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Yummy Meatloaf

by Aida Azizuddin, on Mon, August 10, 2009
Meatloaf is really easy to put together. Some people think that it's made from leftovers like some casseroles but it's hardly the case. When I was growing up I remembered that my mother used to make the most delicious meatloaves from meat, tuna, carrots and beans. It always had a delicious crust from baking it just a little longer in the oven.
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Where To Eat

Unlimited Lunch @ Gobo Upstairs, Traders Hotel

by Keeta B., on Fri, August 07, 2009

"a three-course menu that will have you swooning with pleasure"

Introducing their exciting new lunch concept “Unlimited Lunch”, it brings all the benefits of a buffet without the fuss of having to queue for food, jostle with the person next to you and make do with pre-cooked (often lukewarm) dishes.

Instead, using the concept of a dim sum lunch but applying it to semi-fine dining cuisine, Gobo Upstairs serves a 3-course menu with various starters, mains and desserts to choose from, right at your table. And the best thing is, you can sample all of it and have as much as you want.

On this lovely Thursday afternoon, my fellow foodsters’ and I are feasting on a delicious array of starters, whole scallops pan seared with orange reduction, creamy deep-fried mushroom risotto balls, crispy vegetable puffs, Caesar’s salad with roasted chicken, and a divine pumpkin and smoked salmon soup, which is making me swoon with pleasure.

Now back to the food. I really should have said “No” to another helping of scallops, but who could resist? Once you tire of starters, just inform the friendly restaurant staff that you are ready for your main course, and dirty plates and bowls are quickly cleared to make way for more epicurean delights.

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Ye Lin Seafood Garden

by Honey, on Tue, August 04, 2009

"Sunset and seafood for top bliss factor"

After lazing for about two days, a trip was in order for some fresh seafood out of the resort we were staying in. In Pangkor town, I've always remembered eating sweet and sour crabs and fish head broths. "You have to order the dried chilli crayfish here," said our van driver as he deposited us somewhere out of town.

Ye Lin has been around for decades but we've never been here before. Always game to try somewhere new, we settled in at a table laid with a fetching crumpled plastic tablecloth. All of us had skipped lunch, and were ravenous. The crayfish in question is actually pulled out of it's skin, deep fried in flour then cooked with spicy sauces and dried chillies. It is ridiculously good which bodes well for the sotong goreng tepung. Squid here is fresh, dipped in the same batter and fried quickly. It's crunchy and soft- everything you ever wanted from a sotong goreng tepung.

Other stuff we ordered were venison in ginger, yum! Soft and meaty to balance all the fishiness, some great seafood fried rice and steamed fish. We asked them to cook it tauchu style and it came in a thick sauce full of dark bean paste, scallions and chillies. The fish is nice and firm and the sauce has a spicy bite to it. I was a bit slow and by the time I got to the fish, there was only the crunchy gill area left (operculum) and the head. Lucky for me it's my favourite part!   More »

Foodsters' Blog

Death of a Carnivore

by Honey, on Mon, August 03, 2009 - 4:00:55 PM, 4 comment
Makan Musings
A friend of mine recently turned vegetarian. He is a practicing Buddhist and sincere in his devoutness- it was a matter of time. However when he told me this, I was surprised at how sad I was.

Why was I upset by this? Well this guy is a true foodie. He  Continue reading »

Where To Eat

Crystal Jade Meal3

by Keeta B., on Sat, August 01, 2009

"Hong Kong cuisine with some Asian thrown in"

Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts Holding owns the café, and these are the same good people who brought us the Crystal Jade and C-Jade Express restaurant chains. Known for their great menu selections and consistency of quality, Crystal Jade Meal3 introduces a more laid-back café atmosphere, and is one of their 1st few ‘pork-free’ outlets.

As we sat chatting with Stella To, who has been with the company for the last 9 years, it is obvious that the people behind the successful chain of restaurants are passionate about their work and their food. With over 81 restaurants in countries such as Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, and with a new outlet launched in a busy district of Seoul, Korea just last week, it is clear that even in the face of the economic crunch these people are not slowing down.

This outlet in Pavilion has been opened for a year and a half, so it’s not really new, but recently the menu has been revamped somewhat, to provide a taste of Hong Kong Café cuisine coupled with some local and Asian favorites that suit the local palate.

The Golden Pumpkin and Potato Salad came nicely presented in the shape of a bowl, artfully garnished and drizzled with mayonnaise. Not being a fan of pureed pumpkin myself, I was surprised to find that it was very tasty, just like a good ol’ fashioned potato salad, but with a less heavy feel, making it a great starter to share.
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Fish and Noodle House

by Honey, on Tue, July 28, 2009

"Start with the tasty fried salmon"

This place came highly recommended from my cousin. So finally during a spare lunchtime I drove down to try it out. "Your cousin sometimes come on his own and sit slurping noodles quietly over there," beams Mr. Low, the owner. Mr. Low is my kind of restaurateur. He's chatty, clearly loves his food and nudges us to try his noodles without being too pushy. The shop that has been opened for 10 months is nicely full and everyone that comes here seems to be seriously eating, faces deep in bowls full of the signature milky fish head noodle broth and crunching down crispy heads.

While waiting for my party to arrive, I tried some of the fried salmon fillets. The fillets come marinated with spices and fried just until the sides turn opaque. This means that the insides are just barely cooked... lovely. I am rubbing my hands now waiting for the noodles. You can order fried or poached fish head or fillets. Mr. Low has a theory that people below 35 don't really eat fish bones, preferring fillets. "Us, older folks like the bones but younger people nowadays don't even like to look at a whole fish." Really? It is a well-known fact, that the bonier the fish, the sweeter the flesh. Think ikan parang or ikan terubuk, top of my hallowed list of fish to eat before you die. Order an extra fried head on a plate because it's really crunchy and superb hot from the wok. The ones in the noodle broth is great too and definitely adds to the flavour but it does get a little soggy.

Don't worry though because you get a nice side of fried fish skins to sprinkle on top of your noodles. The fish skins are addictive. I can imagine eating a whole bowl of it like popcorn while watching the latest blockbuster. The soup is very good, nice and subtle. Some fish head noodle places make it a tad too rich for me hence it gets a little too cloying after a few sips.   More »

Gastro News

Splashing Sundays @ Skybar, Traders

by The News Team, on Sun, July 26, 2009 - 6:31:09 AM, 0 comment
Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur is offering a special brunch promotion every Sunday at the super trendy Skybar.

Come here on Sunday and you can enjoy a selection of food and free-flow draft beer and cocktails. Best of all the brunch also includes swimming facilities and a complimentary 5-minute shoulder massage. So you can have some grub, splash in the pool, have a drink, go for another dip, have a shoulder massage and more food... There'll also be cool tunes spun by the resident DJ as you chill and while the Sunday away.

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