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Food, Trucks & Carts in New York

by Adly, on Fri, July 23, 2010 - 3:30:40 AM, 4 comment
Global Foodster
Sharing some experiences from the 4th Annual New York Food Film Festival, one of my favourite events was their day 4 event : The Worlds First Food Truck Drive-In Movie at the Tobacco House, Dumbo, Brooklyn. This is a special event as somehow the organisers managed to gather 20 of the top mobile food trucks in the city. People can get a sampling of New York's best street food in one place, at the same time. Now how about that?! Cool. People were impressed because if you were to queue for them at their normal locations, the lines on some of these trucks can be about 20-30 people long at any time. It's very special occasion to see them all in one place. Tickets were sold out way in advance.

In an almost day long event starting at 1pm, food fans got a steady feed of food films in a marquee setup whilst having the option of popping out to buy some food from the trucks nearby. According to one of the organising committee member Casey Benjamin, planning this was not easy. It took almost six full months and 'lots of calling repeatedly'. But in the end, Casey's efforts paid off when trucks such as the Van Leewen Ice Cream, The Krave and the Green Truck were amongst the lineup…  Continue reading »

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Fatty ‘Cue

by The Foodster, on Wed, July 21, 2010
Global Malaysian Restaurants

"Ribs brined in cencalok, smoked with oakwood..."

The latest New York based Zak Pelaccio's homage to all things funky, fishy and pungent is Fatty 'Cue, southern-style barbeque that gets down and dirty with spices and ingredients our side of the border. The restaurant itself is no frills but packed even for 6pm. Cocktails on the menu are not shy on flavour either using chilli infused mixers and leaves like Vietnamese mint and Thai basil.

Menu-wise it is undeniable that Zak loves his succulent pigs- it's porcine heavy but that doesn't mean the rest of his meats like brisket, duck and chicken or seafood (think grilled mackerel and a crab-meat laksa) suffer for it.

The Legend is a mixed plate of delicious fatty pig parts including ribs and belly- crisp and succulent with smoke enforcing the brines and rubs with blow-your-mind flavour. It comes with a side of soft bau's so you can sop up the juices, oils and the dipping sauces that come with it.

The wahyu brisket, which is my personal favourite are tender chunks and slivers of meat with more of those sinful white buns with a side of chilli jam, aioli and red onions (almost like the fushia kind that you put on a murtabak). You can eat the brisket on its own or make make-shift sandwiches. This is worth coming here for.

The duck and chicken are both note-worthy as is the mackerel. The crab laksa is a sweet-briny broth with mushrooms- I could use a little more sourness. My fellow diners however lapped it up. Though the barbecue here is undeniably delicious, Cue like any good member of the Fatty family excels in the snacks and starters.

The nasi ulam (though it resembles more like a nasi goreng kampung with crispy ikan bilis within) is addictive. It's a little herby but not overpowering and just goes so well with the wealth of chilli-fied condiments. Another, which is just called Bowl of Noodles is also ridiculously good. It harkens a little of those cold Korean noodles with a pungent chilli mix. What makes it classic Fatty is the fact that it's also mixed with all those lovely meat-drippings and topped with fresh scallions. Yummers.
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Meeting John Burton Race

by Alexa P., on Tue, July 20, 2010
Special Feature
John Burton Race is a lively and talkative chef who has a clear-cut passion for food. The entire interview was peppered with his anecdotes and before we had realised it, time was up, and only a handful of questions were asked, yet we walked away with many interesting stories.

FC: What was the inspiration for writing your latest book…   More »

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Kak Som

by The Charlie, on Sat, July 17, 2010

"Fantastic on its own"

You know the defining moment in Ratatouille? When Anton Ego the food critic takes one bite out of Remy's offering, and is immediately transported back to his childhood? An upset little boy, coming home to his maman and being served a large comforting bowl of ratatouille that immediately takes his sorrows away. Well, the first time I ate at Kak Som, I wished nothing more that I grew up in a Kelantanese family so I could have that moment to flash back to. It felt like discovery and nostalgia all at once. And every bad thing that happened that day – heck, that week – disappeared into thin air.

The wonder-dish that made me feel this way: their nasi kerabu. Dense yet fluffy rice cooked with bunga telang, with assorted minced ulam scattered on top, complete with dashes of sambal and budu. Fantastic on its own, but there were various accompanying dishes served along with it. Fried fish is traditional, but this time I picked the daging bakar, solok lada (stuffed chillies) and salted egg. It was so good that my Kelantanese friends who have eaten here also tell me they experience the Ratatouille moment – this time flashing back to actual memories.

Other dishes they serve here are the equally excellent nasi dagang and laksam. The former is served with the customary gulai ikan tongkol (tuna curry) with chicken and beef alternatives. The gulai daging is lovely, with succulent chunks of fatty beef that go perfectly with the nasi dagang. Their laksam gravy is a titch too watery, but the flavour is all there, with tender laksam noodles that have just the right amount of bite. If you're not in the mood for any of these, they also have a spread of lauk that you can have with regular white rice.   More »

Food Shows

How-To Know Which Knife to Use

Directed by James Toh, Hosted by Chef Raz, on Sat, July 17, 2010 - 3:48:55 AM
How To

This time Chef Raz from Zwiling shows us how to use our kitchen knives. It might seem like something simple but it’s crucial to know the function of each knife. Watch and find out.

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Durian Origami

by Ebee, on Fri, July 16, 2010 - 9:02:55 AM, 0 comment
Design Delish
This project started when our new intern The Charlie joined us at FC for a short stint. As usual, I was doing some research on food and design projects while talking about random ideas with her when we somehow thought of making food origami. We initially wanted to stick a few pieces of paper together to construct different food shapes, but we wanted more of a challenge. After figuring out what to make, The Charlie and I decided to make a durian. We researched sites to figure out the structure from scratch. It was a day for origami enthusiasts like us to get busy pressing play and pause on polyhedron tutorial videos while patiently folding sonobes. Surprisingly, that makes us happy...we're weird that way.


This durian structure is made up of a number of identical sonobes, or  Continue reading »

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Jarrod & Rawlins Dine for Charity

by Alexa P., on Thu, July 15, 2010 - 7:33:08 AM, 0 comment
Jarrod and Rawlins officially announced its charity campaign  Continue reading »


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