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A #Throwback To I Eat Burgers

by Edwan S., on Tue, June 17, 2014 - 10:39:12 PM, 0 comment
Makan Musings
Even though I've worked in the food and beverage industry on many fronts (service, kitchen, management, etc), it never fails to amaze me when I find someone or a bunch of people who are passionate about food. And I'm not just talking about people that go, "I like to eat this," or "I like to go here to eat that."

No, no. I'm talking about people who deeply, truly believe in the craft and people who would obsess about the food. People who, regardless of day or night, rain or shine, would line up for up to an hour to get a taste of something that maybe they've heard about or read about. People who spend decades doing one thing but doing it right and people who shrug off the doubt of others and just went for it.

"It's burgers, of course I came!" was the statement of the day.

I met exactly these sort of people at I Eat Burgers. In fact, I met 18 000 of these people. You might accuse me of tooting our (Friedchillies') own horn, but honestly the event was fantastic and our whole team was gobsmacked at how passionate these people are about their burgers. I'm talking about those thousands of burger fanatics.

This patty grilling on a roaring fire holds the power to unite!

It was a hot sunny day. In fact the temperature peaked at 42 degrees celcius…  Continue reading »

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Spicy Chicken Soup with Macaroni

by Edwan S., on Mon, June 16, 2014

This soup is spicy: literally! A fragrant mix of coriander, cumin, cardamom and star anise perfumes the soup. Cili padi gives it a jolt of heat, all while the chicken and macaroni soaks up those wonderful flavours. One for a rainy night.

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I EAT BURGERS: Fun in Photos

by Foodster X, on Thu, June 12, 2014 - 2:03:07 PM, 0 comment
Photo Essay
There were TONS of photos taken during I EAT BURGERS last Saturday, so we're sharing some awesome fun photos from our side as well. Check it out, maybe you can even spot yourself or a friend? smile Don't forget to share your photos on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well. Hashtag #ieatburgers, #jomburgembira and #friedchillies so we can all see and spread the fun.

Props to our tireless photographers on that day, CK and Aiphos!

Friedchillies CEO, Mohd Adly Rizal with a lucky draw winner!

The Brother John crew are all smiles smile

"Sedapnya burger!" these two seem to…  Continue reading »

What to Cook

The Breakfast Slider

by Edwan S., on Wed, June 11, 2014

This great breakfast ‘burger’ is inspired by one of our I Eat Burger Heroes: Abang Lee of Lee Burger, Dataran Mentari. He puts baked beans and green peas on his burgers. We’re doing a more breakfast-y take with scrambled eggs and baked beans. A slice of turkey ham takes it to beyond delicious.

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by Foodster X, on Tue, June 10, 2014 - 1:35:09 PM, 0 comment

After weeks of feverish anticipation, I EAT BURGERS kicked off last Saturday, 7/6/2014 to a huge turnout. We thought you were burger fans, but as it turned out, you guys are actually burger fanatics! Despite the searing hot weather, all of the burger fanatics bravely endured lines just to get a taste of the Top 20 Burgers from our I EAT BURGER Heroes. We're sharing some of our favourite fan photos from Instagram!

The myBurgerLab boys had fun!

The lines were long for many stalls including for myBurgerLab (prompting a burger fan to say, "Doesn't matter where they open, stall or restaurant, I still have to queue!"), Burger Bakar Abang Burn, Mustafa Jones Burger. Man of Man Burger Kukus Lava didn't stop grilling from the moment they set up until the very end of the night.

The sun finally went down after a searing hot day..

It was great to see the proprietors on the ground with their crew to ensure the best burgers were served. Burger Junkyard's James…  Continue reading »

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Are You Ready for I Eat Burgers?

by The Foodster, on Fri, June 06, 2014 - 4:42:06 PM, 0 comment
So, its this Saturday! Are you ready for the Best Burger experience in KL & PJ?

Click here for a bigger picture.

See you there! More information about I Eat Burgers, The Best Burger Event with 20 of the TOP Burger Sellers in One Location.

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Mustafa Jones Burger & BBQ

by Chacha, on Mon, June 02, 2014 - 11:01:45 PM, 0 comment
If you’re hankering for a true southern grilled sensation of either chicken, lamb or beef burgers, then head on down to Warung Kayu Manis at Taman Melawati to get a taste of Mustafa Jones’s very own charcoal grilled burgers.

Them burgs' are grilled on volcano rocks.

Hailing all the way from Brooklyn ,New York, Mustafa Jones grills all his burgers and steaks by himself, with his unique American style seasoning. Each burger takes about 20 minutes to grill, as all the flavour from the volcano rocks seeps into the burger meat as the nice char marks leave a remarkable texture on the patties.

An American Cheeseburger in Melawati

He started making his charcoal grilled burgers in 2008, well before the Burger Bakar craze began. His burgers are thick, juicy and the meat patties have a hole in the middle to regulate temperature during cooking times. It is served with a slice of creamy cheese and a generous heaping of fresh vegetables.

The dynamic duo: Mustafa Jones and his wife, Molly

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