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World Nasi Lemak Day 2014

by Honey, on Thu, November 13, 2014 - 9:01:10 AM, 0 comment
Global Foodster
This year, declared that World Nasi Lemak Day will be the first Sunday of every November. On this day we aim to get everyone who is Malaysian or a Malaysian food fan to EAT nasi lemak. This can be achieved by either cooking it at home and inviting friends over, going to your nearest Malaysian restaurant and ordering it up or even running your own nasi lemak event.

We are happy to report that there were numerous nasi lemak activities around the world. Caroline (our host for Simply Caroline) from her kitchen in L.A. whipped up some nasi lemak with seriously spicy sambal.

Get steamy in the kitchen with Caroline

You can check out the full, delicious video here.

While our friend Yoshi from Tokyo went to his favourite Malaysian restaurant for some nasi lemak! This is taken in Restaurant Malay Kampung in Tokyo.

Yoshi says oishi!

And then we had lots of people from all over the world, cooking, eating and spreading the…  Continue reading »

What to Cook

Sambal Goreng Ikan Keli

by Edwan S., on Tue, November 11, 2014

This is an all time favourite lauk for many Malaysians when it comes to mixed rice. Heck, it was a hot seller with nasi lemak at I EAT NASI LEMAK 2014 too when two vendors from Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan brought it to the event. Easy to see why: it’s cheap (ikan keli/catfish is one of the cheapest fishes you can buy!) and damn tasty. So of course we had to make our own.

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Thank You For Rocking I EAT NASI LEMAK 2014

by Edwan S., on Mon, November 10, 2014 - 8:59:37 AM, 0 comment
Photo Essay
You came, you saw, you conquered. On Sunday, 2 November 2014, Friedchillies welcomed lovers of nasi lemak and food lovers in general at TM Convention Centre for I EAT NASI LEMAK 2014. And what an event it was!

The event was to start at 10am… but people were already lining up in droves from 9am! Some people were buying coupons and a lot of them were ready to stuff their faces with nasi lemak. The vendors were hastily preparing in anticipation of the onslaught. Some of the first time vendors looked visibly nervous (hehe).

You guys came in legions!

At 10am all you nasi lemak lovers walked in. There were LOADS of you that even we were surprised! We thought people would sort of trickle in slowly and gradually the turnout would increase. But nope! You guys showed your support by the bucketload. By 1130am the hall was already packed with nasi lemak lovers.

Packed hall? NVM. Just sit outside!

Warung Rindu were busy outside the hall too as they were frying fresh, hot chicken. .

The vendors had a busy time on their hand as they served…  Continue reading »

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Calling All Nasi Lemak Lovers!

by Honey, on Wed, November 05, 2014 - 11:14:43 AM, 0 comment
After I Eat Nasi Lemak, you have now tried some of the best nasi lemak in Klang Valley and beyond. You are now a certified nasi lemak expert- congrats!

And now we have a task for you! As a nasi lemak expert, your first mission –yes, you are morally obligated– is to nominate/endorse and vote for the best nasi lemak in the Klang Valley to win The Star People's Food Awards' Best Nasi Lemak title.

The power is in your hands! NOMINATE and VOTE for your favourite nasi lemak!

Nomination (recommendation) starts NOW until Nov 10, 2014 and voting starts on Nov 15 to the end of the month.

And you want to know the best part? Not only is your oh-so-awesome nasi lemak seller eligible to win an award, but you, too.

Once you nominate, endorse and/or vote – and more importantly share the link via social networks – you will be in the running to win awesome prizes such as a stay in a luxe hotel worth RM1122, all-you-can-eat dim sum for four worth RM418, and lots more. Sweet deal, huh?

Star Awards
Get started here: . Here's a recap on our I Eat Nasi Lemak vendors to get you started. And you can also watch them…  Continue reading »

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I Eat Nasi Lemak is THIS Sunday!

by Edwan S., on Fri, October 31, 2014 - 5:17:29 PM, 0 comment
Yeah, its this Sunday! Are you ready for the best nasi lemak event in town? Here's a little guide on what's happening this Sunday and a little bit of *ahem*... ground rules so everyone can come over, enjoy loads of nasi lemak, awesome lauk and have fun at I Eat Nasi Lemak where 20 of the TOP Nasi Lemak Vendors will be gathering to bring you the best NL in town. One day only. Once a year only.

