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Foodsters’ Favourite 50 (2012 edition)

by Honey Ahmad Photography FriedChillies on Tue, January 08, 2013

At the end of each year, we always do a tally up of all the things we love in the food world. It's always a Herculean task as we badger our team for their list and argue through what is most cool and inspiring in the year that is 2012...

Travel, drama and terribly tasty things...

An eventful year in so many ways. It's been the year of travel for many of us. And nothing beats going to a foreign country to sample their food that makes you appreciate the abundance of ours. It's been a year of drama- making them and living them. Foodies are passionate people as we know and filming dramas is a whole different world from making food and travel shows. And of course it's been a terrific year of recipes and eating, meeting new people and plenty of kindred spirits. Here's to a tasty 2013!

Tip of the Year

1. Kiwi fruit tenderizes meat

Sheep farmers in New Zealand have been using this handy tip for years. Use kiwi fruit to tenderize even the toughest cut of meat. It even works with mutton.

The cheapest cut of meat we could find turns melt-in-your mouth just from hanging out with kiwi fruits!

A couple of kiwi fruits are enough to tenderize about 5 kg of meat. Just mix mashed up kiwi fruits (skin and all) with your meat of choice and leave if for 30 mins and you'll end up with pieces that are so tender they practically melt in your mouth. We have to pit this against daun betik to see which one is a better option.

Addiction of the Year

2. Nasi Kukus Ilham

When you combine hot steamed rice, a mixture of kuah, pineapple acar, spicy sambal belacan and freshly fried chicken, magic happens. Just a mere mention of Nasi Kukus Ilham will trigger hunger pangs in our office. Fortunately, the eatery is near our office so whenever we get a craving it’s just a few minutes away.

The freshly fried chicken here is the stuff of legends

The build up to this addiction is a slow one. It doesn't strike you the first time you eat here, the addiction will hit you when you go back. As the smell of the sambal and kuah lingers on your fingers, you can't get that plate of nasi kukus out of your mind and before you know it, you're back the next day eating another helping alone.

Game of the year

3. “America's Test Kitchen: Lets Get Cooking”

Tech geeks love this. Not quite a game it’s more like personal training for those who want to cook. Consider it a multimedia cookbook, there are over 300 recipes and you can search by ingredients or difficulty levels. Best of all, within your family, you can create profiles and divide steps and gives you all kinds of tips like chopping and mincing in a game kinda mode. Our tech guy Ariffin loves it!

Gadget mutant of the Year

4. Olympus + Carl Zeiss

We got some Carl Zeiss lenses and then got an adapter so we can use it with an Olympus PEN, the result? The most wondrous of camera hybrids indeed, the easy usability of a PEN with the photo crispness of Zeiss.

You need a KIPON lense adapter (with aperture settings) to marry them. With image stabilization on, it gives amateur photographers (like Adly, CEO of FriedChillies) the ability to produce almost professional like quality food shots and makes him look good which he likes. The adapter combo can be a bit klunky as you lose the autofocus and all the settings such as aperture and shutter needs to be manually set but you gain that look that only a Carl Zeiss lense can give.

Cool find of the Year

5. Satay sushi at Harrods

Yes, believe it or not, the Malaysian Satay has made its way to Harrods in Knightsbridge, London. Served at Pan Chai restaurant, a fusion Malaysian restaurant created by owner Eddie Lim, the dish brings in many curious foodies to the Pan Chai counter.

Satay is rolled in sushi rice topped with kuah kacang (peanut gravy) it's such a novelty that you must try if you are in Harrods. According to Eddie, Pan Chai is the top performing food counter in the Harrods food market. In bidding for a place in the famous Harrods Food Hall, Pan Chai beat 200 other bidders bidding over the single spot vacancy. Malaysian street food have arrived.

Fav makan Spot of the Year

6. Kluang Station

It’s 3 hours away but if you get a chance, make a day trip and visit this ‘ole skool’ kopitiam. Serving richly flavoured locally grown coffee and charcoal toasted buns, there’s a reason why this kopitiam have been around since 1938.

Soft buns slathered with kaya...

Not only do they have the best tasting roti kahwin (silky kaya with generous blocks of butter spread on soft fluffy buns) but eating here makes you feel like you’re in a P Ramlee movie because they’ve kept most of the original décor.

It’s nostalgic and kinda romantic. We do recommend you to go there after 3pm though because that’s when they start selling nasi lemak bungkus. These little packets of delight have a sweet onion sambal and yummy coconut-infused rice. So good you’ll be thinking about them on the ride home to KL.

