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A Toothsome Halloween Tale

by Alexa P. Photography FriedChillies on Fri, October 30, 2009

Once upon a time, on All Hallows Eve there were two ghoul siblings, Ludovic and Irina who were on their way out for their annual night of adventure. They trekked along taking their usual path through Evil Pumpkin Mountain...

Hello little ones

Beyond Evil Pumpkin Mountain lies the happy little village of Gallow Hills a place where they the ghouls go every year to partake in the festivities. This night was a bit different though as they came across a fork in the road that they hadn’t noticed on any of their previous trips to the village.

“Hey Irina! This has never been here before…do you think it’s a new short cut to Gallow Hills?” Ludovic asked.

“Hmm…it’s got to be…I can see the village lights in the distance!” she exclaimed.

So they took the right turn and continued on their way to the village with much excitement and a skip in their step. After a few minutes they notice that the pathway seems to have narrowed and the trees look scarier, much like monsters with their arms outstretched flailing in the wind.

I spy with my many eyes...

What they fail to realize is that they are headed straight into Aracidia’s lair. Aracidia is the queen demon spider with five eyes who preys on the souls of the weak. As the ghouls walk along the path their footsteps vibrate the webs in the trees sending the her signals that intruders are near.

It has been a long time since Aracidia has had anything exciting to eat and she sends her babies to collect the ghouls and bring them back to her.

“My children” she hisses “go collect the intruders and bring them back in one piece…once I have their souls you can feast on their meat.”

The spider babies delight in this news as they scurry off to find the two ghouls.

Eeee! Spiders are creeeepy...

Ludovic and Irina look up as they hear a twig snap in the distance, at first they see nothing but darkness, and then a huge black crowd scuttles towards them. Before they can do anything they are surrounded by hundreds of little spiders.

“W-w-we’re on our way to celebrate All Hallows Eve at Gallow Hills. C-c-could you please let us through? Y-y-you can join us if you’d like,” Irina stutters.

The spider babies don’t talk but make loud shrill noises that sound like high pitched squeals as they all close in around the ghouls and lift them up.

Aracidia is pleased when she sees the two innocent yet succulent ghouls placed down before her.

“We were on our way to the celebration at Gallow Hills. They have it every year and there’s a lot of food and fun,” Ludovic explains.

“And what would the humans want with ghouls like you? Aren’t they afraid?”

“W-w-well we’ve been going there for y-y-years. We’re f-f-friendly ghouls and we would ne-ne-never harm a soul,” Irina stutters.

Oh why oh why did my Mama make me so wobbly and delicious?

“I think this year you two might have a change in plans. Pity…the humans will just have to miss out on seeing you. You do look like you’d be an awfully tasty snack…wobbly…cooling…and refreshing! And see the thing is…I kind of already promised my babies a feast so I’m sure you understand…I cannot disappoint them,” says Aracidia with mock sincerity.

She takes a step closer to Irina and is just about to take a little nibble as Ludovic jumps to push her out of the way.

As he leaps forward he accidentally bumps into one of her eyes and they fall off. It is then that the two ghouls realize that this is her weak point. Both Ludovic and Irina leap forward swatting at her eyes.

With just one eye left Aracidia is visibly weaker as she scrambles around looking for them “My eyes! My eyes! Damn you! You filthy ghouls! I’ll get you!”

With one last swooping leap Irina manages to knock off the remaining eye, and as she does this she realizes that all the spider babies are blind as well. They relied on their Queen for sight. Aracidia is circling blindly as she tries to find her eyes and the ghouls put them in their bags and hurry off.

I vant to suck yur ectoplasmic vlood! Wa hahaha!

As they turn the corner thinking they are finally safe they realize that there is a gang of blood thirsty Vampires waiting for them…but that is a tale for another time. Happy Halloween!

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