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Simply Caroline: An original show by FriedChillies

by Edwan S., on Tue, March 04, 2014
Special Feature
Cooking is all about the right chemistry. The moment we trained the cameras on Caroline, she just sizzled. British-born but very Malaysian in tastebuds, this half-Sarawakian lass is the host of Simply Caroline our gorgeous new cooking show that takes you to iconic food places…   More »

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Nasi Lemak @ V3 Corner, Lorong Tiong Nam 1

by Foodster X, on Mon, March 03, 2014 - 7:31:28 AM, 0 comment
Quickie Recipe
Hey ho, it's Nasi Lemak Mondays! This week, hidden in a housing area in an 'older' part of KL, is V3 Corner and their scrumptious nasi lemak...

In an old taman perumahan, at the corner of Lorong Tiong Nam 1 and Jalan Tiong Nam, at the backroads of Jalan Raja Laut, lies a stall. The stall, Gerai V3 Corner (which I think is a hilarious, and very incongrous name!) is run by a family of four. Now, the nasi lemak here is always hot and fresh every morning. The rice is crumbly and tender, with salty ikan bilis and peanuts adding wonderful crunch, and the fresh cucumber slices give a burst of coolness.

This is important, as the sambal is hot, wielding a deep, savory chili heat and flavor. Now remember the fried egg, and why I said you should always take up the offer of a ‘telur mata’ on top? It is because the eggs will be fried in-situ, and plopped onto your nasi lemak piping hot. The whites will be crunchy and crisped up just enough, while the yolk will still be liquid and runny. Break into the yolk and let the golden goodness ooze onto your sambal-fied nasi lemak.  Continue reading »

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Super Easy Nutella Cookies

by Chacha, on Fri, February 28, 2014 - 5:35:19 PM, 0 comment
Quickie Recipe
So there was this really, really busy day at the office in which I decided that I just had to bake cookies because nobody else decided to cook that day. I was also slightly angry (okay maybe very angry) at the notion that my resident chef promised to bake me doughnuts but decided not to that very day [sorry! - Chef Eddie]. Using this anger as fuel for inspiration (and the fact that I ate some pretty darn good walnut cookies over the weekend), I made a historic attempt to bake my very own cookies.

After a quick lookup in the internet, I realized that I wanted a delicious tasting cookie that had only a few ingredients in it. And lo and behold the 4 ingredient ultra delicious Nutella cookies…

Recipe for this utterly delicious cookies on Pg. 2

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Where To Eat

Sunday Buffet @ The Ganga Cafe & Deli

by Edwan S., on Thu, February 27, 2014


I always like some form of animal protein in my meals: beef, chicken, shrimp, whatever. So I admit, going to a vegetarian restaurant wasn't really on my bucket list of must-do things in Kuala Lumpur. Me and vegetarian food? Please lah!

... But oh how wrong I was.

Tucked away in Lorong Kurau in the heart of Bangsar is The Ganga Cafe and Deli. The cafe has been around for a few years. In November 2013, the husband and wife team of Mr. Prabodh and Mrs. Meeta took over the operation.

"Previously, the menu was so extensive and so many things was on it," said Mr. Prabodh. "So when my wife and I took over, we decided to simplify a bit lah. The current menu is smaller, but we think it's better focused." Mrs. Meeta is the chief cook and most recipes are her own. She is assisted by two North Indian and two South Indian cooks. All of them are friendly and English speaking, and often double up to serve customers as well.

  More »

What to Cook

Easy Chicken Curry

by Edwan S., on Tue, February 25, 2014

Chicken curry is an absolute staple for a Malaysian’s dinner table. So we whip up something super simple for you. This stonking curry is tasty, thick and a littler healthier too without santan. Give it a shot!

 More »

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Nasi Lemak near Masjid Bukit Indah

by Honey, on Mon, February 24, 2014 - 7:30:46 AM, 0 comment
Quickie Review
This week's Nasi Lemak Mondays brings us to Bukit Indah in Ampang where every morning you are spoilt for choice. There's a nasi lemak on every corner and then some. This is one of our favourites.

This unnamed stall is run (like most makeshift nasi lemak vendors) by a husband and wife team. Sambal here is plenty spicy with a good after bite. At first it seems to overwhelm the rice but after a few mouthfuls you realise that the rice has a subtle 'lemak-ness' that wins you over as you carry on eating. What's good here is the ayam masak merah and the sambal paru ain't bad either. However, being a kerang fan this particular morning this is my deal. It's fresh and spicy- a noteworthy kerang dish.

A nasi lemak kerang sets you back RM4. Ayam merah with fried egg is about RM5.50. They also sell kuihs like curry puffs and burger Malaysia. All in all, a worthy neighbourhood nasi lemak.

Stall opposite Bukit Indah mosque near Bukit Indah Supermarket. Intersection of Jalan Medan Bukit Indah 1 and Jalan Medan Bukit Indah 3, Ampang  Continue reading »

Where To Eat

Kedai Kopi, Shah Alam

by Acacia Daud, on Fri, February 21, 2014
Mixed Cuisine

"Chilling out couldn’t get any better than this..."

Kedai Kopi is already something of an institution for the folks in Shah Alam, and with good reason, too. We sat down for a bite with owner En Zamzam Abd Latiff and talked of customers, culture and kopi.

“When I was younger, my mother used to ask me to call for my dad to come home from the local kedai kopi. Coffee shops have gotten slightly more complex since then – all concepts and names and branding. I wanted something simple and reliable, a place where people can remember, come and relax - no fuss.”

It seems like a casual sentiment to espouse, but keeping in mind that En Zam is a passionate old timer chef (one of the first batch of chefs to heat up the kitchens of PWTC, Subang View and MIC) it’s understandable that he wants to keep his personal touch on things. The best part of the food is that they are all cooked from scratch in the kitchen, with no MSG, and the dishes are priced reasonably.   More »


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