Fav hang out of the Year

7. Happy Gardens, Penang

This is a gem within the tourist trap of Baru Feringghi. Happy Garden is operated by an elderly Hainanese couple (the husband cooks, the wife serves) who dishes out authentic Hainanese fare, be it local or western. It's popular with tourists and locals alike though we suggest pre-ordering the specialties to avoid disappointment.

The Hainanese chicken chop is one of the best with its crisp battered chicken, crunchy stirfried onions/peas and piquant savoury sauce. Macaroni pie, lamb stew, yam duck, hainan soup came recommended too.

And please do not forget to prebook Shireen's apple pie, it's to die for! They also bake their own Hainanese bread for breakfast.

Fav breakfast spot

8. Chanai and Chaya

Breakfast is the best part of the day. And one of our favourite spots last year is Chanai and Chaya on top of the Taman Tun market.

Check out their freshly made appoms

Honey, the Head of Content says, "they have excellent appoms but my favourite is their paper tosei with their thick coconut chutney". Here’s a suggestion- do 50 minutes cardio on the Taman Tun Hill and then come here for a well deserved Indian breakfast. Tip: The stall on it’s left has pretty good sambal kerang too!

Fav door gift

9. Homemade kaya

We handed out our Killer Kaya as door gifts at one of our events and had positive responses from our guests. So creamy and decadent, our homemade kaya is so rich it's almost like liquid gold. Slather over buttered toast or even a baguette, this coconut jam will make the perfect party favour or house warming gift.

Fav Coffee Joint

10. Artisan Roast

If you’re looking for Adly last year, most likely he’ll be at Artisan sipping their killer coffee and conducting impromptu meetings.

We’ve been fans since their first incarnation as a coffee shack behind Yayasan Seni in Ampang. We love the urban hippiness of it all from the taps made from spades to the rough-hewn brickwork in the Taman Tun joint that makes it a cosy cave for ideas to fruit. And did we mention the killer coffee?

Fav Cupcake

11. Red Velvet

We've never had so many requests this year for red velvet. What is wonderful about this cupcake is that having buttermilk in its ingredients makes it moist with hints of buttery vanilla with a tinge of chocolate.

And of course the crowning glory is the cream cheese icing!

We love...

There has been many, many things we love last year in the food world. Here are some that keeps cropping up on everyone's list.

12. Lucky Peach

We love receiving post and Lucky Peach is something to look forward to. This quarterly written by industry people is crazy, long-winded and sometimes just bizarre, a magazine that takes you through what could possibly be the thought process of people who work in food. Chock full of illustrations, pictures and tributes- we suggest you score a copy today and rediscover the joy of magazines,

13. Fried Chicken

We love them and you love them too! Last year we put up tons of fried chicken recipes and you still wanted more!

From crispy crusted skinned ones to mamak style redolent of spices and curry leaves, no one can say no to fried chicken.

14. Mother's Milk

Yes our own Li Ann became a mum last year and we pay tribute to mother’s milk in this favourite 50. "My cup runneth over, so I used extra for a milkbath for my bub," says the glowing new mum.

We've read that some moms even eat it with their cereal and there is even a shop in Covent Garden London which sold breast milk ice cream! There's even a fb group which organises breast milk donation and matching between donors and receivers. In KL there's a lady running workshops on how to DIY your own breastmilk soap. We hear breastmilk work great on people with eczema and other skin problems (just wipe it on the affected area and leave to dry or bathe in it).

15. Delivery service entrepreneurs

Delivery services is becoming pretty cool. High on our list is Lunch 2 U- for healthy lunches like a yummy red rice salad and quinoa. Our favourite is the TLT Sandwich subbing a crisp grilled tempe instead of bacon.

There's also Sandwiches by Simply Sandwiches. We also love Spicy Corner with their delivery banana leaf and Fatty Crabs for snazzy crabs delivered right to your doorstep complete with fried mantous.

The fried chicken set from Spicy Corner delivered to your doorstep!

16. Power Plants!

This snazzy little planters are great for growing herbs in your kitchen all year round.

Basically plant seeds in special ‘grow sponges’, fill up the water reservoir with a mix of H20 and an included nutrient mix. Plug it in near a sunny window and it will chug along happily ensuring you'll always have fresh herbs for your cooking like basil, chives, parsley etc. Cool beans! Oh maybe we can grow that too...

17. Tefal Toast 'n' Egg

A toaster that makes eggs for you too! We think that's just cool.

