arab is thicker than naan bread, crispier on the outside, softer on the inside and more flavourful than naan. This will go nicely with their kebabs or items with gravy.   More »

Food Articles

Great Food Moments in Film

by I. P. Freeley, on Thu, August 13, 2009
Special Feature
Food and film go together like peas in a pod; here we take a look at some of the best celluloid food scenes forever immortalised in movie history...

When Harry Met Sally (1989)
Widely regarded, as one of the best romantic comedies of all time, the Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal vehicle will clearly…   More »

Where To Eat

Restoran Satellite

by Ash Luques, on Tue, August 11, 2009

"Tender and flavourful roasted chicken"

Satellite, as it’s fondly known, a corner shop located along Jalan Gasing, has been a haunt of my friends and I for about 3 years now. It used to be a daily evening ritual until the drudgery of time-consuming college life reduced it to a meager weekend practice.

Satellite’s main dish is chicken rice, sidelined by other items such as ‘wantan mee’ and pork ear ‘kicap’. I find the ‘wantan mee’ here the perfect start to Sunday mornings. The pork ear ‘kicap’ may sound a little daunting, but in truth, it’s so good, it’s addictive. The downside though is that the pork ear ‘kicap’ is only served during lunch and even then, one has to rush for it as it finishes in about 2 hours. Yes, it really is that good!

I have sampled all the dishes this restaurant has to offer, and the reason I hold this place dear is familiarity. All the food here is familiar to me, as the taste hasn’t changed one bit throughout the three years that I have ‘lepaked’ here. My favorite dish here is the roasted chicken rice, and you can even order it with a side dish of steamed chicken skin. Another reason that Satellite’s chicken rice is so good is because they use Kampung Chicken here, and the meat is more tender and flavourful.

Think of crispy yet juicy roasted skin combined with soft succulent steamed skin, chased down with a spoonful of steaming hot rice and a dollop of chili sambal sauce! Alright, I think we all know where I’m headed for lunch. I can’t imagine anything else that could satisfy my hunger better than that right now.
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Food Articles

Yummy Meatloaf

by Aida Azizuddin, on Mon, August 10, 2009
Meatloaf is really easy to put together. Some people think that it's made from leftovers like some casseroles but it's hardly the case. When I was growing up I remembered that my mother used to make the most delicious meatloaves from meat, tuna, carrots and beans. It always had a delicious crust from baking it just a little longer in the oven.
…   More »

Where To Eat

Unlimited Lunch @ Gobo Upstairs, Traders Hotel

by Keeta B., on Fri, August 07, 2009

"a three-course menu that will have you swooning with pleasure"

Introducing their exciting new lunch concept “Unlimited Lunch”, it brings all the benefits of a buffet without the fuss of having to queue for food, jostle with the person next to you and make do with pre-cooked (often lukewarm) dishes.

Instead, using the concept of a dim sum lunch but applying it to semi-fine dining cuisine, Gobo Upstairs serves a 3-course menu with various starters, mains and desserts to choose from, right at your table. And the best thing is, you can sample all of it and have as much as you want.

On this lovely Thursday afternoon, my fellow foodsters’ and I are feasting on a delicious array of starters, whole scallops pan seared with orange reduction, creamy deep-fried mushroom risotto balls, crispy vegetable puffs, Caesar’s salad with roasted chicken, and a divine pumpkin and smoked salmon soup, which is making me swoon with pleasure.

Now back to the food. I really should have said “No” to another helping of scallops, but who could resist? Once you tire of starters, just inform the friendly restaurant staff that you are ready for your main course, and dirty plates and bowls are quickly cleared to make way for more epicurean delights.

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Where To Eat

Ye Lin Seafood Garden

by Honey, on Tue, August 04, 2009

"Sunset and seafood for top bliss factor"

After lazing for about two days, a trip was in order for some fresh seafood out of the resort we were staying in. In Pangkor town, I've always remembered eating sweet and sour crabs and fish head broths. "You have to order the dried chilli crayfish here," said our van driver as he deposited us somewhere out of town.

Ye Lin has been around for decades but we've never been here before. Always game to try somewhere new, we settled in at a table laid with a fetching crumpled plastic tablecloth. All of us had skipped lunch, and were ravenous. The crayfish in question is actually pulled out of it's skin, deep fried in flour then cooked with spicy sauces and dried chillies. It is ridiculously good which bodes well for the sotong goreng tepung. Squid here is fresh, dipped in the same batter and fried quickly. It's crunchy and soft- everything you ever wanted from a sotong goreng tepung.

Other stuff we ordered were venison in ginger, yum! Soft and meaty to balance all the fishiness, some great seafood fried rice and steamed fish. We asked them to cook it tauchu style and it came in a thick sauce full of dark bean paste, scallions and chillies. The fish is nice and firm and the sauce has a spicy bite to it. I was a bit slow and by the time I got to the fish, there was only the crunchy gill area left (operculum) and the head. Lucky for me it's my favourite part!   More »


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