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by Chacha, on Fri, December 20, 2013

"The force is strong with this burger..."

When I met Jimmy for the first time, he was all smiles and was more than ready to tell me his journey into the burger industry. But instead of opening up a physical shop, he just decided to plunge into the business and see where this flow would take him. It's just him and his wife, and they got tired of waiting for funds to come in and do it like how everyone else is doing it (not that there is anything wrong with the way others do it). As a result of this, Jimmy delivers the orders of his customers himself. He and his team (his wife), process all the orders a day in advance and cook the burgers fresh before delivering it to you. That my friends, is dedication in its purest form.

Yummylicious is well known for a few of their burgers which me and my gang ordered. Jiro ,Vader,Yoda, Chilli Crab and Royal Swiss Mushroom. The Jiro and Yoda are our favourites by far.


I could probably write a long prose on why the Jiro is so delicious but space is limited during these tough times. It is the main actor in a blockbuster, like Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception. It has a 2-inch thick patty that covers almost 30 ingredients from all around the world, dressed with some really crunchy and fresh lettuce, encapsulated by 2 very firm but soft buns. The Jiro is huge. You could taste the teriyaki sauce and mushroom head in each bite as the burger patty tenderly crumbled in your mouth. The rich avocado sauce added depth and dimension to the flavour of the meat as the fresh tomato bits exploded in juiciness each time a bite was taken. It was an orchestra of sorts, where all the flavours blended in harmony.


The Yoda burger on the other hand was like a delicate lover whispering sweet nothings in your ears. The freshness and authenticity of the shrimp could be tasted as you sink your teeth into this delightful burger. The tartar sauce is rich, which more than blends in and compliments the basil leaf that adds a surprising twist. The buns are green tea buns, so green tea lovers take note. The shrimp patty literally just melted in my mouth (and my heart). This was an unexpected as we were all Vader fans. Strong with the force, this one is.   More »

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Simple Cream Cheese Icing

by Edwan S., on Mon, December 16, 2013

Tangy, sweet, creamy and all sorts of delicious, cream cheese icing is what completes your red velvets and carrot cakes. Plus, it is oh-so-very simple to make. Caution though; you might not be able to resist licking the bowl!

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BabaZar at the 26th Baba Nyonya Conference Kuala Lumpur

by Edwan S., on Thu, December 12, 2013 - 12:58:53 PM, 0 comment
In conjunction with the 26th Baba Nyonya Conference Kuala Lumpur on the 30th November, there was also a mini bazaar of sorts. It was a bazaar with a theme, of course: a Baba-Zar!

DebbieThe lovely Debbie Teoh of course spearheaded the food section of the Ba-bazaar

Nyonya BatikLook at all the lovely batiks you can get!

So on a balmy Saturday afternoon, twenty stalls opened at Holiday Villa Subang Jaya. These stalls were showing off not just classic Nyonya wares and knick-knacks, but also several demonstrations of traditional Peranakan crafts and arts.

We were there, of course, to check out pieces of this wonderful heritage.

Next Generation

Small Kebaya

The first thing that struck us at the bazaar was that the Baba Nyonya are wonderfully, and rightfully, proud of their heritage. This bazaar featured Baba-Nyonyas from north and south of Malaysia. Some sold food, while most were plying their craftwork. One of the most prominent aspects of the people who came and…  Continue reading »

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A Peranakan Wedding Night

by Acacia Daud, on Fri, December 06, 2013 - 11:16:45 PM, 0 comment
Celebrating the Baba Nyonya culture in style and taste!

For the opening of the 26th International Baba Nyonya Convention in Kuala Lumpur, guests from all over the region were treated to a gala dinner in the Vintage Ballroom of Holiday Villa Hotel, Subang Jaya. The night was centered on the theme A Peranakan Wedding, and was a colourful galore of beautiful nyonya kebayas, beaded silk smocks, and of course, baba nyonya food!

The convention brought in delegates from neighbouring countries such Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore to experience the performances and cuisine presented for the night. The Peranakan culture is richly embroided with history and influences from the archipelago, which fuses Chinese heritage with almost all aspects of their lives, from clothing, to household ornaments, to courting etiquettes, and culinary techniques.

