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Nigel from Just Heavenly

by Alexa P., on Sat, August 21, 2010
Special Feature
The bubbly and energetic Nigel has been baking since childhood, working side by side with his mother to prepare lovely treats. His favourite was to make the special family sugee fruit cake which took days to prepare from scratch. He went to school for Hotel Management and in 2000 he met Allan Yap an experienced home baker and decided to go into business…   More »

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Sahara Tent Ramadhan Buffet

by Honey, on Fri, August 20, 2010
Middle East

"I dare you not to overeat..."

That tender fall-off-the-bone lamb. Mounds of golden fragrant rice with spice-massaged chicken buried like succulent treasures. Hummus- creamy ambrosia on warm pita. Eggplant done the most insanely delicious ways, baked tender in a moussaka, grilled with parsley or sultrily smoked then mixed with yogurt into a baba ganoush. Now this, is a buffet worth braving Bukit Bintang traffic for.

Not especially a buffet fan, my three criteria for a worthwhile queue is 1. It's quality not quantity. This means it's about 10-15 starters and about 10 mains. So you can have a little nibble of everything and then come back for your favourites. 2. Do not skimp on the good stuff. If lamb is what I want, then don't run out. Nothing worse than Scrooge portions. 3. The price. At RM49nett, Sahara Tent still has one of the most affordable buffets in town.

Originally, the buffet was housed in-doors in a little cul-de-sac. Now, it's outside which is probably a better idea so the food doesn't get cold and there's more space to move around.

Warm up that aching belly first with a great Moroccan vegetable soup full with bits of skinny pasta and lentils. On the sides you can munch on falafel, some fried fish fillets and sambosa lamb. This is the love child of a samosa and a spring roll- pastry rolled around minced lamb then fried. Gosh it's good.

Dips are my beeline. I reckon Sahara Tent has one of the best hummus in town, thick and creamy. The creatively titled Chef Special is special indeed, eggplant braised in tomatoes until it wilts and infuses its rich, earthy flavour to the sourness of the tomato. It's got the intense flavour of sundried tomatoes coupled with the lushness of eggplants. I had four helpings.

Moving down the line are rice fluffed with spices and tomato gravies with vegetables like stewed stuffed peppers, ladies fingers and cabbage leaves rolled around rice and minced meat. There's also a rather bizarre Arabic spaghetti bolognaise, a little spicier than the Italian counterpart but it totally works.   More »

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Top End Bubur Lambuk

by Alexa P., on Fri, August 20, 2010
Kitchen Capers
You'll often find this porridge outside the mosques distributed after the Asar or evening prayers where volunteers prepare it. This is a good meal to “buka” with after a long day of fasting as it is packed with nutrition and it's easy for your stomach to break down since it is not too heavy. This can also be found at the various pasar ramadhans…   More »

Gastro News

Jaffna Food Festival at Aliyaa

by The News Team, on Fri, August 20, 2010 - 2:50:10 AM, 0 comment
The Jaffna Food Festival is a festival filled with forty varieties of authentic Jaffna foods. It is a melting pot of cuisines from the northern peninsula of the island, all celebrated at Aliyaa.

Odiyal Kool - an exotic concoction of seafood, vegetables and carefully measured spices and Sri Lankan Crab is the signature dish at the festival. You will be spoilt for choice with an array of authentic favourites brought to life with traditional recipes. Also savour the Palakarams, pittu, kothu, sambols, seafoods and a collection of veggies!

For the dessert lovers, this festival also offers a selection of traditional desserts  Continue reading »

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Ways to Enjoy Cencalok

by Honey Ahmad, on Wed, August 18, 2010
When I started eating cencalok, I guess I never really got the good stuff. Most of the time they are watery, a little too 'off' for me and I felt did not add anything much to what I was eating. I discovered it's because they weren't the 100% gragao stuff. Make no mistake folks, great cencaluk is only GRAGAO prawns some rice and a little salt fermented…   More »

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Daorae Korean BBQ

by Li Ann, on Wed, August 18, 2010

"Portions are huge and generous"

This is my Dad’s perennial favourite every time he visits KL. First, the service is impeccable. Never mind that we were served by a mainly Nepali staff, but they are really efficient and helpful. Second, the portions are huge and generous. Even if you order only one dish, you still enjoy the whole array of complimentary free flow banchan dishes. Third, it’s just a 10 minute drive from my pad. Last but not least, it is consistently delicious and we never fail to clean out our plates each and every time.

So let’s get down to the details. This time, I decided to steer away from the usual bulgogi and bibimbap (it’s delicious by the way) and opted for something new. The only familiar dish I ordered was Sundubu Jigae because I had a craving for something hot and spicy. It came piping hot with an egg cracked in the middle, plus soft tofu, meat pieces and clams boiled with the fiery soup. Just the way I like it.

The banchan dishes arrived with speed. I counted 8 dishes in total, my favourite being the kimchi, pickled anchovy, mashed potato and pickled vege with octopus. So good, we topped it up 3 times! We were also served their complimentary soup of the day which was a miso-like soup with beef pieces and Chinese cabbage. It was really good and my mom added some rice to it. Pure genius, it was comfort food at its best. I loved the rice soaking up the flavor of the soup.

Next was 2 items to be grilled on the barbeque (they only open the grill if you order minimum 2 BBQ items) - Ox tongue and beef rib eye. The waiters do the grilling, all we did was watch and patiently wait drool-faced for the grilled goodies to be served. There is also a metal container of garlic slices soaked in oil which is left to cook on the grill. There were condiments like lettuce leaves, sesame oil with salt, gochujang (Korean chilli) paste, garlic and a spring onion-chive salad (pajori) to compliment the meats. Simply add the meat and vege on to the lettuce leaf and wrap it popia-style. I like adding kimchi into the wrap for an extra twist. Yums, the ox tongue has a springy texture… something like ham. The beef is sliced thin so you get it nicely grilled and a fine layer of fat with each slice. Sinful, but really good especially with generous lashings of gochujang chilli paste and cooked garlic. Sometimes, I like just munching on the meat, with some chilli paste dipping. My mom being the most health-conscious amongst us gluttons, requests for lettuce leaf and spring onion-chive salad refills. The Nepali waiters are obliging and comply with warm smiles.   More »

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Gragao Lovin’ Action

by Li Ann, on Tue, August 17, 2010
Special Feature
The words cencaluk and gragao are of Kristang origin, the lingua franca of Melaka’s indigenous Portugese community with a strong fishing tradition. Gragao (pronounced gra-goh) relates to the planktonic shrimps Acetes indicus otherwise known by its Malay namesake ‘udang geragau’, while the unique pickling of these shrimps in a salt and rice mixture…   More »


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