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The ROYALE Fried Chicken by myBurgerLab

by Honey Ahmad Photography CK Chun on Thu, June 11, 2015

myBurgerLab is famous for pushing boundaries in terms of flavour. No surprise then, that when challenged to make something unique using Maggi Royale, they stepped up to the plate. And they didn't do a ramen burger too!

This madness shouldn't work. But IT DOES.

The name myBurgerLab is synonymous with burgers that are on the bleeding edge of creativity. Each creation at their wildly popular burger joints are flavour bombs and unexpected. When you eat here, expect fireworks in your mouth. The story of their mercurial rise in the Klang Valley dining out scene is the stuff of restaurant legend.

Three guys who are culinary untrained yet know what good food is, started the first myBurgerLab in Seapark in 2011. They were at the forefront of the burger boom and pioneered not only black buns but also a powerful social network campaign that saw lines snaking out of their door almost from day one. “Yes it was insane. When we started we were only making 150 burgers a day so we knew we had to scale up fast but still retain the quality,” says Renyi who can often be seen in the kitchen of one of his branches shooting the breeze with his crew.

Renyi is head honcho and mad scientist, one of the guys who created a whole culture of work hard, play harder. This is a man who derives joy from his palate and manages to translate them into burgers that fly out of the kitchen as fast as they can make them. So the MAGGI Royale challenge is something he accepted with great relish.

“I thought I go into food urban myth- the illusive milo-curry noodles for inspiration". Say what? “ You don’t know about putting milo in curry instant noodles? It’s out of this world,” he grins. So What Renyi did was take that idea and then turned it into FRIED CHICKEN with MAGGI Royale noodles. And really how can you expect anything less from a dude who treats his kitchen like big food lab?

Ingredients looks really unassuming but somekind of magic is going to take place.

Step 1: The chilli paste that’s made with real roasted belacan is mixed in with mayonnaise and a bit of sugar for sauce.

Step 2: MAGGI Royale noodles is mixed with the Seafood curry mix and creamer then blended to make a dredging. Renyi does it in two textures, fine and still with bits of noodles in it.

Step 3: Chicken breasts are cut into strips and then brined for 24 hours. It is then marinated for 3 hours in milo and yogurt.

Chicken is then covered with the MAGGI Royale noodle crumbs

The chicken is then dropped in the fryer for 1 minute.

After a minute, chicken is rested for about half a minute to get rid of moisture. This is because the chicken steams while frying due to all the brining and marinating. It is then flash fried quickly again to get it all crunchy.

“My only issue with this dish is that it doesn’t look very attractive,” laughs Renyi. “But it totally works!” We must say its almost subversive how simple this dish is but one bite of the fried chicken and it completely takes you by surprise.

The chicken is so moist and so succulent, juices drip as you bite into it. That’s the result of the long brining. The MAGGI Royale noodle breadcrumbs are excellent, it’s crunchy with a lot of texture and stays on the chicken without falling apart. The fact that the noodles are firm and springy means that it doesn’t get soggy from the frying.

And then the burst of seafood curry with a malty aftertaste. This madness should not work, but it does. Oh it does. The chilli mayo also gives it an extra va va voom. “I really like MAGGI Royale as noodles and also as ingredients. Plus it’s such an honour that MAGGI knows who we are. We didn’t realise that they even knew of our existence! Enthuses Renyi. “I love these kinds of challenges, they really get the brain juices going,” he adds.

Not the most exciting to behold as compared to a burger but it will blow your mind.

“I also came up with a ramen burger using the MAGGI Royale Korean Braised Beef- we have been experimenting with korean burgers, then just this morning before you came, I thought of this fried chicken and tried it. Eureka!” Renyi says pleased.

Sometimes the best ideas come out of the blue. But we also think it’s the years of experience curating flavours that work together, that allowed him to be so spot-on with so few ingredients.

Maggi collaborated with FriedChillies to throw a friendly challenge to FriedChillies Top 5 Trending Food Entrepreneurs. Just for fun, we gave each of them a pack of Maggi Royale and they have to come up with something creative. Must use everything in the packet and must taste awesome! And spend at least one day serving/selling this to their fans, and get their fans to vote on our FriedChillies facebook page. Most points/shares win. So...

Want to try Renyi's Milo loaded, noodle crusted fried chicken? myBurgerlab will be serving this coming Tuesday (16th June 2015) at one of their branches. Check out our facebook to find out which branch this will be. Don't forget to hashtag #MAGGIRoyaleOfTheDay and #maggiroyale when you try Renyi's unique creation.

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