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Cured Salmon at Home

by Edwan S., on Thu, February 05, 2015
Slices of briny-sweet cured salmon are a decadent treat, whether piled high on a bagel, or when tossed in a lou sang for Chinese New Year. But cured (or smoked) salmon is usually prohibitively expensive in the supermarkets. You can make delicious cured salmon in the comfort of your own kitchen. No frills, no special equipment. Just…   More »

Food Articles

Top 5 Vegetarian Indian Spots You Must Try

by Edwan S., on Wed, February 04, 2015
Sometimes it's cool to eat a bit cleaner than usual and go for less animal fats and proteins. After all don't they say that too much of a good thing is... well, not good? So since yesterday was Thaipusam we've compiled a list of some of the best Indian places where the food is all vegetarian... but so good, you really wouldn't miss out on that piece…   More »

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Check Out Our Cool Food Truck Map

by Foodster X, on Thu, January 29, 2015 - 12:35:53 PM, 0 comment
Latest Update : We are now in our final week and we would like to thank everyone for all your support. Here are the places and schedules for the last and final week for food trucks and us with the Let's "Eat-lah" with Hong Leong Bank campaign. See you this weekend!

Last week's posting : We're midway through our Let's "EAT-lah" with Hong Leong Bank campaign now. Want to see all the food truck routes and all the special dishes in one page? Ryan designed a cool map just for this! We don't want all you foodies to miss out on the locations of the Top 9 Food Trucks, so click on the map below. This way, you can chase down the food trucks to try their exclusive CNY dishes made in collaboration between FriedChillies and them.

Right Click Map and Open Image in New Tab for Bigger Map

We've also shared the locations on our Facebook page so you can go there for more information too. Just to help you out on where and which trucks are…  Continue reading »

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Pisang Goreng Cheese

by Edwan S., on Tue, January 27, 2015

Pisang goreng cheese, or banana fritters with cheese, are ALL the rage right now in the Klang Valley. This sinfully sticky and delicious snack is simple deep fried battered bananas like we’ve always known and loved. But on top, the hot bananas get a generous shaving of creamy cheese, drizzles of honey and grated chocolate or chocolate sauce. An amazing tea time treat!

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Nasi Lemak Kak Maimon

by Farah D., on Mon, January 26, 2015

"Little packets of nasi lemak joy..."

A good packet of nasi lemak really gets me going in the morning. When I open a packet of nasi lemak at Kak Maimon’s, I am instantly taken by its simplicity. There’s a generous dollop of sambal, a thick cucumber slice, peanuts, ikan bilis and a halved hard-boiled egg. The sambal here is well rounded, not too sweet and not too spicy, as Goldilocks would say, the sambal is just right. It’s chunky with a deep crimson colour. Dried chillies, onions and garlic are blended and then cooked slowly for two and a half hours, allowing the aromatics to simmer and release their natural sweetness.   More »

Food Shows

Let’s Eat-lah with Hong Leong Bank

Directed by Chacha, Hosted by Food Trucks, on Fri, January 23, 2015 - 8:00:45 AM

FriedChillies collaborated with some of the top food trucks in Klang Valley to bring NINE special dishes created just for you for the Let’s “EAT-lah” with Hong Leong Bank campaign. They’re really a bunch of fun people with colourful backgrounds… and all with a passion for serving great food from a truck!

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Meet Chef Eddie of Western Masak Sempoi!

by Edwan S., on Thu, January 22, 2015 - 3:44:39 PM, 0 comment
After the first season of Western Masak Sempoi (Western Made Easy), I was delighted to find out that it is one of the top shows on the FriedChillies Food Network. Simple Western cooking and food really does have a place in your hearts and stomachs.

Of course the team and I had to come out with a follow-up! After covering the basics and the usual suspects like fish and chips and steak, we checked out what else Malaysians love about Western cooking. That’s why in Western Masak Sempoi Season 2, there’s loads more delicious and easy to make recipes like Swedish Meatballs, Buffalo Wings, Seafood Chowder and even how to make super creamy and smooth ice cream and savoury cured salmon in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Basically I just want to share some tips and tricks on how to make Western cooking simple so you too, can play ‘chef’ at home. And rest assured, I don’t use out-of-the-way ingredients and tools too. I shop where you shop: local supermarkets and pasars. And to add on to your food knowledge I also interviewed restaurateurs and chefs for their own sure-fire tips on how to get the most out of your Western cooking.

Well I'm ready to share some more! So…  Continue reading »


Let’s Eat-lah with Hong Leong Bank

Let’s Eat-lah with Hong Leong Bank

10.00 mins

9 Special Dish from 9 Trucks!

Meet the I Eat Nasi Lemak 2014 Heroes

Meet the I Eat Nasi Lemak 2014 Heroes


I Eat Nasi Lemak is Back!

Cheese, Coffees & Pizzas by GREAT Foodpreneurs

Cheese, Coffees & Pizzas by GREAT Foodpreneurs

5:00 mins

GREAT Foodpreneurs doin' Great Stuff

I Eat Burgers Thanks Everyone!

I Eat Burgers Thanks Everyone!

3:00 mins

Thank you for rocking I Eat Burgers 2014.

How-To Know Good Cencalok

How-To Know Good Cencalok

1.00 mins

Simple tips on how to pick the good briny stuff