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Wakchai Kafe Restoran

by Honey, on Fri, January 16, 2009

"Mee Bandung here is red but if you're not a puritan, it's good"

A cute Johorean I know often sighs and muses about her hometown food. Oooh... nasi ayam goreng, oooh ais kacang with coklat. Mmm... soto, oooh mee rebus... so hungry... Sometimes I fear she might have a Harry met Sally moment, (for those of you who don’t know what this is, you’re too young Rugrats!) Johoreans you see are just as obsessed about their food as Penangites and having studied in JB for five years of my life, I am inclined to agree that they have tasty, tasty things near South of the Border.

So one day we went to Wakchai where she said if you have a sudden craving for Johor grub, “bolehlah… their stuff is pretty good.” Here is where you can get true blue Johor lontong and soto for breakfast except err… breakfast is more like brunch here because they take their own sweet time. If you come here about 10am nothing much is ready yet. You are welcome to have a drink while smelling enticing gravies wafting from the kitchen though.

So lunch is your deal here. The soto here is rather good. It’s a little on the sour side but they serve it with a nice bergedil in the middle and tongue zinging sambal kicap. Have it with meehoon if a diet is hanging over your head. However, you should really have soto Johor with nasi empit… baru kaww! The mee Siam here is great too. It’s pretty much a glorified fried meehoon but they pack a lot of taste in that mound of noodles. Johoreans fry their noodles almost Nyonya-style with fat beans of taucu in the noodles. It comes with half a boiled egg, a squeeze of lime and a bowl of taucu gravy. You are supposed to pour it all over the noodles because Johoreans like their Mee Siam wet.

It’s the spicy and sour taste of Johorean food I think, combined in this umami manner that really gets your appetite bright eyed and bushy tailed. We also tried the mee bandung that day. It’s definitely a little too red. The one that I ate in Muar is a little more yellow with a unique afterbite. So those who hail from Muar don’t eat it here, you will go up in arms. Muar people are very VERY protective of their mee bandung and to date I haven’t found any mee bandung in KL that matches the one I had in Muar.   More »

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Hanabi on Sunday

by Adly, on Wed, January 14, 2009 - 10:43:01 PM, 0 comment
Close But No Cigar
Hanabi (opposite Maredo's at Jalan P Ramlee) is supposed to serve great Japanese cuisine. Not last Sunday. The Sashimi was not fresh. The 'bite' was not there. The sashimi's were limp. The roe did not explode in my mouth. They should have received their fresh stock but perhaps they passed us the old one, I don't know but it sure taste like they did. The Nigiri Sushi had cooked prawns which I am not impressed with. Sad. Heard great things about them but instead I am writing about them here. The only saving grace was that the California roll was fantastic. Had shrimp roe that explodes when you bite into it.  Continue reading »

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Cairo Delish

by Honey Ahmad, on Tue, January 13, 2009 - 10:15:22 PM, 0 comment
Global Foodster
Egyptian food is rather short-changed. In general most people don't really know what Egyptian food entails and it gets lumped under 'Arab food'. And that means you will think of kebabs and pita bread, usually meat heavy with a predominance of eggplant and chickpeas. True, when explaining Egyptian food there is a whiff of Turkish (the kofte and falafel) and Lebanese (dips and grilled delights like shish tawook), but I find there's a a certain charm to Egyptian cuisine, a rusticity. It's simple and unpretentious food.

Here's my Favourite 5 picks of places and yummy things to eat in Cairo.

Andrea @ 59 Teraat el-Maryotteya St-
Gosh Egyptians can cook chicken and those of the bird family incredibly well. Not once did I eat bad or bland chicken in Egypt. Fowls here have 'taste' and seems free range to me. They roast it and stuff it or boil it for stocks for their soups. However they star shines the brightest when making simple grilled chicken on a spit. Andrea serves it up so delicious, you'd be hard pressed to stop at one.

Chicken... grilling on a spit.

The moment you enter the restaurant you will encounter rows of spits, fat sizzling on coals as the chooks turn, marinated with Arabian spices. A bunch of women sit, making bread with a fabulous texture. They call you and ask you to try one fresh…  Continue reading »

Gastro News

i eat music rocked Coffee Bean Sri Hartamas!

by The News Team, on Mon, January 12, 2009 - 9:22:10 PM, 0 comment
For those of you who did not make it to our event on Saturday the 10th, let us just tell you- it was awesome! We'd like to thank our sponsors from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, EpiCentre (Apple Premium Reseller), Yola Chocolates, New Man Magazine and 12 RECORDS supporting the event. Coffee Bean was kind enough to provide the venue and we had merchandise and prizes from EpiCentre, Pavillion, Yola Chocolates and New Man Magazine. Sound equipment was by 12 RECORDS and their system rocked Coffee Bean for the entire night!

Look how chilled the place is. We had great audience participation. Everyone was clapping and laughing at the jokes.

People started puttering…  Continue reading »

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Rasta TTDI now have breakfast on the weekends

by The News Team, on Mon, January 12, 2009 - 7:25:18 PM, 0 comment
Popular eating spot, Rasta that now lies near the Taman Tun Pencala Link exit has started serving breakfast on weekend mornings. At the moment there's just one stall open which is Nasi Lemak Ibu that serves nasi lemak with killer daging dendeng and some pretty good lontong.

Nothing like spicy daging dendeng in the morning

We've often wondered why there's no breakfast here because it seems like the perfct spot to read your weekend funnies, chill out and enjoy the sweet morning breezes that wafts into the food area. And now they've started! Huzzah! Nasi Lemak Ibu starts serving from 7am to about 1030am on Saturdays and Sundays. We definitely hope to see a few more stalls opening up in the morning. In the meantime you can enjoy…  Continue reading »

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Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant

by The Foodster, on Mon, January 12, 2009

"Have a 'gulab split', kulfi, gulab jamun and everything nice"

The thing about Indian sweets and desserts is that it's incredibly sweet. It competes head to head with Arabic sweets for 'Death by Sweetness'. Sweet, sweet, sweet and then a milky, spicy note that makes it slightly confounding for those who don't particularly appreciate things like cardamom in their desserts.

I am one of those people who love her curries and ghee laden breads but shy away from the psychedelic rows of temple hued desserts in Indian eateries. And then I met the kesari at Sangeetha. I've tried this before I found it a little weird, like it can't decide whether to be a pudding or a savoury snack. However... the kesari here is something else. It's wonderfully subtle with a perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness. It looks like a clump of delicate fish roe with a texture of rice pudding but the moment you put that first spoonful in your mouth, the complex flavours will take you aback like a sudden beautiful face in a sea of people. Incidentally kesari is basically a semolina dessert cooked in ghee and coconut milk.   More »

Gastro News

i eat music + VIMA Special is TODAY!

by The News Team, on Sat, January 10, 2009 - 4:56:15 PM, 0 comment
The gig is ON fellas! Come to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Sri Hartamas (near the Fire Station) today for some coffee and music served unplugged! It's starts from 5pm onwards! Stand a chance to win an IPOD NANO (Yup, the latest one... very coooooollll!!!) and other interesting prizes.We'd like to thank our sponsors Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, EpiCentre (Apple), Yola Chocolates & Twelve Records for sponsoring this event. Not to mention a special thanks to VIMA & Voize!

 Continue reading »


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