The mock wedding reception which we were invited to is the climax of a Peranakan Wedding celebration. As the customs of their wedding include various sequential events such as Chim Pang (Unveiling of the bride), Sohjah Tiga Hari (Paying homage or respect to the deities), a tea ceremony, Tuang Teh, to address family members, all within a celebratory period that lasts for twelve days.…  Continue reading »

Where To Eat

Lima Blas Restaurant

by Edwan S., on Tue, December 03, 2013


Off Changkat Bukit Bintang, away from the vibrant nightlife, lies a quieter street: Jalan Mesui. Near the end of this street is a place out of time; a place where, when you step in, you’re taken to a life from ‘ago’. Welcome then, to Limablas Restaurant.

Limablas is a small, maybe 25 seat restaurant specializing in Peranakan classics. The seating is spartan but comfy, and the whole restaurant is made to look like a period-piece set; you’ll see old school telephones, a rickety bicycle, old-timey posters and various other retro knick-knacks adorning its walls and shelves. It really does seem like you’re in one of those small, family-run kopitiams in Jonker Street or Penang! But the place is young; only about ten months old.

Asam pedasThe terrific Gerang Pedas Pari

The menu is not that extensive, and features all time Peranakan favourites. Experience though, has taught me that restaurants that have smaller menus tend to excel more than ones with hundreds of dishes. My colleagues and I eventually settled on the Pai Tee (RM1.50/piece), Ayam Pongteh (RM15), Gerang Pedas Pari (RM25), Sambal Bendi (RM12), Sambal Petai Udang (RM25), Telur Cincaluk (RM9) and the sambal belachan (RM2). We had this with rice, and for refreshments, Longan and home-made Peranakan Ginger Ale.   More »

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26th International Baba Nyonya Convention 2013 Kuala Lumpur

by Edwan S., on Fri, November 29, 2013 - 10:41:24 AM, 0 comment
Calling all Foodsters, let's head over to the 26th International Baba Nyonya Convention 2013 Kuala Lumpur this Saturday, 30/11/2-13.

This ONE day event, held at Holiday Villa Subang between 9am to 4pm, will showcase many aspects of Baba Nyonya culture, which is a huge part of this country's colourful history and heritage.

We'll be going there for the food, of course, and also because our friend, Nyonya Debbie Teoh, will be having a cooking demonstration as well! In addition to that, there'll be other cultural demonstrations on batik, bedak sejuk and many others. Furthermore, a 'Baba-Zaar' of 20 stalls will be selling various Baba Nyonya goodies ranging from snacks to souvenirs and artwork.

So come on down to Holiday Villa Subang this 30th November and check out the 26th International Baba Nyonya Convention 2013 Kuala Lumpur.

See you there!

see u there!

 Continue reading »


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Sorry to hear that she has passed on. But her food still lives on. The patin and ulam daun gajus with sambal is still gud.
By Adly on 2012 Apr 05
From the entry 'Gerai Kak Mek Afidah'.

I would love to have a step by step video lesson on how to make a really good Eurasian style Sugee cake. I cannot find one on the internet yet.

By Angie Wheatley on 2012 Apr 03
From the entry 'Pandan Butter Cake'.
Babe_KL...ok will try Wong Poh one of these days...butter crab sounds yummy
By Farah on 2012 Apr 02
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Yup..memang terbaekk!!
By Farah on 2012 Apr 02
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the best....ever
By mm55 on 2012 Apr 02
From the entry 'Om Burger'.
You guys should try the crabs at Wong Poh esp the butter crabs
By babe_kl on 2012 Apr 01
From the entry 'Top 5 Seafood Joints in PJ'.
I heard that they double steam the patin fish to remove the muddy smell. Only in the second steam to they add the sauces and herbs. That's why its gud. More food places to come
By Adly on 2012 Apr 01
From the entry 'Top 5 Seafood Joints in PJ'.
First time had steamed patin. Unique seafood PJ does it best. Seriously. The fish fats near the belly of the patin with the supreme soy sauce is just too good. Hope to see more seafood restaurants Foodsters!
By Riz Ainuddin on 2012 Mar 30
From the entry 'Top 5 Seafood Joints in PJ'.
That's why we have closeup's of the satay. It makes us hungry as well grin
By Adly on 2012 Mar 27
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Thanks for the info Blurgal grin
By Adly on 2012 Mar 21
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