I Eat NL Vendors

Important Information's Regarding This Sunday's Event

What, Where, When

Date : 2nd Nov 2014 (This friggin' Sunday)
Event : I Eat Nasi Lemak 2014
Venue : TM Convention Center, KL
Time : 10am - 5pm (Coupon Counters open at 9am, doors open at 10am)
Itinerary :
9.00am - Coupon Counters Open
10.00am - I Eat Nasi Lemak 2014 is officially open.
12:00pm - Ultimate Nasi Lemak Championship…  Continue reading »

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From Down South: Nasi Lemak from N. Sembilan

by Edwan S., on Thu, October 30, 2014 - 2:44:46 PM, 0 comment
Quickie Review
It's hot on the run-up to I EAT NASI LEMAK 2014 and today we're featuring nasi lemak heroes from Negeri Sembilan..

It Must Be Something In The Water...

Port Dickson must be the go to beach destination for us Klang Valley folk. And of course: it's nearby and the beaches are really quite nice (after those 'dark ages' in the 90s) nowadays. Well here's one more reason to go to Port Dickson: nasi lemak. We found this great nasi lemak at Seri Mesra restaurant. It's a seafood and ikan bakar restaurant, in actuality. But we found out that boy does it have a great nasi lemak.

Simple done right at Seri Mesra.

It's a simple nasi lemak done right, that is far more than the sum of its parts. According to owner Zie, it's all in the 'air tangan' of her mother that does the cooking. We suspect they might be cooking the nasi with sea water for this distinctive taste. Crumbly, coconutty rice is paired excellenty with their sweet and spicy sambal. The best part and what makes the nasi lemak here unique is that it goes really well with the seafood sold here too! So nasi lemak with ikan bakar? Tomyam? You'll find it here at Seri Mesra!

The Yellow King of Kuahs... and Nasi Lemak

In the sleepy town of Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan is a kedai makan full of joy. Well that…  Continue reading »

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The FriedChillies TOP 20 Nasi Lemak 2014

by Adly, on Wed, October 29, 2014 - 9:08:12 AM, 0 comment
Friedchillies is proud to announce this years final 20 top nasi lemak vendors under 5 different categories. They represent the "best of the best" in their categories and their nasi lemak not only brings the much needed energy to power through your day but also happiness... over a simple plate of rice. This 2nd November at TM Convention Center, anyone who profess that they are nasi lemak fans will congregate to feast on 20 of the best nasi lemaks in town selected specially for you by FriedChillies. So presenting this years I Eat Nasi Lemak Heroes....

In the "Ayam Goreng Best" Category

Village Park

Village Park
Village Park is a legend. Everyone knows how good is their fried chicken with a plate of nasi lemak kukus and sambal on the side. Prices are not cheap really, but are there any complains? Always fully packed. Need I say more?
Village Park, 5, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya

Famous Fried Chicken Bangsar

Famous Bangsar
Customers here come for their fried chicken. Skin is fried crispy and golden brown, seasoned with curry powder, lemongrass, fennel…  Continue reading »


Let’s Eat-lah with Hong Leong Bank

Let’s Eat-lah with Hong Leong Bank

10.00 mins

9 Special Dish from 9 Trucks!

Meet the I Eat Nasi Lemak 2014 Heroes

Meet the I Eat Nasi Lemak 2014 Heroes


I Eat Nasi Lemak is Back!

Cheese, Coffees & Pizzas by GREAT Foodpreneurs

Cheese, Coffees & Pizzas by GREAT Foodpreneurs

5:00 mins

GREAT Foodpreneurs doin' Great Stuff

I Eat Burgers Thanks Everyone!

I Eat Burgers Thanks Everyone!

3:00 mins

Thank you for rocking I Eat Burgers 2014.

How-To Know Good Cencalok

How-To Know Good Cencalok

1.00 mins

Simple tips on how to pick the good briny stuff