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by Alexa P., on Sat, April 10, 2010

"A treat to lick off my fingers"

This breezy bungalow serves up spice-laden food that makes your mouth water for more. With one glance at the menu we already had a good idea of what we wanted. We were here for the whole Sri Lankan experience. We started off with the fish and lamb cutlets. They are bursting with flavour and it's hard not to get full on these before anything else makes it over to the table.

You are able to order an assortment of sambols to accompany your meal. It is traditional to have these sambols present throughout the meal as they highlight the dishes each in their own way. There is a fiery red one that is very spicy with a fishy taste, a sweet deep brown caramelized onion chutney, a mild light orange coconut concoction, and finally a bright green refreshing curry leaf paste. They are wonderful on their own and give the dishes a greater depth.

Something that is similar to our food here is the fried string hopper. The string hoppers or puttu mayam are shredded, and then fried up with a variety of spices, meats and vegetables. One look could have you thinking you ordered up a mamak-fried bihun!
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Inspiring your Inner Gardener

by Honey Ahmad, on Thu, April 08, 2010
Special Feature
Here’s a true fact: I am not blessed with a Green Thumb. The closest I got was playing a bad rendition of Greensleeves on my organ when I was 10 (yes, I know- absolutely irrelevant except for the word green). I have bought many plants through the years, none surviving more than a year. So much so there’s a sort of Death Corner in my apartment where…   More »

Where To Eat


by Alexa P., on Wed, April 07, 2010

"Salmon done just right"

Modern Australian cuisine is served here and when we asked Owner and Head Chef CQ what the meaning of this is, he responded, “Modern Australian uses French cooking techniques but with locally sourced ingredients. The food will always showcase the freshness of the ingredients while mixing in some Asian produce as well since these grow well in Australia.”

We were eager to give the menu a try with some of the dinner specialties selected for us. For starters we sampled the basil and cheese tortellini in an Earl Grey broth, salmon done three ways, scallop and prawn raviolo, and quail. The tortellini is lovely with the creamy cheese and hint of basil I however didn’t detect the Earl Grey in the broth (which is ok by me as I don’t personally like Earl Grey). My favourite was the salmon; there was the tataki, confit, and roast, all perfectly executed, cooked on the outside yet still rosy pink and raw on the inside. The scallop and prawn raviolo was good, however it paled in comparison to the first two. The quail was another delight though as there was the crusted breast, leg farci, confit shallots and chestnuts. It all worked well together…a symphony of flavours!
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Genji’s Sushi with a Twist Promotion

by Adly, on Sun, April 04, 2010 - 11:07:51 PM, 0 comment
Genji is experimenting with new things this April. Chef Ashraf training under Head Chef Richard Teoh have six new sushi creations with a twist from a lobster roll, stuffed calamari to an experimental pizza.

Inspired by Southeast Asian and Western Cuisine, and based on feedback from the restaurants' very own customers, Genji's Lobster Roll consists of a deep fried lobster in sushi roll with a spicy mayo and vegetable. Sushi Pizza is a baked sushi creation, topped with diced seafood, bell peppers, oregano and mozarella cheese.

Gold inclined diners would be attracted to their Golden Prawn Roll, which…  Continue reading »

Where To Eat

Shazana Pau Shop and Cafe

by Honey, on Sun, April 04, 2010
Mixed Cuisine

"Hey! Leave some for me..."

“We’ll have one of each,” I told Din, the owner of Shazana Cafe. We vowed not to over order in one place during the Kampung Baru Crawl but the daily specials were too tempting to ignore. Gulai tempoyak ikan patin, rendang itik and asam pedas daging tetel- Malay dishes I love but seldom get to have.

The gulai tempoyak had the most amazing scent but it was more Pahang style hence a little spicier and richer. However, if you are hankering for this, it does hit the spot. The tempoyak is also a little on the sour side which is how I like it. The daging tetel (known as daging cincang in KL) is basically the bits of meat and fat people cut off their meat. Cooked in an asam pedas, the fattiness of the meat chunks lends itself superbly to the sour-spicy gravy. This was the first dish to finish.

Mmm… the best of the trio though was the rendang itik. The spices or bumbu are cooked until almost crispy so it has a little bit of smokiness to it. Coupled with duck, the heady spices masks the gaminess while giving it tons of flavour. A plate of fried eggplant is served with this. I suggest you get the rendang spices and slather it on the eggplant- delicious!

Shazana seems one of those Kg. Baru hang outs that mushroomed out of simpler eating shops. The newer generation of cafe taikos make it a little trendier, serve a mixed menu of local grub and Western-ish dishes and provide wifi. There are many such eateries in the labyrinth of Kg. Baru- cheeky, a little schitzo and relentlessly cheerful. This hodge podge of everything that strikes one's fancy makes interesting dining out but it's something that's uniquely ours and makes no apologies for it.
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April Treats

by Alexa P., on Fri, April 02, 2010
Kitchen Capers
It’s the start of April and we figured you might like some ideas for tasty treats that will reward you after a busy day. We’ve made a few things that will definitely tingle the senses and tickle the mind. Be adventurous and embrace this wonderful month by trying out our recipes. Indulge in these goodies and have a good time!

Vietnamese…   More »

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A-laksa Hunting in Penang

by Li Ann, on Wed, March 31, 2010
Favourite 5
Assam laksa is a quintessentially Penang dish which is a Malaysian must have amongst locals and tourists alike. As one of the state’s most regaled dishes, Penang’s version is unlike other laksas you will find anywhere else in the world. The perfect bowl combines all elements of sweet, sour, spicy and salty, creating a beautiful assault of the senses…   More »


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