It has an egg poaching tray, a steamer tray for boiled eggs and even a warming tray to heat up your pre-cooked meats. We also love the fact that their toast slots are wide enough for bagels and Hainanese toasts. Huzzah!

18. Beef Kut Teh

Yes, pigs and chicken can sigh with relief cos there's now a new contender to pair with yummy meat bone tea. It's Uncle Loi's beef kut teh in Melaka. There's not much soup to it (less slurping action) but it's redolent with spices, pepper and all things bovine.

It used to operate from a house and customers had to hang around til a table vacated but now uncle has wisely moved to a proper shoplot making the eating experience much more pleasant. The accompanying homemade chilli sauce goes great with the beef too. Uncle Loi is really generous with the ingredients and we particularly love his fuchuk (beancurd sheets) which is deep fried then dunked into the boiling soup. Caution: be prepared for postmeal meat sweats thanks to the meat+pepper combo.

19. Barbecues!

We love barbecues and every year we put a nice fat turkey on the barbie.

Since The Charlie went to Argentina this year, we thought pay tribute to their asados.

"Not only do they have good beef, they know how to cook it well. The best parrillas (grill houses) are neighbourhood affairs, and the best asados (barbecues) are at home with friends and family. Grilling tips passed down from father to son make their beef the best I've had in my life" says The Charlie, licking her lips.

20. A Tribute to Tea

Tea is high on our list this year. We are constantly amazed at how many incarnations this versatile drink comes in. Take Pat Poh Tea- that is known mainly to Penangites. Order it at any kopitiam outside Penang and you'll get blank stares.

It started as a herbal drink for health but now it's more of a refreshment which Penangites of all ages enjoy. There are even variations ie Pat Poh Goo Leng Peng (Pat Poh syrup mixed with milk+ice which tastes of bubblegum!) and Keat Poh (Pat Poh with kalamansi juice for that zesty twist!). For those homesick Penangites, it's sold in bottles at chinese med shops so you can enjoy it within the comforts of your home.

A teh tarik a day keeps the blues away

And how can we forget our own teh tarik sessions pretty much our national drink. Match it with anything, your morning roti canai or roti bakar, lunch nasi campur and rendang; and even after dinner, a cup of teh tarik just makes your day.

Wearing Food

We not only love to eat food but wear them too. Here are some of our favourite wearable grub.

21. Fav T-Shirt

Our favourite food T-shirt this year is (drumroll please...)

It's a tie!

Burger Planet Tee

Creative Director Riz owns one!

Pop Malaya durian Tee

Fav Brand

22. Tarik Jeans

Kudos to Tarik Jeans for putting our iconic teh tarik man on their label.

Viewing Pleasure

Fav Food Porn

23. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

So there's this 86 year old Japanese man who dedicated almost his entire life to making sushi at the basement of a subway platform in Tokyo, and he says that he has not created the perfect sushi yet. Why? So there's the story.

Jiro and his team of sushi savants

Jiro Ono runs the Sukibayashi Jiro with 10 seats but this tiny restaurant has earned three michelin stars and the amazement of everyone who had dined here. This requires a reservation of up to a month in advance and a princely sum of 30,000 yen for a fixed menu of 20 pieces of sushi and only sushi. Normal prices for a 10 piece sushi at Tsukiji is around 3,500 yen. He ages his tuna for up to 10 days, and apprentices massage the octopus’s by hand for 50 minutes before preparing it.

The best cut of tuna belly on perfect sushi rice.

In this documentary glistening sushi comes at you as if rendered in 3D. It’s the most glorious homage to a man who’s spent his entirely life perfecting sushi. A must watch for sushi fans.

Fav Documentary

24. Kings of Pastry

16 Chefs. 3 Days. 1 Chance. This documentary follows 3 pastry chefs gunning for one of the most prestigious craftsmen awards in France, the Meilleur Ouvrier de France and the honour of wearing the tricolour stripe on their collar. Held every 4 years, the qualifying process consists of 3 gruelling days of prepping for a wedding buffet which includes a cake, sugar sculpture and countless pastries.

Really? That's your sugar creation?

Watching the chefs prepare and present their creations to the judges sometimes can be quite a nerve wrecking experience. It’s a roller coaster of emotions, you root for them, feel for them when a mishap happens and wait in anticipation for the results along with them. It’s an enjoyable documentary that showcases the delicate art of French pastry-making. Beautiful and moving, after watching the intense dedication of these chefs, you’ll never take pastry for granted again.

