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Happy City Steamboat

by Ryan G, on Wed, March 20, 2013

"Frisky prawns attack diner in steamboat incident"

Sometimes happiness is as simple as a simmering pot of broth filled to brim with bobbing seafood. Having recently discovered kindred spirits in appreciating the fine art of hot potting, we quickly drove to Kepong to Happy City. One of them remarked, “after we started going here, we pretty much didn’t go anywhere else. What’s the point?” Let me tell you why this place gets repeat customers.

Firstly the seafood is FRESH. Crabs are still twitching and prawns have to be covered with another plate because they will make a last ditch effort to escape. Last time we came here, they literally leapt off the plate they were so fresh and we had to quickly scrape them into the pot. The fish flesh here like snapper and golden pomfret are sweet from being alive 10 minutes ago and there’s also giant clams and mussels, mostly succulent and plump.

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by Adly, on Mon, March 11, 2013

"I like black buns and I cannot lie..."

Three guys started this joint up mid last year and decided to sell burgers that foodies would love to eat. They actually had only 6 month's worth of money to sustain and test their beliefs. The plan: hook people with a great burger in a black bun and viral this so that people will talk about it and come. It worked. They came in droves and now they are serving maximum capacity of 500+ burgers per night. This upped from about 150 burgers on their full house opening night. Co-founder Ren Yi gets happy and passionate people to work for him so it shows in the taste and service.

We recently taste tested myBurgerLab and had a fun burger experience. If you are new to this place, there are five burgers that we recommend you try to 'get' the myburgerlab unique experience.

They experiment with their burgers all the time and keep coming up with better processes for their burgers- like using a flame torch to quickly melt their cheddar cheese so that burgers come to you faster and tastier, with cheese molded on the patties. New burger inventions come out every so often. But if you are a newcomer, we'd recommend that you try some of the basics and one or two of their innovative ones. Here are some of them.

The A+ is their simple basic beef burger. Has a nice simple taste with cheddar cheese, caramelised onions and mushrooms.

Shrooms Shrooms Shrooms. If you are a meat eater and have to go the vegetarian way, a portobello mushroom will get you close to a meaty taste and their huge mushrooms will not dissappoint. The mushroom is actually breaded then fried. Topped with cheese and a combo of shitake and enoki mushrooms, this burger has a lighter taste than their meat counterparts.

The Chicken Curry Crunch burger tastes a bit like a coronation chicken sandwich. This is chicken breast pan fried and served over a curry paste sauce which is more english than indian. i.e. the curry taste is soft and has no kick. But this is goes well with the pan fried chicken burger. You don't want your burger to taste like nasi kandar now do you?   More »

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Haji Shariff’s Cendol

by Honey Ahmad, on Fri, March 01, 2013

"Cendol is made fresh daily!"

On slow days at the office, we sometimes find ourselves en route to Seremban for a bowl of cendol. While cendol roadside places now predominantly serve their icy goodness in plastic and (oh shame!) styrofoam bowls, here it’s still in metal bowls with carbon lining. And this keeps the icy goodness of the cendol longer even on hottest days.

Personally I prefer my cendols a little more intense with a bigger mound of ice. Cendol here is more of the mellow variety, ice nestled in the bowl with santan and gula dominating- almost like a cold soup. However it's on my list as a top cendol place because of the metal bowls. Places like this is a treasure because they know that how it's served is just as important as what's served in it. Remember how good the air mata kucing used to taste on Petaling Street when it was those small metal bowls? Now it comes to you in disposable cups and it's just not the same.

Cendol aside one of the main reasons I come here is also for the rojak. The gravy here is a bright vermillion plate of pasembur, vegetables and mee (if you desired). The kuah is spot on, sweet and peanuty with just a bite of spiciness at the end. It might be a little sweet for some but this is how I like my pasembur rojak. I used to eat a rojak like this as kid in Ipoh. Hence all in all this place bring back a lot of nostalgia for me even though I didn't grow up with it.

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SeaSky Seafood Restaurant

by Edwan S., on Thu, February 07, 2013

"No farmed seafood here - it's all fresh from Selat Melaka!"

Located at the popular stretch of Tanjung Harapan, SeaSky has been in operation for thirteen years. It is a large restaurant that looks like a warehouse. They have wide parking spaces and have air conditioned VIP rooms, karaoke, flush toilets and suraus, too. As you enter, you’ll pass by the aquariums that hold your impending dinner. A friendly member of staff will guide you to your table. The restaurant is run by Mr. Tan Yew Hock, who often personally greets guests and takes their orders.

First came Salted Egg Yolk Prawns (RM30). The prawns were large and fresh, and they were coated with the thick, salty and sweet egg yolks. We dug in, and the prawns were beautifully cooked, with a crunchy texture. The sweet flesh weds well with the egg yolks, creating luscious textures inside the mouth. If anything, the dish was maybe, just maybe, a bit too rich.

Next were battered Deep Fried Squid (RM15). We actually wanted the Honey Glazed Baby Sotong of which the restaurant is famous for, but they were out of it when we came. “Not in season at the moment,” Mr. Tan had said. No matter, the Deep Fried Squid was great compensation. The batter came golden brown and shatteringly crisp, and the squid inside was still moist and tender. They would have been great even as snacks, with a tall cold beer!

