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Burger Junkyard

by Edwan S., on Sat, March 22, 2014


Do you know a junkie? As in, a real junkie? Wipe those creases of your forehead, we're talking about burger junkies! We got to know about three burger junkies who wanted to share their love for all things burger over at Kota Damansara*. And these are not your run of the mill burgers, either. These are burgers made with care and attention, totally the way a burger lover would. And best of all, everything over at this place is made fresh, from scratch.
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Suzana Ikan Bakar

by Adly, on Thu, March 13, 2014

"Fresh fish off the boats!"

Hazard another 14km from teluk kemang into a place called Ikan Bakar Cahaya Kemang in Pasir Panjang, you will be rewarded with a scenic view and great ikan bakar place run by Kak Suzana. Her stall is not in the Medan Ikan Bakar Pasir Panjang but rather just before the medan, just at the fish markets of Kampung Telok, and yes, besides the fishing boats next to the river. Can you already imagine this scene?

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Sunday Buffet @ The Ganga Cafe & Deli

by Edwan S., on Thu, February 27, 2014


I always like some form of animal protein in my meals: beef, chicken, shrimp, whatever. So I admit, going to a vegetarian restaurant wasn't really on my bucket list of must-do things in Kuala Lumpur. Me and vegetarian food? Please lah!

... But oh how wrong I was.

Tucked away in Lorong Kurau in the heart of Bangsar is The Ganga Cafe and Deli. The cafe has been around for a few years. In November 2013, the husband and wife team of Mr. Prabodh and Mrs. Meeta took over the operation.

"Previously, the menu was so extensive and so many things was on it," said Mr. Prabodh. "So when my wife and I took over, we decided to simplify a bit lah. The current menu is smaller, but we think it's better focused." Mrs. Meeta is the chief cook and most recipes are her own. She is assisted by two North Indian and two South Indian cooks. All of them are friendly and English speaking, and often double up to serve customers as well.

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Kedai Kopi, Shah Alam

by Acacia Daud, on Fri, February 21, 2014
Mixed Cuisine

"Chilling out couldn’t get any better than this..."

Kedai Kopi is already something of an institution for the folks in Shah Alam, and with good reason, too. We sat down for a bite with owner En Zamzam Abd Latiff and talked of customers, culture and kopi.

“When I was younger, my mother used to ask me to call for my dad to come home from the local kedai kopi. Coffee shops have gotten slightly more complex since then – all concepts and names and branding. I wanted something simple and reliable, a place where people can remember, come and relax - no fuss.”

It seems like a casual sentiment to espouse, but keeping in mind that En Zam is a passionate old timer chef (one of the first batch of chefs to heat up the kitchens of PWTC, Subang View and MIC) it’s understandable that he wants to keep his personal touch on things. The best part of the food is that they are all cooked from scratch in the kitchen, with no MSG, and the dishes are priced reasonably.   More »

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Mr. Junior Burger

by Acacia Daud, on Wed, January 29, 2014
Street Burgers


Splash, Merry Go Round, and Flame Thrower might sound like the name of theme park rides – and it’s probably where the founders of Mr. Junior drew their inspirations from when they opened up a burger stall six years ago. Having discovered a knack for kitchen experiments, the brothers found a burger patty recipe that tickled their taste buds and decided to develop their talents. They opened a home based burger delivery service and from there it grew to a small stall lodging on the premises of another restaurant, before continuing to open outlets in Shah Alam and Kelana Jaya.

We should tell you early on that the best part of the patties is that they are 100% homemade beef and chicken. This means that the goods are completely free of preservatives, and are made of real, raw meat flavored to the Junior standards and recipe. The sauces are made fresh every day, so you’re ensured a good batch upon ordering. Patties come in interesting squares instead of your standard circle.

The menu is pretty simple – six original burgers, all with special names and themes. The first, Mr. Junior Original, will have you appreciating the crumbly texture of the patty, chewy and with a good thickness and salted flavor, served with veggies and a dash of chili sauce. The Flame Thrower cooks up a chockfull of spiced meat that will leave your tongues steaming for water, a great zinger to fuel an all-nighter.