Fav Animated Character

25. Gopal in Bo Boi Boy

This boy's superpower is that he turns people into food whenever he gets scared. Yeah, he's our kind of hero.

Fav Food Programme

26. Taste Off

At the end of each show, British chef Aaron Craze (yes that is his actual surname) will do a cook off that includes a blind testing session to determine if he managed to beat the cooks at their own turf. Our favourite is of course the KL episode where he gets a chance to compete against a local cook by making rendang.

Aaron vs. our own Jen

To find out if he wins or loses don't forget to catch the show. You can also spot a few cameos done by our FC team in this episode. With his wicked sense of humour and cockney charm, Aaron makes this show even more watchable.

Fav weird magga

27. Toriko

Toriko is a gourmet hunter and he searches for rare food to complete a full meal. But of course in true Japanese style, there are monsters to fight and eat and a timid cook that has to deal with all the exotic meat. It’s even made into an anime.

Design and Media

Plenty in the design world that piqued our interest this year. Here are some of our favourites.

28. Food Paintings by Tjalf Sparnaay

Some dude thought it would be fun to paint super realistic food.

This Dutch artist is one of the leading artists in the field of mega-realism, part of a global art movement of hyper realism. It's like still life in HD and his paintings can fetch up to 45,000 euros.

29. Deep fried gadgets

Some dude thought it would be fun to deep fry gadgets.

Henry Hargreaves created the gadgets using foamcore since he can't afford to deep fry the real stuff. Like greasy fast food, there's an over consumption of electronics in the world today. Says Hargreaves, “I see a connection between tech and fastfood culture, both are fetishized, quickly consumed then discarded".

30. Instagram

While some love to take photos of food.

Farah, our Vice Head of Content a.k.a self-confessed instagram junkie loves this app. “You get to take food photos and share them with your friends. Plus, you don’t need to be a pro to take appetizing snapshots. It’s so forgiving, use the awesome filters to edit your photos and you’re sorted.” So, get snapping and document your makan adventures with us. Just remember to #friedchillies whenever you upload a ‘sedap’ shot.

31. Tiger in A Jar Videos

And others film them in a dreamy manner

There ain’t no way you can be more hipster than Tiger in A Jar videos. Combining cool typography, stylized shoots and a vintage feel , their cooking videos are so aesthetically pleasing that sometimes you don't even care what dish they're making. Their videos are absolute eye candy and you'll be in awe at how detailed they are especially when it comes to the props they use.

32. Kate Spade Chocolate Clutch

And then, there's this gorgeous bag to carry around with you...

If you’re a foodie fashionista, this quirky clutch is the right accessory for you. Embrace the chocoholic in you and add some fun to your wardrobe. And if you’re hankering for cocoa, it even has enough space for you to store an emergency chocolate bar.

The Sweet Life

This is the year of wonderful desserts and kuihs. Here are some that makes life a little sweeter.

33. Pavlova

Ryan our designer says this, "Pavlova is the new word I learned this year, it is so gentle inside with a bit of crunch outside. It gently touches my tongue and the sweetness melted me, definitely it is one of the best meringues I've ever tasted".

34. Cekodok

A favourite way for us to use up extra bananas in the office. Nadia our admin smiles, "I love to have some for tea with milo panas or teh tarik. It's just so simple and yet so satisfying."

35. Ang Ku

One of our favourite nyonya kuih and a traditional must have at a baby's full moon party. It's best eaten fresh when the flour is still soft and doughy and the yellow bean filling is fresh.

Unfortunately it doesn't keep long so what to do when there's leftover? Pan fry it on a hot pan! It's already oily on its own so no need to add oil. Just heat up the pan and plop it on the skillet til it turns slightly brown and flip it over til it's brown on all sides. Crispy and oh so yummy!

36. Tres Leche Cake

Not for the lactose intolerant, Tres Leche means ‘3 Milks’ in Spanish. A popular Latin American dessert, it is actually a sponge or butter cake soaked in three kinds of milk- evaporated milk, condensed milk and whole milk.

Our content team, Honey and Farah discovered this yummy treat at a Mexican restaurant in New York early this year. Although soaked in all that creaminess, it's a light dessert that's not too decadent . The sponge cake absorbs the trio of milk which gives it a contrast of textures. The top part is soft and spongey, while the bottom part where all the liquids are collected is moist and dense. When we made it, it tasted like bahulu soaked in creaminess of milk.


There are many, many people we adore this year that makes our world that little bit delicious...

