Happy City Steamboat

by Ryan G on Wed, March 20, 2013

Steamboat has many elements that make me glad to be alive. One, is the anticipation of that delicious broth at the end when everything has boiled down and lent it's essence to the soup. Secondly is the delight you get fishing out something forgotten. And finally, it's the spirit of communal eating, everyone dunking, dipping and talking non-stop, a no hold's barred meal with pretensions left at the door.

Frisky prawns attack diner in steamboat incident

Foodster's Verdict

Happy City Steamboat
  • Credit Card
  • Address

    No.Jalan Merto Perdana TImur 2, Taman Usahawan Kepong, 52100, Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03- 6259 2046

  • Open

    5pm - 1am

  • Pros

    Fresh, fresh, fresh

  • Cons

    It's quite grotty otw to the toilets so close one eye

  • Price Range

    RM35 - RM50

  • Parking


  • Certification


Sometimes happiness is as simple as a simmering pot of broth filled to brim with bobbing seafood. Having recently discovered kindred spirits in appreciating the fine art of hot potting, we quickly drove to Kepong to Happy City. One of them remarked, “after we started going here, we pretty much didn’t go anywhere else. What’s the point?” Let me tell you why this place gets repeat customers.

Firstly the seafood is FRESH. Crabs are still twitching and prawns have to be covered with another plate because they will make a last ditch effort to escape. Last time we came here, they literally leapt off the plate they were so fresh and we had to quickly scrape them into the pot. The fish flesh here like snapper and golden pomfret are sweet from being alive 10 minutes ago and there’s also giant clams and mussels, mostly succulent and plump.

Prices ain’t bad too for what you get. About RM70 for two people and RM138 can feed up to 5. The owner has a friend from Pulau Ketam that keeps the supply fresh and of good quality. For the broth bones are boiled up to 10 hours and the best is to order a double boat of broth and tomyum. I found the tomyum the better of the two, it’s not spicy more fragrant and as all the seafood boils down it gets superbly infused. There’s also a Chow Zhao soup, a drunken pot and also porridge in claypot although ordering this makes you full fast and you want to finish it to its last tasty morsel.

We got some appetizers too. Usually the steamboat is enough but if you fancy something sweet to balance all the savouriness, get the mango katafi, mango enveloped in a nest of crunchy batter and fried spring roll, unexpectedly good.

For what you pay it’s also quite reasonable.Weekends are crowded, so you may need to come early. They start from 5pm onwards until late night 1am. Parkings around the shop are difficult, but you can park inside Carrefour right opposite the shop. This place has variety and doesn’t skimp.


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