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Get easy recipe ideas on Nigella’s Christmas Bites

by Edwan S., on Mon, December 21, 2015
Special Feature
Christmas is around the corner! It's a time of merriment, joy and of course, stunning good food. We also understand that cooking a Christmas dinner can be.... quite a challenge. So to keep you in good spirits and take the stress out of Christmas cooking, our Nigella Lawson can help, only on the FriedChillies Food Network, HyppTV VOD. Here's a special…   More »

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5 Yummy Christmas Eats For 2015

by Captain Cracker, on Wed, December 16, 2015 - 11:35:33 AM, 0 comment
It's almost Christmas, so it's time for lovely company and awesome food too. Here's some of our favourite Christmas treats and ideas you can cook.. and one for you to go makan at!

Have A Budget Xmas Dinner

For below RM50 you can make this amazing Christmas turkey dinner at home. We used an air-fryer but you can make this successfully with equally delicious results in a regular oven. Try it!

A Classic Roast Chicken with a Kick!

A classic roast chicken would sit handsomely and invitingly on a Christmas dinner table. We have plenty of recipes but this one is especially delicious and easy to make. Black pepper gives it a nice spicy kick, and the roasted vegetables a wonderful crunch and sweetness.

A Sweet and Fun Christmas Cake

Dessert is just as important because everyone deserves a…  Continue reading »

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Fish Gulai with Eggplant and Okra

by Edwan S., on Thu, December 10, 2015

This spicy and tart version of fish curry does not use any coconut milk. Instead, the tender eggplants and okra (lady fingers) lend a lovely creaminess to the dish. Delicious with a plate of hot white rice and sambal belachan on the side,

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Top 5: Sambals

by Edwan S., on Tue, December 08, 2015
What is life without sambal? Seriously, we cannot imagine a day that goes by without this spicy, funky chilli based condiment being some part of our meals. So here's our Top 5: try any of these once, and you're bound to make them again.. and again.... and again...   More »

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5 Things We Learned at AYFE 2015

by Edwan S., on Thu, November 26, 2015
Special Feature
The 1st ASEAN Young Food Entrepreneurs Conference was a rousing success. It was intended as a perfect platform for young and future food entrepreneurs to learn about the entire business from the big boys of food entrepreneurship. But as with everything when it comes to an education, learning often goes both ways. Here's 5 great things we found out during…   More »

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THANK YOU for Rocking AYFE 2015!

by Edwan S., on Mon, November 23, 2015
Special Feature
We opened the doors to the first ever ASEAN Young Food Entrepreneurs Conference (AYFE 2015) and you - yes! YOU! - came in with big smiles and a hunger to learn what it takes to be in the fast paced food industry. For two days (18 & 19 Nov 2015), AYFE 2015 became an awesome, enlightening platform for knowledge sharing, networking and getting to know…   More »

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The Top 3 Strategy & Brands Experts You Don’t Want to Miss at #AFYE2015

by Honey Ahmad, on Mon, November 16, 2015 - 6:01:57 PM, 0 comment
The first thing about running restaurants or food trucks is not necessarily about good food. Listen to 3 experts speak and giving their insights on branding, financing and franchising/licensing to complete your food business knowledge, 18th November at AYFE, PCMC Hall One.

Silmyi M. Sadek, Founder of Brand Geeks Inc

A champion of creating legendary brands from small businesses, Silmyi founded Brand Geeks Inc in 2011. Since then he has focused all his energy and knowledge gathered over 17 years of corporate (Shell, Cirque du Soleil, Starbucks) and consulting experience (Temporal Brand Consulting, Rosie & Partners) into helping start-ups and small businesses power-up their branding and marketing. Brand Geek Inc’s signature programme TurbochargeMyBrand has helped the likes of MyTeksi, Action Tintoy (of Peperangan Bintang fame), Evenesis, Qwork, Suncrox Solar and many more at the start of their respective journeys to fame and fortune. His session will make you think about creating the right image for your business and how to stand out amongst the rest.

"Top 5 Reasons Why Your Food Trucks Need a Strong Brand" - 11:00am : Wednesday, 18th November 2015, AYFE Conference Hall

Coach Hasril, Malaysian Franchise Association

Coach Hasril…  Continue reading »


AYFE 2015 Brings Top Food Entrepreneurs to KL

AYFE 2015 Brings Top Food Entrepreneurs to KL

00:48 mins

Special Focus on Food Trucks!

Let’s Eat-lah with Hong Leong Bank

Let’s Eat-lah with Hong Leong Bank

10.00 mins

9 Special Dish from 9 Trucks!

Meet the I Eat Nasi Lemak 2014 Heroes

Meet the I Eat Nasi Lemak 2014 Heroes


I Eat Nasi Lemak is Back!

Cheese, Coffees & Pizzas by GREAT Foodpreneurs

Cheese, Coffees & Pizzas by GREAT Foodpreneurs

5:00 mins

GREAT Foodpreneurs doin' Great Stuff

I Eat Burgers Thanks Everyone!

I Eat Burgers Thanks Everyone!

3:00 mins

Thank you for rocking I Eat Burgers 2014.