The Supperclub Madame

37. Jen Palencia

Photo by Natasha Brand

Jen Palencia is quite a character. With her husky voice and a passion for cooking, she is the Madame of our local supper club scene. She specialises in European cuisine, especially French and Italian. The great thing about her underground sessions is the element of surprise.

The menu is everchanging and sometimes the diners don't even know what's being served until the actual night. There's a homely feel about eating in someone's living room as opposed to a restaurant and Jen welcomes you to hers with open arms. So, if you fancy a restaurant quality meal in a warm and cosy setting, do check out Jen's Supper Club.

The Queen of Ghee

38. Auntie Buvaneswari

At FC, we're shameless when it comes to getting stuff for our website, that's why for our Deepavali content we actually went to our social media dude's mum for some recipes. Aunty Buvaneswari's Deepavali open house is legendary.

Although it's a vegetarian affair, meat lovers would flock to her house for tasty masala tosai and her famouse egg curry. Not only does she cook with plenty of love, she also adds a spoonful of ghee in every dish which is probably why her Deepavali guestlist keeps getting longer each year.

The Cuisine Guru

39. Norman Musa

We met Norman Musa several years ago when he was just a one restaurant guy with no awards to his belt but even then, we knew that in time, he will get places. Why? Because he is passionate about cooking, teaching and Malaysian food; and because he works hard at it. Norman is a self taught cook who is heavily influenced by his mother. He opened his first restaurant called Ning in 2006 whilst still working full time as a quantity surveyor and joined Ning full time in 2009. Now, he has several TV shows under his belt, a cook book, a second restaurant in York that just opened in 2012.

He's toured with the Lotus Formula1 team, filmed with Gordon Ramsay and Rachel Allen and had special appearances in MasterChef Malaysia. On 25 November 2012, Norman was awarded Young Asian & Oriental Chef of the Year at the Asian Curry Award London, and on 6 December 2012 received the Hospitality Guild 's Young Hall of Fame award at a parliamentary reception at the House of Commons. He is the first Malaysian to receive such an accolade. We expect more great things will come for this young chef.

The Gung-ho Superstar

40. Caroline Mili Artiss

We started watching Caroline's youtube videos on cooking and just fell in love with her. So much that we flew her over and shot a cooking show with her. Half Sarawakian and half British, we believe that she's going to be the next big thing. Irrepressible, hard-working and up for anything, her latest project was Jamie Oliver's Chef Race. In this show chefs race across America doing all kinds of tasks which included shooting and cooking a buffalo.

Catch her soon in Simply Caroline on our network.

Country Tribute

41. Oui..France

The land of epicureans and fancy dishes. Our local dining scene is going through a French revolution, with a crop of French-inspired eateries opening up in KL now Francophiles can enjoy French cuisine without boarding a flight.

Crazy for Canard

The French love duck , whether drenched in its own fat ala Confit Canard, smoked ( Margret Canard ) or even made into spread (Rilletes) to enjoy with baguettes, there is something about this poultry that gets the French salivating at the mouth.

Every part of the duck is used - the leg for confit, the breast for margret and even the liver is used for foie gras. Duck has tons of flavour with a layer of fat that adds so much more depth in its taste. In France, confit is so popular that they're sold in huge cans available at most supermarkets.

Making confit there is as easy as opening a can, popping the leg in the oven and heating it up. But if you fancy confit canard and looking for something nearby, drop by to one of KL's latest French eatery, Bistro A Table.

Mad for Macarons and Madelines

We love Pierre Herme's macarons. With innovative flavours like Basil Vanilla and Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate, if you ever get a chance to go to Paris, do make it a point to sample some of Pierre's macarons because they're simply out of this world. To satisfy your cravings at home, just order a few at Nathalie Gourmet Studio which is located right here in KL.

If Macarons aren't your thing, why not opt for another French treat, madeleines? These buttery spongey mini cakes are a favourite of our Chef in Residence, Aida. Experimenting with different versions over the past year, she considers madelines as her 2012 favourite.

And for bona-fide baguettes, troupe down to Tommy Le Baker on Jalan Ipoh. A true artisan, Tommy traveled in France for over 10 years learning how to make long fermentation breads. But seriously... the baguettes are the best in town.

Food Glorious Food

42. Dumplings

Dumplings... they come in all shapes and sizes. Among them are pan sticker dumplings, Shanghai dumplings, Zhong Zi (a traditional Chinese dumpling made from glutinous rice and wrapped with bamboo leaves).

