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Top 9 Food Trucks of Let’s “EAT-lah” with Hong Leong Bank

by Edwan S., on Wed, January 21, 2015 - 2:18:21 PM, 0 comment
It's starting this weekend! Are you excited yet? FriedChillies collaborated with some of the top food trucks in Klang Valley to bring NINE special dishes created just for you for the Let’s “EAT-lah” with Hong Leong Bank campaign. What's so special about these dishes? We asked them "If you can capture the spirit of CNY and translate it to a dish for every Malaysian to enjoy, what would it be? And the ideas flowed in like crazy! Wow, they’re really a bunch of fun people with colourful backgrounds… and all with a passion for serving great food from a truck! So guys, these recipes are actually their 'art installation' just for you. 3 weekends only at selected Hong Leong Bank branches.

The best news is no purchase is required. Read on for information on how to get these delicious recipe creations! So, may we now present the Top 9 Food Trucks of Lets “EAT-lah” with Hong Leong Bank...

Little Fat Duck - We convinced them to finally have duck on the menu!

This is probably the most famous and only duck-named truck in KL. Adel, a former advertising and marketing executive, got the name from a very well known fancy restaurant in the UK. One of the better known trucks in KL, Little Fat Duck gained a following due to their their cheap but filling pastas. Starting…  Continue reading »

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Top Food Truckers Make Special CNY Dishes

by Honey, on Tue, January 20, 2015 - 4:32:46 PM, 0 comment
FriedChillies collaborated with some of the top Food Truckers in town to come up with special CNY dishes. Now that you've seen the trucks, we are now going to introduce to you (*drumroll) our special CNY dishes. These will be available for you to enjoy at selected Hong Leong Bank branches over 3 weekends (24th January to 8th February). There will be 2 food trucks per branch so keep posted as we give you more information on this unique event.

Just to tease you a little and get people salivating, guess which dish comes from which truck. We will release the truck->food pairing starting tomorrow.

1. Prosperity Pouch Pasta with Creamy 'Boss' Sauce.

The 'Boss' Sauce which is a combination of carbonara and tomato sauce is a signature sauce of this Godfather inspired truck (We are practically giving this clue away). It is stylishly served with little wantan pouches filled with seasoned ground chicken and dusted with chilli flakes and parmesan.

2. Auspicious Nian Gao Burger

What can be more lucky than nian gao turned cunningly into a crispy burger patty? This is served with fresh lettuce…  Continue reading »

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The Best Ever Baja Fish Tacos

by Edwan S., on Tue, January 20, 2015
Absolutely delicious. There, those are the two words I’m going to use to describe these fish tacos. I didn’t even use fancy pants ingredients or techniques, but humble stuff like onions and cabbage, yet the flavours were great and incredibly addictive. And don't worry this recipe is easy to make as well.   More »

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A Unique Food Truck Event is Coming Your Way This Weekend

by Adly, on Mon, January 19, 2015 - 10:07:14 PM, 0 comment
Something awesome is gonna kick-off THIS weekend, and we'd love to have you around. We worked with 9 of the best food trucks in Klang Valley to come up with original and unique food truck recipes available only for 3 weekends starting this week. Don't miss it. This past month, our Chef-In-Residence Eddie and Head of Content Honey have been working hard with the talented food truck owners to create these recipes for you. This couldn't have happened without Hong Leong Bank. Its their Let's "EAT-lah" with Hong Leong Bank Campaign bringing to you special pre-CNY 'makan' sessions that will kick off on the 24th of January.

Watch this space folks! Details and dates coming soon

So, Hong Leong Bank wants you guys to come 'makan-makan' at 18 of their locations throughout the Klang Valley, from KL to Puchong, from Klang to TTDI. This campaign is curated by us, FriedChillies so we hope that you'll like our selection of trucks and recipes.

So this is your chance to try 'prosperous' dishes from food trucks the likes of La Famiglia, Cowboys Food Truck, Babarittos, Amaze K, Big Hug, Wheeloaf, Royal Post, Zoul Pizza and yup, Little Fat Duck (We convinced them to create a duck dish!). A special thank you to all the amazing food truckers who agreed…  Continue reading »

Where To Eat

Amaze K Food Truck

by Edwan S., on Thu, January 15, 2015

"One for hot dog lovers."

Finally, a good hot dog truck in the Klang Valley! As you guys might have noticed, food trucks are starting to get traction with local foodies and a great variety are popping up on sidewalks near you. There are Tex Mex trucks, coffee trucks, pasta trucks and ta daa, a hot dog truck has joined the ranks of the meals on wheels brethren. Amaze K is a cute food truck that focuses on good value, gourmet hot dogs and also some tacos and burritos. So rejoice, hot dog lovers, we know you're out there. Amaze K is here to satisfy your hot dog cravings.   More »

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Szechuan Fried Chicken Wings

by Edwan S., on Wed, January 14, 2015

Szechuan peppers are a variety of pepper renowned for that characteristic ‘tingling’ sensation they leave on the lips and tongue. We sprinkled some toasted ground Szechuan peppers over piping hot fried chicken for an addictive, lip-smacking snack. Yum!

 More »

Where To Eat

Miss Ellie Tea House

by Edwan S., on Thu, January 08, 2015
British/ Irish/ Pub

"Scones the way it should be: buttery and tender!"

I just had the best scones I’ve ever eaten in KL. They were buttery, tender and full of flavour. I had scones in these flavours: chocolate, oatmeal, raisin, plain and their special (at the time) Christmas scone which had white chocolate and cranberries. My favourite was the chocolate scone that has a great sweet and bitter taste from high quality cocoa. And I REALLY wish the Christmas scone would be present all year round: so good! The plain, oatmeal and raisin scones were exemplary too. I struck up a conversation with the Chef Justin Wong, owner and Scone-Master extraordinaire. What was his secret to delicious scones?
  More »


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