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From Down South: Nasi Lemak from N. Sembilan

by Edwan S. on Thu, October 30, 2014

It's hot on the run-up to I EAT NASI LEMAK 2014 and today we're featuring nasi lemak heroes from Negeri Sembilan..

It Must Be Something In The Water...

Port Dickson must be the go to beach destination for us Klang Valley folk. And of course: it's nearby and the beaches are really quite nice (after those 'dark ages' in the 90s) nowadays. Well here's one more reason to go to Port Dickson: nasi lemak. We found this great nasi lemak at Seri Mesra restaurant. It's a seafood and ikan bakar restaurant, in actuality. But we found out that boy does it have a great nasi lemak.

Simple done right at Seri Mesra.

It's a simple nasi lemak done right, that is far more than the sum of its parts. According to owner Zie, it's all in the 'air tangan' of her mother that does the cooking. We suspect they might be cooking the nasi with sea water for this distinctive taste. Crumbly, coconutty rice is paired excellenty with their sweet and spicy sambal. The best part and what makes the nasi lemak here unique is that it goes really well with the seafood sold here too! So nasi lemak with ikan bakar? Tomyam? You'll find it here at Seri Mesra!

The Yellow King of Kuahs... and Nasi Lemak

In the sleepy town of Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan is a kedai makan full of joy. Well that might be because the shop itself is called 'Kedai Makan Joyz'. The titular Joy (real name: Fauziah) used to be a tuition teacher before branching off into doing food. First she did tempeyek, and pretty soon she thought, hey why not start selling nasi lemak.


Yes, so what, you might ask? Well she serves it with a delicious fried sambal ikan keli (which the town of Lenggeng is famous for)... and a gorgeous, ridiculously tasty gulai lemak telur itik. In particular the sambal that has hints of tart flavour from assam is really complemented with the creamy coconut gravy. That combination really takes this nasi lemak to a whole other level in terms of tastiness.

In Lenggeng is also Kedai Nayan, that has a different take on the nasi lemak with sambal ikan keli. Kedai Nayan is only open on weekends though, and they're a destination in itself.

Are these three nasi lemaks coming to I EAT NASI LEMAK 2014?

YOU BETCHA! This is your chance to try all three (and more!) in one day without leaving KL. So what else are you waiting for? Bawa bertenang dan makan nasi lemak!