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Meeting Martha

by Adly, on Sun, June 06, 2010 - 12:28:53 AM, 3 comment
I know, I should have blogged about meeting Martha Stewart sooner but I just felt that I should wait. I know that she was excited to be here in Malaysia so when she tweeted that she was going blog about her travels, maybe it's best to wait until she finished blogging about it first on her blog coz it kinda feels like I am stealing her punchline if I blogged first. At FriedChillies, we are such huge fans of her work and are really very excited that she is here.

Anyway, when the local papers broke news early last month that Martha Stewart will be visiting Malaysia, I got questions from everywhere asking me whether we would be taking her around for a food crawl? My answer was "I dunno" because I haven't got a clue how to meet her. I knew that she was planning a trip to Asia because weeks before that, we got a heads up from some of our friends in the US. And then when several Malaysian government agencies started emailing us with questions on recommended makan places suitable for "a big VIP" coming sometime in May, we knew she was coming. For sure!

She had always wanted to visit Borneo (ever since she was small if I am not mistaken), to see the orang utan's and rainforest. Our 6 degrees thing with Martha is through Zak Pelaccio the owner of Fatty Crab New…  Continue reading »

Food Shows

How-To Choose Chillies

Directed by James Toh, Hosted by Shiva, on Sat, June 05, 2010 - 7:58:51 AM
How To

Shiva from Indian Kitchen shares with us his knowledge about the different types of chillies used in Indian cuisine. Each chilli serves a different function in a dish.

Where To Eat

Courtyard Garden

by Alexa P., on Sat, June 05, 2010
Quickie Review

"A Flintstone sized steak!"

About a year ago I had a meal at Courtyard and till this day I can still remember it…salty morsels of caviar, creamy fois gras, rich morel risotto…It was pure indulgence, but it also came at a price. This wasn’t the type of restaurant I could frequent without plunging myself into debt. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised on a recent visit to find that the menu has changed into what is known as semi fine dining.

There are some everyday type foods on the menu such as sang har mee, kway teow goreng, and an array of sandwiches which are extremely popular during lunch especially since the sets are paired with a drink and dessert. While they may be typical local dishes, Chef Alex always adds a twist that makes it interesting.

The sang har mee is served with both deep fried bihun and kway teow and lovely large prawns. The thick soup is served in a dish on the side and you pour it on as soon as it gets to the table to ensure that the noodles don’t get too soggy by the time they reach you. The deep fried kway teow is not something you see everyday and since it is larger than the bihun it stays crunchy longer. The kway teow goreng here is served with tender melt-in-the-mouth slices of beef instead of the usual seafood or chicken giving it a richer taste.

While there are some everyday items on the menu there are also the dishes that make up the ‘semi fine dining’ portion of the menu. I sampled a few of the popular items such as the salmon osso bucco, the black cod, the sea bass, a 1kg steak, as well as the deconstructed seared tuna nicoise salad.

I was intrigued by the unique salmon osso bucco as this is not something that can be found anywhere. Chef Alex took the concept of an osso bucco and made it his own by wrapping a thin piece of salmon around a juicy scallop and cooking it slowly. The salmon is fall apart tender and the scallop is springy and soft.   More »

Where To Eat

Face to Face Noodle House

by Alexa P., on Wed, June 02, 2010

"The sambal is what keeps me coming back"

Since this restaurant is non-halal most of my office mates can’t join me and so I use this time to enjoy a lunch alone. I bring along a magazine or book and I order my usual and salivate in anticipation. I think by now the servers should know my order the minute I sit down…a dry pan mee and a glass of ice water. Every single time and I’m not sick of it yet!

During lunchtime this place is packed with the office crowd eager to get their fill of the various noodle dishes on offer. It’s a no brainer to see that they’re good when the restaurant next door is usually empty in comparison. I always follow the crowd.

The sambal is what keeps me coming back time and time again. They have a tray with a few different tins of sambal that highlight every noodle dish they have to offer. There’s one that has red and green specks of chilli and has a refreshing spritz of kaffir lime, another that is sweet and sour and tinged a deep red, a tin of cut chilli padi, and another with red pickled chilli slices.   More »

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Munching through Melbourne!

by Honey, on Fri, May 28, 2010 - 8:40:51 AM, 0 comment
Global Foodster
Melbourne is Foodie's paradise. They have great local produce, a fabulous coffee culture and a lively restaurant scene. It's hard not to eat like a pig in Melbourne. Here are some of our Favourite 5 places to nosh at.

A very cool half al fresco restaurant that sits quite serenely in the midst of chaos. There's always something happening in Federation Square- there was a capoeira demo, dudes in drag on stilts and synchronised dancing going on just while we were there for lunch. Food here is delish though and very fresh with local ingredients like rainbow trout, stuffed calamari and tasty tapas like savoury balls of crabmeat, tarts full of butternut squash and Gruyere and salads with tart goat's cheese.

Yarra Building, Square Level, Federation Square, cnr of Flinders St and Swanston St.

Jim's Greek Tavern
Some of my happiest moments in Melbourne was sitting in a bustling Greek restaurant stuffing my face with warm bread slathered with sexy-crazy taramasalata. Jim's is one such place. Waiters are like pushy uncles here, seating you, telling you to eat more. There's no menu but everything is unbelievably delicious. Dips here are top notch, and the saganaki, OMG!- grilled cheese pan fried until it's crispy and brown. Go by what you fancy eating, say fish and you might get a snapper fillet…  Continue reading »

Where To Eat


by Alexa P., on Fri, May 28, 2010

"Flavours are light yet distinct"

Being a bit of a health food fanatic I was eager to try out the offerings at this new hidden gem. It’s situated in a little bungalow just off of the busy Jalan Maarof and is an organic food store, restaurant, and spa. The outdoor seating is pleasant with the greenery and small garden and it is indeed a relaxing spot to indulge in good food and unwind.

I was happy to read on their website that they never use anything artificial in their food preparation which means no use of preservatives, MSG, a microwave, trans fats or even Teflon coated cookware. When cooking they use natural salts and filtered water.

The menu is still being developed and expanded upon so we asked the owner, a German woman by the name of Elke, to bring us a few of the recommended dishes; a lemongrass meehoon soup, quinoa mango salad, and a seaweed fried rice.

They happened to have fresh organic guava that was just delivered and so we started off with a guava juice. The juices here are thick and come with all the fibres therefore making it a very nourishing drink. The guava was refreshing and quite filling after just one glass. We also tried out the black and white soybean milk. Both were natural and creamy…full of goodness. These drinks are practically a meal all on their own.   More »

Gastro News

Tony Romas Rustic to Refined

by Alexa P., on Wed, May 26, 2010 - 7:45:03 AM, 0 comment
Tony Romas the popular rib joint has added a few delicious lip smacking offerings known as their Rustic to Refined menu.


Try the Savory Beef Short Ribs...braised and grilled bone-in short ribs topped with a Cabernet demi-glace. It is extremely fall apart tender and the horseradish mashed potatoes pack a creamy zing. If you're into their ribs you'll love the Red Hots Bountiful Beef Ribs. This is much like their standard wings glazed with a spicy hot BBQ sauce.

If you have a hankering for steak go for the Fillet Medallion. You get three medallions and you can pick from five tasty toppings. There's the balsamic reduction and dijon mustard sauce, the Cabernet demi-glace, caramelised onions, bleu cheese crust…  Continue reading »


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