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Build Your Own Gingerbread House

by Farah, on Tue, December 18, 2012
Kitchen Capers
Constructing a gingerbread house from scratch can be a daunting task. Especially when you have to bake and cut out the cookie shapes individually. At FC, we love to simplify things so we decided to build the house using mostly cake. This not only lessen your baking time but it also resulted in a sturdier structure. Now you can rest easy whenever a chubby…   More »

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Laksa Jitra Mai

by Adly, on Fri, December 14, 2012

"Broth so thick, you can stand a spoon in it... almost"

In KL, a good laksa utara is hard to find. Although this laksa is freely available in pasar malam's, most of them fails in two main parts. One, the laksa broth is too runny and does not have enough fish taste. Two, the laksa comes from a packet and is too hard. And yes, you want your laksa to be al dente. It's not just for spaghetti. But, we found Laksa Jitra Mai that can simply be said as one of the best in KL, on a mobile motorcycle, underneath a big tree in Kota Damansara.

Jitra Mai simply serves it the original way. Laksa noodle, sliced cucumbers, sliced raw onions, cut spring onions, daun kesum, half cut lime and the hallmark of laksa kedah, a half cut boiled egg. That's it.

The laksa broth is simply magical. Thick and chockful of fish. They say that they use sardines but I suspect that they throw in other types of fish as well to give the broth a much richer taste. Laksa Kedah normally uses ikan termenung (a variant of lkan kembung) and I can taste a hint of this in the broth.

The broth is left to simmer in the laksa cauldron from noon to about six pm so if you come just before closing time, you will have a much thicker yummy fishy broth because the broth has gone through a slow reduction process.

The laksa noodle here is al-dente most times. It has slightly irregular shapes as opposed to the perfectly tubular machined shaped noodle. This may mean that their laksa noodle is handmade although they claim otherwise. It's just too irregular to be machine made.

At RM3.50, this is happiness in a bowl. Rice noodle served with a thick fishy broth, with boiled eggs and condiments on the side. However, the whole thing comes in a styrofoam bowl with tinny plasticky spoons which is actually quite disappointing. Stuff this good should at least merit the typical plastic bowl.   More »

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Christmas Dinner List 2012

by Farah, on Mon, December 10, 2012 - 11:14:36 PM, 0 comment
With Christmas approaching closer, look through our list of restaurants offering Christmas themed meals and reserve a spot for you and your family. Make sure to book early to avoid disappointments.

Monte  Continue reading »

What to Cook

Apple and Cranberry Pie

by Aida Azizuddin, on Thu, December 06, 2012

A change up from your usual apple and cinnamon combo, dollops of cranberry compote gives a bright tartness that will liven up your dessert table.

 More »

What to Cook

Cranberry Compote

by Aida Azizuddin, on Thu, December 06, 2012

Fresh cranberries are available everywhere at the moment. Make your own compote to spread on bread or to eat with Christmas roast meats.

 More »

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Fun Jelly Ideas for Your Kids

by Farah, on Wed, December 05, 2012
Kitchen Capers
Kids love jelly. They're yummy, wobbly, colourful and a cinch to whip up. Have fun with your lil' ones this school holidays and make tasty jelly delights together. These easy-to-do recipes are a fun project for you and your child to do in the kitchen.

Start by making orange jelly slices. You can even add in orange juice for more flavour.…   More »

Where To Eat

Roast Kitchen

by Farah, on Mon, December 03, 2012

"Chef marinates duck 7 times to maintain quality!"

As soon as my plate of duck rice came, I spooned up a piece of roasted duck with a bit of chilli-garlic infused rice and took a bite. The duck was moist and tender with a layer of succulent skin - a mixture of savoury, salty and sweet tastes. They use quite lean ducks here that there's almost no fat under the skin. To spice things up, I mixed in some of Roast Kitchen's signature sambal chilli sauce. Made from a combo of dried shrimp, cili padi and dried chillies, the sambal gives plenty of heat to the dish. Be warned, the sambal is SPICY so if your tolerance to heat is low, use it sparingly. The sambal is so popular that they now sell it in jars for you to take home.

A lot of effort goes into the marination process. If he's not satisfied with the colour of the duck, the chef would actually adjust the ingredients ( adding more vinegar, less soy sauce..etc ) until he is happy with the result. Sometimes he even has to marinate the duck 7 times! That is how they maintain the quality of their dishes at Roast Kitchen, Even the cutting technique is very precise so the pieces of duck stays intact and doesn't fall apart when they're placed on your plate.

At Roast Kitchen, Muslim patrons get a chance to enjoy a selection of Chinese-styled dishes without any qualms because everything they serve here is halal. Incredibly, the chef has modified the recipe so well that you can hardly tell the difference, his halal version tastes as good as the real thing.

Next were the crispy duck noodles. They use Ipoh duck egg wantan noodles. Duck egg is less runny compared to chicken eggs so these noodles have more bite and a stickier texture. This allows the gravy to cling better to the noodles. The gravy is a mixture of oyster sauce, soy sauce, rock sugar, shallots and garlic oil. The chef dunks the noodles in hot water for a few seconds then he immerses it in cold water to stop the cooking process. This gives the noodles a wonderful 'al-dente' quality.
  More »


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Wow looks like a great event. Keep it up guys. I've cast my vote already !
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kuantan best!!!
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its amazing how such foods can fascinate others when in some countries, these kind of foods are part of a daily routine...
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It's definitely pork free. Don't think they applied for halal certification though since they offer beer and sake.
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Nothing beats fresh Udon... so far I've never had anything that compared with those in Japan. Closest was in my recent trip to Jakarta. Well hopefully I'll find myself happy at this place... that is if its Halal, you think?
By TehBeng on 2010 Sep 28
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Discipline? Is that an excuse? You can still have discipline and come. So, come la! Love to have you around!
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