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Steven’s Western Corner @ Damansara Uptown

by Edwan S., on Fri, April 18, 2014

"Street-Western done RIGHT."

'Street Western' spots are a dime-a-dozen in the Klang Valley. Often they're just simple stalls and you can find them in food-courts, Chinese eating houses and even Mamak shops (where the 'Western' stall usually consists of a griddle and a deep-fryer). Street-western here means what Malaysians see as 'Western' food, but simpler and served from stalls. Cheap chicken chops, fish and chips and steaks form the trivecta of foods served at these places. And that is the appeal: price! A lot of people want a semblance of restaurant 'Western' fair, but at cheaper prices. And just like with any other makan place, there are good street-Westerns, and there are mediocre ones.

Steven's Western Corner at Uptown 7, Damansara Utama, is definitely one of the good ones.
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Burger Junkyard

by Edwan S., on Sat, March 22, 2014


Do you know a junkie? As in, a real junkie? Wipe those creases of your forehead, we're talking about burger junkies! We got to know about three burger junkies who wanted to share their love for all things burger over at Kota Damansara*. And these are not your run of the mill burgers, either. These are burgers made with care and attention, totally the way a burger lover would. And best of all, everything over at this place is made fresh, from scratch.
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by Chacha, on Fri, December 20, 2013

"The force is strong with this burger..."

When I met Jimmy for the first time, he was all smiles and was more than ready to tell me his journey into the burger industry. But instead of opening up a physical shop, he just decided to plunge into the business and see where this flow would take him. It's just him and his wife, and they got tired of waiting for funds to come in and do it like how everyone else is doing it (not that there is anything wrong with the way others do it). As a result of this, Jimmy delivers the orders of his customers himself. He and his team (his wife), process all the orders a day in advance and cook the burgers fresh before delivering it to you. That my friends, is dedication in its purest form.

Yummylicious is well known for a few of their burgers which me and my gang ordered. Jiro ,Vader,Yoda, Chilli Crab and Royal Swiss Mushroom. The Jiro and Yoda are our favourites by far.


I could probably write a long prose on why the Jiro is so delicious but space is limited during these tough times. It is the main actor in a blockbuster, like Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception. It has a 2-inch thick patty that covers almost 30 ingredients from all around the world, dressed with some really crunchy and fresh lettuce, encapsulated by 2 very firm but soft buns. The Jiro is huge. You could taste the teriyaki sauce and mushroom head in each bite as the burger patty tenderly crumbled in your mouth. The rich avocado sauce added depth and dimension to the flavour of the meat as the fresh tomato bits exploded in juiciness each time a bite was taken. It was an orchestra of sorts, where all the flavours blended in harmony.


The Yoda burger on the other hand was like a delicate lover whispering sweet nothings in your ears. The freshness and authenticity of the shrimp could be tasted as you sink your teeth into this delightful burger. The tartar sauce is rich, which more than blends in and compliments the basil leaf that adds a surprising twist. The buns are green tea buns, so green tea lovers take note. The shrimp patty literally just melted in my mouth (and my heart). This was an unexpected as we were all Vader fans. Strong with the force, this one is.   More »

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Kulcats Barrio

by Acacia Daud, on Fri, November 22, 2013

"Meet some cool cats who can cook!"

Kulcats’ chefs are derived from various respectable culinary backgrounds, with experiences in Holiday Villa Subang and a number of other restaurants around Kuala Lumpur. The union of their talents offers a fusion food menu, and as mentioned by one of the co founders, the dishes are presented with twists of Barrio flavour, and all food is delivered in generous portions to encourage sharing, interaction, and basically a good time. Truly, the portions per plate seems almost for two, and since the menu’s filled with a long list of offers, we’ll give you the top dishes to taste.


Firstly, there’s the pizza. There’s a whole selection to choose from, but we were recommended their ‘Meat The Kulcats’. Handmade thin crusted dough, with a hint of salt, baked to light, crisp bites. The slices are slathered with tangy Pomodoro sauce and drizzled with gooey Mozarella. The pizza’s meat part comes in with its hefty toppings of spiced pepperoni, turkey ham and beef bacon, topped with a sprinkle of herbs. You can really taste the tomatoes and garlic in the sauce, and the pizza does the trick to aid your hunger issues with its flavorful bites.


Besides that, Kulcats also has burgers and sandwiches. Its ‘SloppyCats Burger’ though, includes a sloppy slap of chili corn carne, pickled jalapeno and jalapeno mayo. If you’re one to dig a mildly spicy zinger, then this one’s for you. The minced beef in the corn carne provides just the right level of chewiness to its lightly sour and peppery slop, and the jalapeno adds an extra kick to the cheddar and onions in the burger. Worth noting is the home made beef patty. It’s evenly spiced, and the patty crumbles quite easily upon contact. The burger buns can be quite dry, but the moist patty and heavy sauce makes up for it nicely.

lamb chops

As far as main courses goes, Kulcats’ selection ranges from teriyaki salmon, sirloin steak, to pan seared sea bass. But our eyes fell immediately upon its signature Kulcats Lamb Chop. The dish came in with two big lip-smacking shoulder chops, with side servings of salads and fluffy mashed potatoes. The chops are thick and tender, if a little chewy. But the seasoning that goes into the dish is deliciously done. It’s douse of sour and tart balsamic glaze is set off by the sweet rosemary in the sauce, completing the dish with moisture and aroma.
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Crayon Burger

by Acacia Daud, on Sun, September 08, 2013

"A trip on the rainbow burger train..."