The most popular burger in the clan is the Pizza Burger. We don’t understand how the concept of combining two extremely good comfort food - Pizza (!) and Burger (!!) - has not taken over the world yet, but safe to say that Mr. Junior does justice to both deliciously. A meaty beef patty enveloped in gooey, warm mozzarella cheese, drizzled with a tomato based pasta sauce. The sauce lightly recalls a Bolognaise flavor, heavy on tangy tomato yet sweet. The combo definitely brings to mind thoughts of devouring pizza but nope, you’re actually chewing on a good, solid burger.
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by Chacha, on Fri, December 20, 2013

"The force is strong with this burger..."

When I met Jimmy for the first time, he was all smiles and was more than ready to tell me his journey into the burger industry. But instead of opening up a physical shop, he just decided to plunge into the business and see where this flow would take him. It's just him and his wife, and they got tired of waiting for funds to come in and do it like how everyone else is doing it (not that there is anything wrong with the way others do it). As a result of this, Jimmy delivers the orders of his customers himself. He and his team (his wife), process all the orders a day in advance and cook the burgers fresh before delivering it to you. That my friends, is dedication in its purest form.

Yummylicious is well known for a few of their burgers which me and my gang ordered. Jiro ,Vader,Yoda, Chilli Crab and Royal Swiss Mushroom. The Jiro and Yoda are our favourites by far.


I could probably write a long prose on why the Jiro is so delicious but space is limited during these tough times. It is the main actor in a blockbuster, like Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception. It has a 2-inch thick patty that covers almost 30 ingredients from all around the world, dressed with some really crunchy and fresh lettuce, encapsulated by 2 very firm but soft buns. The Jiro is huge. You could taste the teriyaki sauce and mushroom head in each bite as the burger patty tenderly crumbled in your mouth. The rich avocado sauce added depth and dimension to the flavour of the meat as the fresh tomato bits exploded in juiciness each time a bite was taken. It was an orchestra of sorts, where all the flavours blended in harmony.


The Yoda burger on the other hand was like a delicate lover whispering sweet nothings in your ears. The freshness and authenticity of the shrimp could be tasted as you sink your teeth into this delightful burger. The tartar sauce is rich, which more than blends in and compliments the basil leaf that adds a surprising twist. The buns are green tea buns, so green tea lovers take note. The shrimp patty literally just melted in my mouth (and my heart). This was an unexpected as we were all Vader fans. Strong with the force, this one is.   More »

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Lima Blas Restaurant

by Edwan S., on Tue, December 03, 2013


Off Changkat Bukit Bintang, away from the vibrant nightlife, lies a quieter street: Jalan Mesui. Near the end of this street is a place out of time; a place where, when you step in, you’re taken to a life from ‘ago’. Welcome then, to Limablas Restaurant.

Limablas is a small, maybe 25 seat restaurant specializing in Peranakan classics. The seating is spartan but comfy, and the whole restaurant is made to look like a period-piece set; you’ll see old school telephones, a rickety bicycle, old-timey posters and various other retro knick-knacks adorning its walls and shelves. It really does seem like you’re in one of those small, family-run kopitiams in Jonker Street or Penang! But the place is young; only about ten months old.

Asam pedasThe terrific Gerang Pedas Pari

The menu is not that extensive, and features all time Peranakan favourites. Experience though, has taught me that restaurants that have smaller menus tend to excel more than ones with hundreds of dishes. My colleagues and I eventually settled on the Pai Tee (RM1.50/piece), Ayam Pongteh (RM15), Gerang Pedas Pari (RM25), Sambal Bendi (RM12), Sambal Petai Udang (RM25), Telur Cincaluk (RM9) and the sambal belachan (RM2). We had this with rice, and for refreshments, Longan and home-made Peranakan Ginger Ale.   More »


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