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by Alexa P., on Thu, January 22, 2009

"Let the tossing begin!"

*Toss* for a prosperous Lunar New Year….*Toss* for a healthy year….*Toss* for greater wealth…*Toss, Toss, Toss*. The time has come again for us to enjoy Yee Sang delights and toss for greater prosperity! At Zing my delicious lunch started off with a Yee Sang consisting of strips of raw salmon, mixed with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, among other ingredients. As soon as it was placed on our table we eagerly grabbed our chopsticks and tossed it around messily on the platter chanting well wishes for the New Year.

We then were presented with pickled papaya to nibble on as we waited for our meal to make its appearance. The paper thin slices of papaya were crisp with notes of sweet and sour. As I was happily crunching away, beautiful individual appetizer platters made their way over to our table. On each plate there is a soup spoon holding a Sichuan dumpling, soft shell crab fried in a light batter, and lightly stewed mixed vegetables with scallops. The dumpling is spicy and sweet filled with prawn; a definite dim sum treat. The deep fried soft shell crab tempts even the health freaks with its deep golden brown exterior. This platter was a promising start to the meal.

Zing’s signature roast duck graced our table just as the appetizers were being cleared away. It was love at first bite; the meat found under the lovely crisp reddish brown skin was succulent and overflowing with flavour. We were also told to order the Roast Lamb which is one of the chef’s specialty dishes and boy was I glad that I did! We were each presented with a single lamb rib, marinated in cumin and lightly seared then baked. My piece was so tender and fragrant I found myself checking with the waitress that it was indeed lamb. For side dishes we ordered sautéed spinach as well as braised mushrooms with mixed vegetables…although to be perfectly honest with you I can’t remember much of what they tasted like as the vegetables were overshadowed by the scrumptious meats!
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Penang voted a Food Haven by New York Times Readers

by The News Team, on Thu, January 22, 2009 - 1:27:54 AM, 0 comment
Once again, Penang has asserted its position among foodies around the world as one of the top food destinations in the world. On the 11th January 2009, the prestigious New York Times released results from their very own interactive survey themed "The 44 Places to Go in 2009" in which Penang was voted 22nd.

However, readers of New York Times voted Penang as the 2nd best destination, behind Beirut. Under the food category, readers choose the island of Penang together with Beirut, Marrakesh, Mareema(Italy),…  Continue reading »

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The Penang Food Crawl

by Li Ann, on Mon, January 19, 2009
Teensy Tasty Guides
Say “Heading up north” and the first thing that springs to mind is PENANG and FOOD. Yes, the Malaysian pearl of the orient is also the ultimate gastronomic paradise for most Malaysians. Ask any Penangite based beyond the state and they will proudly proclaim and defend their beloved hometown’s offerings to the death. Penang is the perfect weekend…   More »

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The 1st Annual Foodsters’ Awards is open for nominations!

by Adly, on Sun, January 18, 2009 - 4:39:47 PM, 1 comment
Yes! It's high time that our Malaysian food takes the centre stage! So, it's time to do an awards for all those lovely food people that have fed us tirelessly through the years.

We have about 10 categories and we want YOU to nominate 5 of them. We present you The 1st Annual Foodsters' Awards, and the Foodies' Choice categories up for nominations are...

1. Best Nasi Lemak
2. Best Char Kuey Teow
3. Best Banana Leaf Rice
4. Best Street Burger Stall
5. Best Kopitiam

Please send nominations for your favourite seller or eatery of the above. If you want to explain why you chose them to convince us further, that  Continue reading »

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FC I LOVE CNY: Yummy Yin Yang Photo Contest

by The Foodster, on Sat, January 17, 2009 - 1:47:15 AM, 0 comment
Online Contest
Send in photos of your favourite  Continue reading »

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Wakchai Kafe Restoran

by Honey, on Fri, January 16, 2009

"Mee Bandung here is red but if you're not a puritan, it's good"

A cute Johorean I know often sighs and muses about her hometown food. Oooh... nasi ayam goreng, oooh ais kacang with coklat. Mmm... soto, oooh mee rebus... so hungry... Sometimes I fear she might have a Harry met Sally moment, (for those of you who don’t know what this is, you’re too young Rugrats!) Johoreans you see are just as obsessed about their food as Penangites and having studied in JB for five years of my life, I am inclined to agree that they have tasty, tasty things near South of the Border.

So one day we went to Wakchai where she said if you have a sudden craving for Johor grub, “bolehlah… their stuff is pretty good.” Here is where you can get true blue Johor lontong and soto for breakfast except err… breakfast is more like brunch here because they take their own sweet time. If you come here about 10am nothing much is ready yet. You are welcome to have a drink while smelling enticing gravies wafting from the kitchen though.

So lunch is your deal here. The soto here is rather good. It’s a little on the sour side but they serve it with a nice bergedil in the middle and tongue zinging sambal kicap. Have it with meehoon if a diet is hanging over your head. However, you should really have soto Johor with nasi empit… baru kaww! The mee Siam here is great too. It’s pretty much a glorified fried meehoon but they pack a lot of taste in that mound of noodles. Johoreans fry their noodles almost Nyonya-style with fat beans of taucu in the noodles. It comes with half a boiled egg, a squeeze of lime and a bowl of taucu gravy. You are supposed to pour it all over the noodles because Johoreans like their Mee Siam wet.

It’s the spicy and sour taste of Johorean food I think, combined in this umami manner that really gets your appetite bright eyed and bushy tailed. We also tried the mee bandung that day. It’s definitely a little too red. The one that I ate in Muar is a little more yellow with a unique afterbite. So those who hail from Muar don’t eat it here, you will go up in arms. Muar people are very VERY protective of their mee bandung and to date I haven’t found any mee bandung in KL that matches the one I had in Muar.   More »

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Hanabi on Sunday

by Adly, on Wed, January 14, 2009 - 10:43:01 PM, 0 comment
Close But No Cigar
Hanabi (opposite Maredo's at Jalan P Ramlee) is supposed to serve great Japanese cuisine. Not last Sunday. The Sashimi was not fresh. The 'bite' was not there. The sashimi's were limp. The roe did not explode in my mouth. They should have received their fresh stock but perhaps they passed us the old one, I don't know but it sure taste like they did. The Nigiri Sushi had cooked prawns which I am not impressed with. Sad. Heard great things about them but instead I am writing about them here. The only saving grace was that the California roll was fantastic. Had shrimp roe that explodes when you bite into it.  Continue reading »


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