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We make you happy through food at FriedChillies. And we do this across multiple media platforms from broadcast, web, social networks to ground events. FriedChillies started as a website dedicated to foodies from all over the world in 1998. Now FriedChillies writes, shoots, edits, produces, publishes and dreams about food. Food in all its alluring and appetizing forms.

We think there are endless ways to showcase food be it recipes, eating habits or just people obsessing about it. So we have shows to suit the foodie in everyone (check our new IPTV shows here). For articles, reviews, gadgets, cooking tips and much, much more come visit us at Friedchillies.com and we guarantee you’ll go away hungry for more. Like us.

Team Foodster

Mohd Adly Rizal
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
A cup of margarine roasted local coffee is the way to this guy’s heart. Also loves chicken rice, a good piece of steak and his mum’s nasi briyani.

Honey Ahmad
Chief Content Creator and Co-Founder
A plate of  'smooth... slides down your throat' Chee Cheong Fun is her tummy’s delight. Also nuts about sambal ikan bilis, gulai tempoyak and grilled lamb chops.

Aden M. Tap
Network Channel Manager
Loves Minang food and a good 'wok hei' smelling char koay teow, Loves a party and sometimes experiment with recipes in the office.

Ryan Gan
Manager, Production and Design
He loves spicy pan mee and icy cold cendol. Wantan noodles also make him incredibly happy and gets those creative juices flowing.

ChaCha Charan
Community Manager
Loves Food. And Zombies. In that order. Harnesses the power of the FriedChillies community by offering information that leads to good food.

Aida Azizuddin
Loves gorgeous decorated cakes, laksa johor, masak lemak ketam and a nice rack of lamb. Bribes other Foodsters with her cooking.

Nadge Ariffin
Gastropological Historian
Chunky sticks of perfectly grilled satay served with sweet peanut sauce toots this guy’s tastebuds. Blurts out food facts whilst eating.

Code of Ethics

Content on the review section is by our own unbiased selection. Restaurants don’t pay to be in this section and we don’t take free food for a good review. On occasion we do entertain media invites but we are not obliged to feature them in our website or channels.

FriedChillies is based in multi-cultural Malaysia, whose food geography spans many Asian cuisines. We provide cross-media platform publishing for online and print, Internet and broadcast TV, and mobile content, as well as content licensing and syndication.

Because we are content-focused with a technology-based business model, our content delivery is faster than traditional media and we are able to do it across multiple channels.

Our latest media platform is a Subscribed Video On Demand Service on Malaysia's largest IPTV provider, UniFi-HyppTV on Channel 838 with over 3000 minutes of original content ranging from food & travel, documentaries, instructional videos, cooking shows and food drama.

The Friedchillies Newsroom

If you have interesting and newsworthy information about all things food, share it with us! We would love to let everyone know about your launches, events and exciting products (gadgets and kitchen appliances included).

Send all press releases and information to newsroom[at] friedchillies.com

Advertising Opportunities & Media Reach

Ask about our rate card, new media report or detailed description of our network of media platforms at FriedChillies. Just email us at advertising [at] friedchillies.com

In The News

Features about FriedChillies.Com in local and foreign publications. View the full list here.

“The highly interactive site is on its way to achieving its mission -- getting Malaysian food worldwide recognition.”
-CNN -

“Food Media describes what FriedChillies does best ”
-The Edge -

“Blogs like FriedChillies and Penang Street Foods have sprouted in recent years, deliciously chronicling the pan - Asia flavors of dishes”
-The New York Times -

“A specialist topic content brand that provides food guides, editorial, reviews and community information for afficionados of Asian food including street food.”
-Adobe Success Case Study -

“Outstanding and almost too voluminous reviews….lively, imaginative, clearinghouse for K.L's foodies…”
- Wall Street Journal -

“Plenty of mouth watering suggestions for the Epicurean…”
- FHM Magazine -

“Introduced me to Malaysia’s culinary cultures in a day set a belly busting challenge...”
- Times UK

Listed for three consecutive years, Best 88 websites, 88 Most Noteworthy website
- The Edge -

“Bouyant, bold and thigh slappingly funny….”
- The Sun -

Contact US : FriedChillies Food Network

From 15th February 2013, we have moved : 

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47810 Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +603 77106809 Fax: +603 77107178

Advertising Department: advertising [at] friedchillies.com
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Media Platforms

Broadcast Channel:

FriedChillies on HyppTV

FriedChillies Food Network on UNIFI-HyppTV Channel 838 with over 3000 minutes of original content and increasing per month


Print & Publication:
MAKAN FREE Magazine - Quarterly Food Magazine given out to subscribers of the FriedChillies Food Network and the FriedChillies community.


Internet  :
On-line Food Magazine at FriedChillies.Com: Bi-Weekly updated food news, reviews, articles, recipes, special features and shows to make you happy


Internet Newsletter : Makan FREE Online;

Our monthly FREE newsletter that the deals with the latest in content, events, promotions, gadgets, recipes and everything else the revolves around the food world. .


Social Media :

Yes we are also here on Facebook, Twitter, YouTUBE and Google+ keeping our fans and foodie communities connected together



Recent Accolades

DigiWWWOW Awards
DigiWWOW Makan Expert - Winner 2012

NewMan Awards
NewMan Creative Media Awards - Nominee 2012

Le Cordon Bleu
Best Food Website in the World - Nominee 2010 Le Cordon Bleu Media Awards

NYC Food Film Festival
New York Food Film Festival - Super Short Film - Winner

Time Out KL - Food HEROES

Our Core Values

These are a set of values that we as FriedChillians live by, and they guide how we run our business, and are our code of conduct.

1. Deliver WOW
Anything worth doing, you bet that it's worth doing with an impact.

2. Embrace and Drive Change
We must learn NOT to fear change but to embrace and drive it

3. Create a fun environment
Companies are about people. We want FriedChillies to be a bit more fun and interesting to everyone.

4. Be Adventurous, Creative and Open Minded
At FriedChillies, we believe its important for people to be bold and daring yet not reckless

5. Pursue Growth and Learning
We believe that it is important for everyone to grow both personally and professionally

6. Build Open and Honest Relationship with Communication
Openness and honesty makes for the best relationships that lead to trust and faith. We value this.

7. Build a positive team and family spirit
When we are in a team that has such a high positive spirit, magic happens

8. Do more with less
Doing more with less; this takes ingenuity and creativity.

9. Be passionate and determined
We strive to bring happiness to people through food. If you are gonna do something, make it count.

10. Be humble
Being humble keeps us grounded and our decisions practical grin


Hungry for an opportunity to work in a Food Media Company? Friedchillies Media is always looking for talent in research, writing, production and photography that fits our 10 core values ethic.

Main criteria: MUST LOVE FOOD. E-mail us at careers [at] friedchillies.com