Devil’s Crabs

Feeling like some dancing fried rice and crab with a bit devil in it? Come on over to Taipan

by The Foodster Photography Friedchillies Thu, February 01, 2001

Tucked away in Subang Taipan is one of the Crab-loving community's best places to enjoy this crustacean delight. The Honey baked crab is crab ambrosia. Most crab places have their crabs steamed and then have their in-house sauces poured over, giving you tasty gravy and crab inside. With Devil Crab, the chef manages to get the marinade and his secret sauce (mix of honey and spices) into the flesh of the crab. And the sauce caramelises with the crab meat giving you a juicer, tastier bite. The secret is in actually using a covered wok when cooking the crab. That allows the secret sauce to seep deep into the flesh. Ooh, we could go on and on about just the crab. This one more than passed the Foodster test!

All the food served is cooked with balance in mind. The tastebuds are teased and teased into experiencing the tastes, not just tasting them. The Emperor’s Chicken is a variation of traditional chicken dishes but is done just right so the meat falls off the bone without being tough or stringy. Now that takes skill. Steamed with herbs and served with a bottle of Brand's Essence of Chicken poured over it, I felt like an Emperor.

The Otak otak was firm unlike some places where all you get is fish mush. I can actually taste the texture of the fish meat! Made out of tenggiri fish, we like this one too. For vegetables- broccoli shoots. Delicious! Cooked with garlic, these veggies are still green and crisp and yet are cooked to perfection leaving you none of the bitter raw taste most vegetables have.

Wait... there's more. We also tried their deep fried pomfret cooked Thai style. Topped with fried onions, chillies and dried fish, this dish will beckon you throughout dinner. And lets not forget the Dancing Fried Rice. Dancing? You've got to see it to believe it. This dish comes with the brown onion-like skin 'dancing' on the fried rice. It sways like a coral reef swept by undersea currents in the ocean… really! We kid you not... We turned off the fan and it was still moving. We managed to weasel out that the onion-like skin is actually a special imported fish finely cut and poured on top of the hot fried rice. Since the sliced fish is very dry, the vapour from the fried rice causes the fish to soak up moisture and movelah! Cool!

Apart from that, we also tried their Jellyfish kerabu. It looked innocent enough but packed a time-delayed kick. So delicate and crunchy, yet spicy and fierce at the same time.

Chef Daniel takes pride in his work and it shows. He doesn't cook. He creates. At the end of the meal, we managed to steal some of his time and asked him how does the make the food taste this good. Firstly, its in the sauce. He uses only expensive sauces for the dishes which is then secretly blended with spices.( We did ask him for the recipe but he just ignored us.. twice!).
Secondly, he even takes into account the crab’s mood before cooking them. A crabby crab does not make a good meal he says. Thirdly, food is cooked specifically at particular temperatures to bring out the best in texture and taste. Devilishly tasty…



Foodster's Verdict

Devil’s Crabs


Devil's Crab No 3-1, Jln USJ 9/5N Subang Jaya Selangor
Tel: 03 8024 0013

Lunch 11.30 am - 2.30 pm Dinner 5.30 pm -11 pm

Sauce that seeps deep into the flesh


Price Range:


Pork Free


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