We asked Christian, the owner his inspiration behind his rainbow coloured buns. The second year degree student said he drew from his course in architecture, and other mono coloured burger joints for the restaurant concept. “There was already a black burger, so why not go all the way and have other colours?” He questioned, smiling. Crayon Burger became a reality in January 2013 and has been slowly and steadily entertaining crowds with its vibrant hues. While the shop is painted white (like an art canvas) the walls and even ceilings are covered with bright pop art murals. “My classmates helped me out drawing and painting these.”

Crayon Burger offers both chicken and beef patties. Much to our delight the chicken is a chunk of solid breast, dusted with black pepper and seasonings. It was slightly chewy but very gratifying to the stomach. Crayon Burger makes their own patties and meticulously controls the ratio of fat and meat, mixing in the extra spices evenly in a smash technique. The result is a very crumbly, generously flavoured patty, with a crispy exterior from the grills. The quality meats are good enough to have with simple condiments, but the toppings are just as delicious.


For the basic burger, try the Classic Crayon. This pink breaded meal is topped with a slice of cheddar cheese, a heavy dose of mayonnaise and mouthwatering caramel onions.


If you’re up for something heavier, The Zombie is a deathly delicious plate to start. It’s dripping in Swiss cheese with a poppy seed bun, and chunky onions on top of lettuces. For the biggest oomph, The Boss delivers. The burger packs in a punch of flavour of a sweet and tangy mess. It’s from a mild wasabi mayo sauce, sunny egg, Swiss cheese and crispy onion rings. You can have any add ons of an extra patty, eggs, cheese, caramelized onions or bacon strips to your burgers. The toppings are very tasty and may drown the goodness of the patties, but trust us it satisfies.


While the colours may be questionable, Christian ensured us they’re 100% organically dyed yeast, made by their own baker. The buns are very fluffy and light, supple to the touch, with a slightly crusty exterior. The dyes add gradients to the mild salty flavour, but not much, though the zombie bun, has a mellower taste due to its vegetable ingredients. The whole burger is the size of your palm, and be warned – the buns slide off quite easily.
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by Adly, on Mon, March 11, 2013

"I like black buns and I cannot lie..."

Three guys started this joint up mid last year and decided to sell burgers that foodies would love to eat. They actually had only 6 month's worth of money to sustain and test their beliefs. The plan: hook people with a great burger in a black bun and viral this so that people will talk about it and come. It worked. They came in droves and now they are serving maximum capacity of 500+ burgers per night. This upped from about 150 burgers on their full house opening night. Co-founder Ren Yi gets happy and passionate people to work for him so it shows in the taste and service.

We recently taste tested myBurgerLab and had a fun burger experience. If you are new to this place, there are five burgers that we recommend you try to 'get' the myburgerlab unique experience.

They experiment with their burgers all the time and keep coming up with better processes for their burgers- like using a flame torch to quickly melt their cheddar cheese so that burgers come to you faster and tastier, with cheese molded on the patties. New burger inventions come out every so often. But if you are a newcomer, we'd recommend that you try some of the basics and one or two of their innovative ones. Here are some of them.

The A+ is their simple basic beef burger. Has a nice simple taste with cheddar cheese, caramelised onions and mushrooms.

Shrooms Shrooms Shrooms. If you are a meat eater and have to go the vegetarian way, a portobello mushroom will get you close to a meaty taste and their huge mushrooms will not dissappoint. The mushroom is actually breaded then fried. Topped with cheese and a combo of shitake and enoki mushrooms, this burger has a lighter taste than their meat counterparts.

The Chicken Curry Crunch burger tastes a bit like a coronation chicken sandwich. This is chicken breast pan fried and served over a curry paste sauce which is more english than indian. i.e. the curry taste is soft and has no kick. But this is goes well with the pan fried chicken burger. You don't want your burger to taste like nasi kandar now do you?   More »

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La Vie En Rose

by Alexa P., on Fri, May 25, 2012

"Honest French food..."

I took a mini trip to France when I dined at this gorgeous restaurant on the hill. I was able to find classic French dishes that were prepared well and most importantly delicious!

Culinary trainer and chef-owner Jean-Michel Fraisse believes in using the freshest ingredients available without having to resort to anything processed. "The menu is designed to bring back a lost era when food was not as tainted as today and chefs did not take short cuts in the kitchen," says Fraisse. "At La Vie en Rose we make everything from scratch."

At the helm in the kitchen is chef Mickaël Cornutrait. He churns out meals that are best described as honest French food featuring specialities such as pâté en croûte ( pâté baked in a crust as pie or loaf ) , coq au vin ( chicken cooked in wine ), Bouillabaisse ( a French fish stew ) and more.

I started off with the foie gras creme brûlée. Yes you heard right, a savoury creme brûlée. They whip the foie gras with cream and top it with a typical sugar crust. The delicate taste of the foie gras is intensified by the richness of the cream. The top layer is crisp and cracks delightfully with a tap of the spoon. This is creamy and slightly sweet with a foie gras aftertaste. It works well with the buttery brioche on the side.   More »


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