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Kopitiam Chicken Rice Guys

by Edwan S., on Tue, October 06, 2015

"A beacon of chicken rice awesomeness!"

Chicken rice (kai fan!) is a firm favourite of a lot of us and you can find all kinds just in the Klang Valley alone. The Hainanese style is of course one of - if not the most - prominent. But it's quite tricky to find a really good one that is halal. This is where Kopitiam Chicken Rice Guys in Shah Alam have stepped up, and boy is it an excellent version. Best of all, chicken rice isn't all that's delicious at this place.   More »

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7 Great Things To Know About Free Range Chicken

by Honey Ahmad, on Thu, October 01, 2015
Gastropology 101
Firstly there is a sweet little farm in the corner of Kuang that does free range chicken. I spent an idyllic afternoon there eating quite possibly the most delicious chicken I’ve ever had. It’s so good that you want to slurp all the juices at the bottom of the pan. The farm, Uncle Rani's Chicken Farm, does things a bit differnetly than normal intensively…   More »

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Top 8: Our Favourite Chicken Recipes

by Edwan S., on Tue, September 29, 2015
We eat millions - MILLIONS - of chicken every year in Malaysia. No wonder though; chicken is easily the cheapest meat on the market and is generally one of the easiest to cook. It's mild flavour and texture lends itself well to a plethora of dishes and recipes. Kids love 'em, adults love 'em, we love 'em. So here are some of our favourite recipes…   More »

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Ayam Penyet Bukit Lanchong

by Edwan S., on Mon, September 28, 2015

"Sambal hotness is an 8/10!"

Shah Alam is actually pretty vast. In this vastness, therefore, it's logical to think that great eating spots are all over the state capital of Selangor. Drive away from the city centre and towards the more industrial areas and you might find yourself in Section 27. Here is a roadside restaurant selling a unique kinda ayam penyet. And it's mighty good!   More »

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Grafa Cafe

by Acacia Daud, on Thu, September 24, 2015
Mixed Cuisine

"Food, art and bicycle loving action..."

Here's a #throwbackthursday of one our favourite reviews, Grafa Cafe..

Inspired by business combinations in international stores, founders Fadli Hj Rosli and Halyza Halim sought no time to combine three things they loved most – riding, art, and good food. Grafa began as a fixed gear lifestyle store and design studio, with a small café at the side. Only recently did they expand the café into a full-blown designer restaurant. "This is a place where people can come and forget that they're in Subang," said Fadli.

Taking the combo inspiration further they teamed up with Williams (the all time popular foodie hangout in Kelana Jaya) for inspiration and a helping hand, so Grafa Café was born. Recipes are the same to give the familiar quality of good cuisine, but the cafe does have their own special stuff! The result is a funky restaurant with a menu that boasts both local and mixed cuisine in plus size portions. Perfect for a chilled out food loving session.

From lunch to supper, Grafa Café is usually buzzing with friendly conversations and acoustic music. Food here comes in generous portions and the menu offerings are promising. They have a range of western grill items like house specialty Grafamama’s Grilled Lamb Chop, served with creamy white gravy, mint sauce, with a side of mashed potatoes. It comes as two pieces of lamb, tender and light, a portion big enough for two people to share. The mashed potatoes can be a little clumpy but nevertheless tasty. The Chicken Chop offers a crunchy chicken breast with a deliciously thick black pepper sauce on the side.

There's also the Boyfriend Steak Sandwich, a messy, meaty meal of steak strips, chicken ham slices, with cheese and onions. The steak strips are marinated to a fine flavour of barbecue and are very soft to eat. Together with light, crispy onion rings, this dish makes for a tasty appetizer.

Try too the Nasi Goreng Ketam. It’s an aromatic serving of spicy seafood, a taste as familiar as tom yam. The rice is a little zesty and goes nicely with the soft shell crabs, though the whole dish may a little hot for some. Each mouthful is a flavourful trip, and will definitely fill an empty stomach.   More »

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An Ice Cream Dream: Hui Ming’s Story

by Edwan S., on Wed, September 23, 2015
Special Feature
Many of us have a dream. You know: the one in your head where you leave all your current pursuits behind and go to pursue, regardless of the many trials and tribulations. Unfortunately not many of us have the opportunity or means to actually go for it. For the ones that do, however, it can pay off big time. This is the story of Hui Ming, Ice Cream Maker...   More »

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Sangkaya Coconut Ice Cream

by Edwan S., on Tue, September 22, 2015 - 3:44:49 PM, 0 comment
Quickie Review
If you've been out and about at food events or the city lately, chances are you've seen Sangkaya. Sangkaya's specialty is their coconut ice cream made from - yup, you guessed it, coconut. Coconut milk, to be exact. Pure, Thai coconut milk (or cream) is used to make their ice confection.

Coconut heaven.

You can have it by the scoop but the way to have it is to go for the Signature (RM10). Three scoops of their coconut ice cream with shavings of coconut and of course, served in a coconut shell. The coconut ice cream is ridiculously delicious: creamy with a gentle sweetness and none of that 'muak' people often associate with coconut milk based desserts. It's super refreshing too. As a bonus, those coconut shavings are a wonderful textural contrast to the silky smooth ice cream and you can have it with a myriad of toppings: Nestum cereal, peanuts, corn kernels. They're all awesome.

Sangkaya has opened a few outlets at most hip and happening spots in KL. Check out http://www.sangkaya.co for more information.  Continue reading »


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