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Nasi Lemak near Masjid Bukit Indah

by Honey, on Mon, February 24, 2014 - 7:30:46 AM, 0 comment
Quickie Review
This week's Nasi Lemak Mondays brings us to Bukit Indah in Ampang where every morning you are spoilt for choice. There's a nasi lemak on every corner and then some. This is one of our favourites.

This unnamed stall is run (like most makeshift nasi lemak vendors) by a husband and wife team. Sambal here is plenty spicy with a good after bite. At first it seems to overwhelm the rice but after a few mouthfuls you realise that the rice has a subtle 'lemak-ness' that wins you over as you carry on eating. What's good here is the ayam masak merah and the sambal paru ain't bad either. However, being a kerang fan this particular morning this is my deal. It's fresh and spicy- a noteworthy kerang dish.

A nasi lemak kerang sets you back RM4. Ayam merah with fried egg is about RM5.50. They also sell kuihs like curry puffs and burger Malaysia. All in all, a worthy neighbourhood nasi lemak.

Stall opposite Bukit Indah mosque near Bukit Indah Supermarket. Intersection of Jalan Medan Bukit Indah 1 and Jalan Medan Bukit Indah 3, Ampang  Continue reading »

Where To Eat

Kedai Kopi, Shah Alam

by Acacia Daud, on Fri, February 21, 2014
Mixed Cuisine

"Chilling out couldn’t get any better than this..."

Kedai Kopi is already something of an institution for the folks in Shah Alam, and with good reason, too. We sat down for a bite with owner En Zamzam Abd Latiff and talked of customers, culture and kopi.

“When I was younger, my mother used to ask me to call for my dad to come home from the local kedai kopi. Coffee shops have gotten slightly more complex since then – all concepts and names and branding. I wanted something simple and reliable, a place where people can remember, come and relax - no fuss.”

It seems like a casual sentiment to espouse, but keeping in mind that En Zam is a passionate old timer chef (one of the first batch of chefs to heat up the kitchens of PWTC, Subang View and MIC) it’s understandable that he wants to keep his personal touch on things. The best part of the food is that they are all cooked from scratch in the kitchen, with no MSG, and the dishes are priced reasonably.   More »

What to Cook

Sambal Goreng ‘Nuclear’ with Tenggiri

by Edwan S., on Wed, February 19, 2014

Why nuclear? Because this sambal goreng is a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kinda HOT. Seriously, this sambal is so hot, it’ll make your tongue burn… with pleasure! Couple this with freshly steamed, hot white rice and you’ve got a meal that is equal strengths delicious and scary (in a good way!).

 More »

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International Buffet @ Maya Brasserie, Hotel Maya

by Aden, on Mon, February 17, 2014 - 2:07:20 PM, 0 comment
Quickie Review
I don't know about you but I love hotel buffets. There's always a lot of good food, and the lunch buffet at Hotel Maya is no exception. It's a smaller buffet than what you'd usually see in high-end hotels.

Zen-like ambience

Small doesn't mean lacking, though. The buffet menu is extensive enough to offer a wide selection, but it is not too overwhelming. I particularly like the atmosphere of the restaurant: it's modern without being too kitschy.

It's a lovely restaurant

Start your makan-makan with handmade sushi. There's fresh sashimi as well for you raw food lovers.

Yummy, fresh sushi

You can also slurp down oysters and scallops on the half shell, as much as your tummy can hold. The oysters, in particular, were fresh and briny. They went great with a touch of lemon and Tabasco sauce.

Oysters on the half shell, mmm...~

If you're a fan of meats and seafood hot off the grill-pan, there's a 'live kitchen' where chefs cook your chosen meats and seafood to your liking. Have your grilled…  Continue reading »

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Gerai 13 @ Medan Selera Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz

by Foodster X, on Mon, February 17, 2014 - 1:37:52 PM, 0 comment
Quickie Review
Nasi Lemak Monday time! This week we go to what can be called a 'heartland' of sorts for good Malay good, Kampung Bharu...

The nasi lemak at Gerai 13 is a combo punch: you have to have it in harmony with all the ingredients. The rich, coconutty nasi goes brilliant with their crimson sambal. Up the ante with chunks of beef rendang and pieces of squid that gets cut up into bite sized slices when you order a plate of nasi lemak here. Order the rendang and sotong together for a little nasi lemak surf 'n' turf. It'll only run you about RM4 for a plate,

Nasi lemak surf 'n' turf.

Do come early though, as even at 730hrs the queue can get quite long.

Check out more good nasi lemak places here!
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WIN! FriedChillies Valentine Competition

by Aden, on Thu, February 13, 2014 - 5:01:46 PM, 0 comment
Hey folks, how does hi-tea for two at a luxury hotel sound like? Good, huh? So come along as we're giving away exclusive vouchers for Hi-Tea for two at Hotel Maya and The Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur.

Get those selfies coming now!

On Instagram, follow us, @friedchillies. Regram the photo below, and tag us @friedchillies and hashtag #valentine. Email the link to your entry along with your name, phone number and email address to us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Lucky regrams get tea for two courtesy of the The Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur.

On Facebook, like us first…  Continue reading »

Food Articles

The Romantic Picnic

by Honey Ahmad, on Wed, February 12, 2014
Special Feature
Here’s a thought. You and me. A tiffin full of delicious food. Somewhere green and secluded with the gurgle of nature. Klang Valley has tons of little nature pockets you can spend a Valentine weekend lazing under a sky (blistering or moody, it will always be warm) and sucking sauce off each other’s fingers. Feb 14th is a bit of a loaded gun. After…   More »


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Charlie, nasi lemak craving is a daily battle for me grin
By Farah Draim on 2012 Sep 03
From the entry 'R.A Nasi Lemak'.
Darn it, Farah! Craving now -_-
By The on 2012 Aug 31
From the entry 'R.A Nasi Lemak'.
Hmm... I don't know where they are then. But some friends of mine are going to Penang in September. Will get them to check it out
By Adly on 2012 Aug 28
From the entry 'Mee Sultan'.
Hi Adly, there is one lot in New World where they claim themselves as Mee Sultan, but surely not the ori - the taste is not the same and the people obviously not the same. The last spot i have encountered them the real Mee Sultan was in jln bawasah in one of the shop lot on the ground floor. they said they did move to new world but cant afford the rental and other cost. After that last visit in jln bawasah, I found that they were no longer there. Any foodies out there have a clue where they are now?
By Nizar Arshad on 2012 Aug 26
From the entry 'Mee Sultan'.
Hi Kaw Kay, Yup, that's why we wrote the Con's section that way. Looks like they have not improved in that section.
By Adly on 2012 Aug 25
From the entry 'Saba Restaurant'.
Yup, the burgers are Ramly, but the beef oblong's are not Ramly's as they don't make them. I can't remember what brand they are but I'll check next time I'm there. The lamb oblongs are darabif.
By Adly on 2012 Aug 25
From the entry 'Adi Burger/The Burger Shop'.
Last location of mee sultan is at the New World food park at Jalan Swatow. I think that they are still there
By Adly on 2012 Aug 25
From the entry 'Mee Sultan'.
Where is Mee Sultan now?
By Nizar Arshad on 2012 Aug 25
From the entry 'Mee Sultan'.
is normal ramlee burger and is not home made is the same burger on the street
By moose burger on 2012 Aug 23
From the entry 'Adi Burger/The Burger Shop'.
I didn't know they do reservation. But one thing for sure, the place is always crowded specially during Ramadan. The queue is like a mile long. LoL.
By Kazama Jin on 2012 Aug 18
From the entry 'Saba Restaurant'.