For soup dumpling there are 2 types: Shui Jiao; local thinner skin dumpling or Jiao Zi; China mainland thicker skin dumpling. Yun tun; is more likely a smaller version soup dumpling; Hong Kong style. During Chinese New Year, most Chinese eat dumpling right before midnight. Dumplings are similar in shape to an old form of Chinese money or gold ingots called Yuan Bao and so dumplings are symbolic.

43. Sambal Gesek

A Negori condiment consisting of ikan bilis 'digesek' (mashed) with cili padi then mixed with lime. You get the spiciness and saltiness with the wonderful zestiness of lime, the perfect condiment with white rice. Recommended eating with gulai putih labu.

44. Ayam Negro

Not the most PC name for a dish but go to a Nasi Kandar outlet in Penang and chances are you'll see it on their menu. The name actually comes from the colour of the dish. (Clearly, we Malaysians aren't a tactful lot when it comes to naming our dishes).

Ayam Negro has a nice dark flavour, tastes almost similar to Ayam Masak Kicap except that the gravy is thicker and sweeter. The extra sweetness comes from the addition of blended raisins. It's a perfect dish to eat with a hot plate of Nasi Kandar.

Eateries we Dig!

45. Burger Lab

2012 has been the year of the burgers, whether it's steamed, grilled or Ramly, burgers seems to be everywhere this year. One of the most talked about burger joints in town is My Burger Lab.

With interesting offerings like the Elvis Burger (a peanut butter & jelly and cheese burger hybrid) or the Stink Bomb (a pungent combo of blue cheese dressing, minced chicken infused with sambal and petai), My Burger Lab will satisfy burger fans that are looking for something different to tease their palate. They were even in Jamie Oliver's mag last December!

46. Nasi Lemak Bonnet

This lovely nasi lemak gem was recommended to us by our Producer, Aden. Located in Uptown Damansara, the set up is humble and quirky, the whole boot (bonnet ) of a car is transformed into a nasi lemak stall. The proprietor, Kak Zalina is a whizz when it comes to utilising small spaces, her modest boot accommodates rows of kuihs as well as components needed to make a nasi lemak.

The nasi lemak here has lovely hints of pandan served with a well balanced sambal - not too spicy and not too sweet. Crispy ikan bilis and a choice of runny or well-fried egg completes the pack. If you'd like something extra, enjoy your rice with their rendang kerang. They use fresh cockles and cooks it just enough so it maintains a wonderful springy texture which goes so well with the aromatic tastes of kerisik and turmeric leaves.

47. Hardcore Burger

Owners are bodybuilders so they know their protein! Seriously good stuff and worth every cents. The rolls royce of burger bakars we dare say and can rival chillies and carl junior anytime! We Love their signature double patty hardcore burger and the chicken mushroom is pretty awesome too.

48. Laksa Jitra Mai

We love this excellent roadside laksa for a few reasons. One is that they are not stingy on the fish, the broth is thick with it. Secondly, the noodle itself is al dente and irregularly shaped. Condiments are also fresh. And then there's the fact that its served alongside some good cendol. So you got your shady tree, your laksa (only RM3.50 a bowl) and the cendol to cool everything off.


49. I EAT KL

This is the year we were mad enough to do drama and went well a little ambitious. We had over 25 speaking parts and over 19 locations and we haven't even gotten to how much food there was to be filmed. Affectionately we themed it a 'food drama' as its the story of people whose lives revolve around food. But essentially its the story of friendships and love and living in a city like KL. There's Sabrina, a writer with a big heart and appetite, her best friend Meg who's a Francophile chef and feisty fashionista Kiki.

Meet our three gorgeous and hungry girls...

We shot in some great KL institutions like Yut Kee and Satellite Chicken Rice. It was challenging, sweltering and often times hair-pulling but in the end it's all worth it. Await for it's release real soon on The FriedChillies Food Network on hyppTV.

My love for you is like chicken rice...

Fav Event

50. Malaysian Kitchen project

This is a bold project that has the noble aim of increasing Malaysian food exports to the world. And why not? Our food deserves its own place in the world gastronomy map. Since 2010, MATRADE braved this front and has successfully carved out a name for Malaysia through its relentless and creative campaigns which spans several continents including Europe, Australia, USA, and China.

The campaign smartly starts with promoting Malaysian restaurants in countries that they focus as they believe that the first step for people to know Malaysia is through overseas Malaysian restaurants. This is then followed by food festivals, online campaigns and contests.

Their latest Malaysian Night at Trafalgar Square in October 2012 brought in a huge crowd beating the rain just to have a taste of Malaysian food. See for yourselves.


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