The first of our two fish dishes arrived next: Deep Fried Red Snapper with Soy Sauce (RM54). The fish had been fried to a lovely burnished golden colour, and doused with light soy sauce with hints of aromatic ginger. Crisps strands of fried ginger garnished the dish. The flesh inside was sweet and moist, a wonderful play of textures with the crispy skin. The soy sauce and ginger highlighted the flavours of the fish, and never once overpowered it.   More »

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Monster Burger

by Chacha, on Sat, January 19, 2013
Street Burgers

"Size does matter...( when it comes to burgers)"

The Ayam Special is Abang’s signature dish, cracking and splashing the egg onto the grill as he uses the patty to spread the egg, allowing the white pepper and soy sauce to seep into the egg as well, enhancing its flavour two fold. Slightly crispy around the edges but totally juicy on the inside, even my friend who is not a foodie (boo!) and a small eater (double boo!), exclaimed “WOW” the first time she sunk her teeth into this sloppy creation. The Daging Double is a heavyweight contender, extra tender and juicy, perfect for a hungry tummy in the middle of the night.

But the real beauty came just a few months ago to Abang’s burger place when he unleashed his mammoth creation. Dubbed the Monster Burger X, it had all my favourite words (Monster and X) and everything I could wish for in a burger. Everyone can easily recognize the Monster Burger, simply because it is what it is…a monster of a burger. Nearly twice in width and length of a normal Ramly burger patty, the Monster Burger combines the taste of a gourmet burger, delicate and refined, with the smokey tones of an excellent street grilled burger. The patty has an altogether different taste which you will have to try for yourself.

Monster Burger has twice as much 'sayur', twice as much as sauce and definitely twice as much bite, because it can easily replace a meal. You can have the Monster done in any way you want as well, be it special, cheese or special cheese. The patty is so big that for the 'Special' version, Abang actually needs to use 2 eggs. The patty has a genuine beef taste and way juicier compared to the-run-off-the-mill Ramly burger. If you are a monster, you can opt for a double Monster, which is only RM13, still affordable compared to other burger stalls.

Many of my friends have tried Abang’s new creation the Monster Burger, and all of them have the same to say, it is better than most burgers they have tasted. One even compared it against a (currently) very popular burger bakar and said it came nowhere close to the Monster, both in taste and price-wise.
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Nasi Lemak Kak Hani ( Uptown Damansara Bus Stop )

by Farah, on Tue, January 08, 2013

"Ayam Masak Merah with a hint of kaffir lime leaves"

With Nasi Lemak Kak Hani in Damansara Uptown, the pulling factor is her ayam masak merah. A family recipe that has been passed down from her mother-in-law, their ayam masak merah differs from other places because it has an aromatic citrus flavour to it. Along with the usual tones of tanginess and sweetness that comes from chilli and tomato sauce, Kak Hani adds kaffir lime leaves to the dish to give it a fragrant kick. She uses blended dried chillies and fresh chillies in her ayam masak merah, simmering it down for hours to allow the chillies to be fully cooked thus allowing their natural sweetness to come through.

Her sambal is pretty mellow with a low level of heat so it's ideal for wussy tongues that can't handle too much chilli in the morning. It has a sticky ( almost oily ) consistency that makes it perfect mixed into the subtly flavoured rice. The rice has a smidgen of coconut flavour, light and fluffy. The portion of rice is quite big, your tummy will be full after just one packet.
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Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles

by Ryan G, on Fri, December 28, 2012

"They serve 800 bowls of noodles daily!"

With a base broth made up of ikan bilis, fish bones and turnip simmered for up to 8 hours then cooked with tomatoes, salted vegetables, ginger, Chinese 'Shao Xing' wine and served with chunks of fish head and beehoon, it's no wonder that Woo Pin have a legion of fans. With a selection of fried fish head noodles, fresh fish head noodles or fish paste ( a combination of minced fish and pork ) noodles, if fishy noodles are your thing, this is definitely the place for you.

For simple and fuss-free noodles, opt for the clear broth. If like us, you like it a bit more decadent, order the milky broth. Evaporated milk makes the broth sweeter and creamier. It is better to have the fresh fish with the milky broth and fried fish with the clear broth. The clear broth has a stronger fishy taste but just be careful when you eat the fried fish because 'kerapu' has plenty of tiny bones.

The fried fish is crispy on the outside, soft and fleshy on the inside. 'Kerapu' fish is used here because it has a lot of fat and stays firm when it is fried or added into the broth. Occasionally, they also have 'Song Yu' fish ( has a similar taste and texture as carp ) which is slightly more pricier than 'kerapu' because of its smoother and tastier flesh. They buy their fish fresh from the market every day because they believe that freshness is key in maintaining the quality of their dishes. For chilliholics, don't forget to add a dash of sambal belacan to your noodles. The sambal is super spicy and gives a nice heaty kick to the dish.

They serve the fish head with thin beehoon noodles that absorbs the tasty broth well. The noodles are not overcooked which leaves them with a little bit of bite.   More »


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