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Coolest Food Websites for Kids and Parents

by The Charlie Photography FriedChillies on Sat, March 05, 2011

Surfing for ideas on what to cook for your kids? Need information, great videos, tips and tricks to get the most out of eating with your children? There are many websites out that are great for a great food-life with your family, here's our top picks.

So many ideas and activities you can do!

We’ve all heard of child prodigies in music, art, movies, sports and science. Now with TV shows like Junior MasterChef, there’s yet another category of inspiring kids: cooks! To help you understand this phenomenon, we’ve trawled the Internet and found so many little Kellers and Changs, and parents who are encouraging their kids’ awesome talents. Here are our top ten picks.

Most entertaining parent
Jim’s Pancakes


We like this site because breakfast was never this fun. While most of us might not attempt to recreate the awesomeness, there are million-dollar ideas in here. Like pancake cereal.

We wish this site had the recipes available right on the site instead of having to sign up for the newsletter - seeing as how Allie looks so happy, we want those pancakes too.

Most awesome dad
My Daddy Cooks


We like this site because it shows us that it’s possible for kids to eat the same food as adults and none of those baby purees with dumbed down flavours. It also has text, videos and audio recordings!

We wish this site had better navigation to search for recipes. The category menu is a little buried in favour of other sections, not so friendly.

Most helpful for art class
Cute Food For Kids


We like this site because it’s not just a gallery of food craft, they show you exactly how to get the perfect rabbit-shaped marshmallow pops.

We wish this site had links to its different craft ideas in the form of thumbnails instead of text. “1 Wiener Dog = 2 Crabs + 2 Octopi” is descriptive, but not helpful.

Most insightful
What’s For School Lunch?


We like this site because they showcase a pretty excellent variety of school lunches from around the world. It’s like peeking into your lunch partner’s paper bag, but many countries away.

We wish this site had links to recipes that could be used to replicate these lunches. The recent influx of Czech lunches on the site look mighty yummy...

Most inspiring
17 and Baking


We like this site because even though she’s now 19 and juggling school/work/blogging, Elissa Bernstein still manages to write well and give us recipes that look (and taste) wonderful.

We wish this site had just a little more savory recipes, though it’ll be a while before we’re done with all her desserts!

Most make-you-feel-inferior-because-you’re-twice-his-age
Happy Chickens Lay Healthy Eggs


We like this site because there are barely any kids who would do their own laundry, let alone keep chickens and bees and blog about it. Complete with tips and tricks, you might just be inspired to be a beekeeper yourself.

We wish this site had … not much else, really. It ain’t broke, so we’re not fixin’ it.

Most educational
Super Healthy Kids


We like this site because it provides explanations on why certain dishes or ingredients are healthy, along with the recipe itself - all in a friendly, amiable manner. There are also tips on how to get your kids to work on certain habits, like drinking more water.

We wish this site had meal plans that utilized leftovers, or at least have cook-once-eat-twice options. Having to cook every meal from scratch might be a bit much for moms on the go.

Most resourceful if you’re getting nerdy about child nutrition


We like this site because there are plenty of links, resources, and well-written articles on the importance of getting children to eat right, “even after we stop filling their plates”. Great for those looking for a bit of academic slant to their food research.

We wish this site had slightly more accessible tips on how to handle food and health issues with kids. Talking about GMOs may not go down well with every 10 year old.

Most amusing for a good read


We like this site because of Kirsten’s fun writing style that makes even tired dinner-making sound like waltzing in princess slippers. She doesn’t just talk about food though; it’s all about life with her daughters and all the music, craft and love that they experience every day.

We wish this site had a little less of her blogging about her running, and a little more on their kitchen adventures! Because, really, having her in the kitchen looks dead fun.

Most useful one-stop recipe site


We like this site because you feel like you’re watching Catherine McCord’s children grow up. Starting from about 6 months to toddlerhood to “big kid”, there are recipes for the different stages of a kid’s life. Stick with this site and you’ll need no other recipe site/book for when you have your own kids.

We wish this site had options to apply for adoption because after seeing this, we want nothing more than to call Catherine “mommy”.